Android 9 Pie update for T-Mobile V30 is now available

Good news for the T-Mobile LG V30 users! After a long wait, even more than for the Verizon and AT&T users in the US, let alone their global counterparts, the Android Pie update is finally rolling out for them. Arriving as software version H93230d, the OTA’s size is about 1.8GB.

While the V30 users in Europe received Android Pie before anyone in the US, albeit after a long delay, the wait for T-Mobile V30 was agonizingly painful as even after a huge delay, they had to witness the Pie update roll out first for the Verizon and Sprint users who got the update on September 13 and October 1 respectively.

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Anyway, the Pie update is now available for the T-Mobile V30 users too. It’s hitting the devices as an OTA as we speak, but if you want to grab the update yourself right away, you can also force download it using LG’s PC companion software called LG bridge.

T-Mobile V30 Android Pie rollout
Android Pie installed using LG Bridge (left) | Android Pie OTA update notification (right)

With Android Pie, you get cool new brings new features like Adaptive Brightness, Adaptive Battery, Gesture Navigation, Digital Wellbeing, Dark mode, App Actions, App Slices, Easier Screen Rotation, improved DND mode, new Material design, etc. besides the boot load of new features that LG’s UI also gets in the new update.

With Android 10 on the horizon for the latest flagship devices, it’s really upsetting that it took LG this long to roll out Android Pie. You see, this is not entirely T-Mobile fault in rolling out Android Pie, as the update was released for the global model too only a month or so ago. Yes, Android 10 rolled out to Pixel handsets on September 3, so that’s a huge delay by LG.

LG used to be pretty snappy with OS updates but with Pie, they have reached the lowest point. And worse, they haven’t given us a proper Android 10 update roadmap either, but you can check the link below to get an estimate on when Android 10 update may come out for LG devices.

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For what it’s worth though, LG’s Android 10 update has leaked out on the LG V50 and LG G8.

If you are using LG V30 at T-Mobile, it’s about time you checked for an update. Open the Settings app, and scroll down and tap About Phone > Software updates > Check for Update. As that update’s size is about 1.8GB, we recommend you to use a Wi-Fi connection for this.

Let us know how the Android Pie update treats you in the comments box below. Although, not to discourage you from updating to wonderful update Android Pie is, here’s a list of common issues on V30’s Pie update.

On related news, LG G6 got the Pie update at Verizon and in Europe recently while AT&T dolled out new security updates for LG G8 and V35.

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