LG V30 Android 9 Pie update problems: Slow performance, all apps on homescreen, fingerprint sensor, and more

It’s been two weeks since the official unveiling of Android 10, and users are holding their breath in anticipation of trying out Google’s latest mobile OS. While almost all 2018/2019 flagships are expected to receive the update, many 2017 are going to have to be content with a dated OS.

LG isn’t particularly the most reliable when it comes to software updates, and the company hasn’t done its reputation any favors by rolling out Android Pie to V30 almost a year after the OS’ initial launch.

Despite taking a considerable amount of time to develop, LG hasn’t done a superb job at making the update bug-free. Users have reported a plethora of issues since updating to Pie, and here, we’ll do our best to help you fix at least a few of them. So, without wasting precious seconds, let’s get to it.


Unorganized Home screen

If you find your Home screen unorganized after moving to Android 9 Pie, there’s a way to get your old Oreo back layout without doing it all over again.

Heres how to: after you boot into Android 9 for the first time, hit the Home button, and select the option in the middle.

If you’ve missed this option, you could try accessing it through Settings.

Go to Settings > Tap on Home screen > Select the preferred layout.

Enable dark theme

Clueless where the dark theme went? You’ll need to enable the high-contrast screen to have a similar effect on Pie.

Dark theme
Dark theme on Android 10

To enable the high-contrast screen, go to Settings > Tap on General > Select Accessibility > Tap on Vision > Enable High-contrast screen.

Alternatively, you could also download awesome dark themes from Google Play. UX8 Black is a great option to consider.

Notification issues

Notification issues have also been reported after the Pie update. Clearing notification banners without expanding them seems to have become an issue while accessing the Notification shade doesn’t appear as flawless as before. The notification info on the lock screen has also become hard to read.

So far LG hasn’t addressed these issues, so, if you’re facing them, you’re pretty much on your own. A factory reset could come handy, but you’d probably benefit more from waiting for LG to address these issues in a future update.

Pie feels slower

An Android OS is expected to enhance your smartphone experience, not hinder it. If your V30’s feeling a bit sluggish lately, Android Pie’s reworked animation engine could be the reason behind it.

Here’s how to smoothen up the process: go to Settings > Developer options > bring animation down to 0.5x.

If you don’t have Developer options enabled, locate your V30’s build number (go to About phone) and tap on it 7 times.

Fingerprint issues

Many LG V30 users have been facing difficulty using the phone’s in-built fingerprint scanner. As per claims, the phone would register fingerprints just fine, but fail to recognize them after a while.

As of now, all you can do is re-scan your fingers, but if the issue persists, LG could be forced to work on a patch.

No Digital Wellbeing

LG seems to have omitted one of Android Pie’s standout features from its latest update. Yes, LG’s Android 9 Pie build for V30 has no place for Google’s Wellbeing. If that is a bummer for you, you could sideload the .apk and enjoy its benefits.

You can download Digital Wellbeing (APK) for your device from Apkmirror. Then, install the app using its APK file. Then, hit up Settings, and look for the Digital Wellbeing menu therein.

Let us know if you are facing any issues now reported here.

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