Wordle Variants and Spinoffs: 76 Games Like Wordle to Play

Wordle has become an addiction to word game players. More than that it has become a source of inspiration for developers to generate variants teeming with variety and boundless potential. Some are innocent delineations of the viral game with some added tweaks and thrill, while others are downright deviant spawns that pull the players into a cutthroat battleground. 

The list below enumerates Wordle spin-offs that are directly inspired by the game — some may be a close emulation of the original game while others mostly resemble it in spirit but are created with a narrow or broader demographic in mind. Without further ado, let’s jump right in.

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1) 40 Unique Wordle spin-offs

Below we have assembled a line of unique Wordles variants that bring something more to the table than what Wordlers are already familiar with.

1 to 3. Crosswordle, Reversle, and Revertle

On Wordle and on its variants we have played so far, we start nowhere to reach the destination word. So, what if there exists such a Wordle world in which your only way out is to trace your way back from the destination through blank guesses to the first guess?

A blind journey it would be, and that is exactly the premise of Crosswordle and Reversle.

Created by ymichael and his wife, the setting of Crossworle is to make you play as if recounting the journey to the (already given) solution. But of course, it can not be as simple as it sounds — there are “errors” that block you from even making an inch towards progress.

It is fun, it is frustrating, and it mocks you with a ticking timer the longer you take to solve the puzzle. Is it calling to you? You can play it for free on the host page, crosswordle.vercel.app.

Don’t worry, we have figured out the ins and out of the game, and it has all been disclosed in the article linked right below!

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Reversle is another Wordle variant that is more Crosswordle-esque in format. You get the answer-word in the beginning and the available guesses are for you to move through the restrictions imposed by the system within the grid. The portmanteau, Reversle, defines the entire gameplay of reverse Wordle-ing in a word perfectly, doesn’t it? 

Revertle takes the principle of reverse Wordling with a different spin. Here, the word of the day remains hidden, but some of its component letters are exposed on the keyboard. The challenge before you is to guess the hidden word while at once accommodating the internal stipulations and movement restrictions. For instance, you may not use a letter in a certain column if occurs in the hidden word in the same position. The colored feedback is dynamic in Revertle unlike the two mentioned above, hence, the rhythm of the game hits closer to Wordle.

4. Evil Wordle

A self-confessed evil variant of Wordle, Evil Wordle is that wayward twin of the viral game by Ravil Parikh which breaks rules, drives the players mad, is annoying to a fault, but irresistibly charming at the end of the day.

The younger “evil” twin’s “DNA resemblance” to the older sibling Wordle ends at the characteristics of  “five-letter word challenges” and “color-feedback system” — it drifts away from Wordle by offering players indefinite guesses to figure out the secret word in the system’s brain.

Its goal is to drive you mad and make you give up — a real test for your patience and perseverance to try all possible letter combinations till you either emerge victorious or flounder miserably. In addition, the source and solution list of Evil Wordle is broader and more inclusive than Wordle, upping the difficulty level by another notch.

5. Evil Wurdle

While you may call Evil Wordle an incorrigible imp who leads you by the nose, Evil Wurdle (courtesy of Reddit user areiche2) is demon incarnate — that makes you pull your hair out, teaches you how to cheat, and makes you sweat bullets… it boils down to your ability to zero in on the solution word from the potential words shown in the developer’s console on the browser.

Evil Wurdle is easy, fun, and deliciously deviant!

6. Squardle

The creator of Squardle, Pelle AKA FurbyFubar, calls it the 2D variant of Wordle, which he confesses to having gained a formidable reputation as the dark soul of word games. It doesn’t take you long to figure out why it gained such an appellation — in Squardle, you are compelled to solve 6 secret words strewn horizontally and vertically on a crossword-like grid using just 10 guesses. The system even rewards you with an additional guess with every one of the secret words you successfully unravel. The inherent feedback system is also very unique and unfamiliar, which could leave you bewildered when you are new to the game.

You can play this ingenius Wordle variant on the game developer’s page, fubargames.se/squardle.

7. Quintessential

Quintessential is a spinoff that is directly inspired by Wordle; however, it boasts its own unique characteristics by presenting itself in a form closer to a puzzle. When you open the game page, you see a grid similar to Wordle but it is already filled with jumbled letters that form 5 different words based on the theme of the day displayed at the top of the grid. All you have to do is swap the misplaced letters in as few moves as possible to find the right order.

It may sound easy but you might find your brows in a deep knot the more you try to unjumble the puzzle. You can play it for free at quintessential.fun. Oh hey, there is no cap on available chances, so, that’s an advantage right there.

8 and 9. Antiwordle and Survivle

Antiwordle is like a harmless rebel that urges you to not guess the right word. It has its own way of making things difficult for us, like locking a letter that received green feedback and deleting the gray letters from our keyboard. The goal is to not arrive at the right word and prolong the game for as long as can be done. You can play Antiwordle at www.antiwordle.com.

Special shout out to Sven for recommending this to us in the comments! We welcome new recs from everyone…always!

Survivle is another Wordle variant that is premised on the theme of protracted Wordleing. Try it yourself to see how well you fare in a game that pushes you to curb the desire to solve the challenge! To play Survivle, click here.

10. Play Nerdle

If you find yourself in a rebellious mood and want to flout all Wordle rules, Nerdle could become your confidant! PlayNerdle has two modes – practice and daily, in which you get 5 chances to guess a 5-letter word. Wait, here is the fun part, you can enter any word (even made-up words) as the guesses!

That is, you could guess your way through the game with “asjkh” or “qybcn” to eliminate or locate the “right” letters and their right positions. The hint colors are also a tad different from the norm (green for all-right, blue for partially right, white/red for all-wrong) — but a little color swap shouldn’t affect our rule-bending Wordleing on Nerdle, right?

Even though there is only one “daily” challenge, in the practice mode, you can hit refresh any time you want to load a new game.

11. BRDL

Now, this Wordle variant is an exclusive game for all the committed Ornithophiles out there. It challenges the players to guess the 4-letter hidden “bird banding” code in 6 guesses (very similar to Airportle’s 3-letter airport codes) — very esoteric, yes! But the appeal it holds to genuine bird-lovers or those who wish to learn more about bird species or banding is undeniable. 


As if imitating the very nature of life and ecosystem, the Wordle clone HelloWordl has shown mbrubeck, a Reddit user, an avenue to create his own Wordle variant QWRTL with a unique twist. QWERL is Wordle in a world where the letter “E” is banished or doesn’t exist. You can imagine how much this character banishment will stifle your guesses and that is the very essence of QWRTL.

As can be seen, the letter “E” is even expunged from the input keyboard — hence, it is needless to reiterate that you will not find even a “guess” word that entails “E” let alone the solution. You can even customize the word length according to preference! The good news is, without “E”, a significant chunk from the source and solution list will be completely removed, so, guess we can see it as an advantage within a disadvantage?

13. Sweardle

Pottymouths, assemble — you are in for a treat with this kooky wordle variant. Created by Stuart Houghton, you could call Sweardle a Wordle spoof that mirrors the original in almost every sense — the players get a daily challenge to guess the hidden word based on the green-yellow-grey system feedback.

The difference here is that the hidden word is invariably a 4-letter cuss word which you have to figure out in 4 guesses.

Up for the challenge? Head straight to the game web https://sweardle.com/ to kick start your swearing game ventures — no one will hunt you down with soap and water there! Read our Sweardle guide linked below to get some tips and cheat words to ace this unique wordle variant.

Just a heads up — this game is NSFW, so it might stir up quite the controversy if caught playing in discordant settings.

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14. Absurdle

As the title blatantly gives away, Absurdle is a diabolic reinvention of Wordle to make you flip your wig. It is the brainchild of Sam Hughes (who goes by the alias qntm in the Wordle circle) — born from his intention to elevate the difficulty of the original game by making the players chase after a “secret word” that keeps changing with each guess you make.

In effect, it makes you go on a wild goose chase until you manage to “corner” the game to give up and accept your word.

The feedback system and main rules all apply to Absurdle — the secret word is 5-letter in length and you get appropriate colored insight that misleads you into engaging in a wildly protracted game until your pool letters and words have dwindled to nothing but the solution word.

There are no restrictions to the number of guesses you can make…the challenge is how long you can keep it up! It gets better (or worse) as there are various in-game options to make the game increasingly defiant and impossible to beat.

Piqued your interest? Click here to go to the game page to play this “adversarial variant”  of Wordle.

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15. Lewdle

It looks like Wordle, it works like Wordle — the differentiating factor is that the accepted guesses and solution word can only be lewd words. It gets explicit, wild, suggestive, and torrid at every turn making it a big No-No in family-friendly or professional settings (let me brand it with a huge NSFW tag here).

The Lewdle team (Adam Nickerson, Leah, and Gary Whitta) even welcomes lewd word suggestions from players which they regularly add to the game wordlist. You can check out this grossly inappropriate and oddly engrossing wordle variant on the official game page www.lewdlegame.com.

A recent update to the game has also made available to players a “sheltered” mode that accepts non-words as “guess” words, though the answers remain lewd words.

16. Queerdle

If you find Wordle as a bit too mainstream and heteronormative, you might want to try Queerdle. Created by Jordan Bouvier, Queerdle deconstructs the original game — be it in the aesthetic formula of the striking, soft pink game background color and emoji-laden shareable output, or the carefully curated solution list, Queerdle is specially designed to accommodate the preference and vocabulary of the wholesome LGBTQ community. 

The general game rules are retained in Queedle so that any migrating player can easily adapt to the game environment as long as they bring forth their queer vocabulry for reference.

Bouvier, who has handpicked each solution word has notified that NSFW words cannot be ruled out from the equation — a fair warning to the innocent hearts who might dive into queerdle.com unbeknownst to what’s hidden beneath.

17. Weredle

What would it be like if the Wordle system lies to you in the feedback given in response to your guesses? It should throw you off the loop and make you disoriented! That is exactly the purpose of the sly and slick little “wolf” in Weredle.

The feedback colors will keep swapping and switching with each guess until you find the wolf hiding behind a letter, upon which the game will be “restored” to the normal Wordle mode. If you think face-offs or hell-modes aren’t quite up there for you, Weredle might be more your speed!

18. Airportle

The next wordle-clone on our list is Airportle. It is specially designed by Scott’s Cheap Flights ( a flight fare deal information service) for anyone familiar with the many international airport codes.

Airportle is a spinoff that really makes you dig up the deepest layers of your brains to figure out the three-letter solution “codes” in 6 chances. Like the original, Airportle is also an internet game that you can play once a day on the official page.

While it might sound esoteric, it doesn’t leave players feeling crippled, as the game preserves the simplicity of the original to make it more welcoming. A player may not be familiar with all the international airport codes, but the hint system definitely helps you eliminate and locate the right and wrong letters to make the right deductions.

Solving the codes still poses the risk of getting your heart race in jitter…are you up for the challenge? 

19. Subwaydle

Subwaydle is a riff on Wordle by Reddit user _blahblahblah‘s for New Yorkers who are well versed with the city’s subway routes. Each challenge involves a cue head telling the player to travel from A to B with the number of mandatory transfers to be made — the game, thus, emulates a subway journey involving three stations that are linked in an existent route — you could even make transfers given that the lines intersect in the given route.

While the weekday games are based on the express line’s midday schedule, Subwaydle also shifts in the weekends to weekend fixed schedules making it an oddly realistic reflection of the real world. Each player gets one daily challenge on the official game page.

20. Passwordle

This game is for all you sleuths who like cracking passwords and secret codes. Created by Ashley Knowles inspired by her line of the profession in Password Security, the game poses before challenges a string of blank tiles, an entire keyboard (complete with all the alphabets, numbers, and symbols), and 6 chances to figure out the hidden password.

21. Wordawazzle

For a word game based on a language that is as diverse and evolved as English, native and international variants are bound to pop up. Wordawazzle is such an indigenous variant that gives a nod to Australian slang. All the rules of the game apply here just the same, but with a brand new “exclusively Australian” lexicon.

22. Heardle

Are you the kind of person who has a tune or a beat from pop songs always ringing your head? Then, you are destined to be a god-level expert at this game. Heardle is a novel twist on Wordle where audio feedback of a song is rationed out in seconds as clues to the player to guess it in 6 chances. It has turned topsy-turvy the world of music lovers with the unexpected degree of challenge, variety, and fun it brings with each daily challenge. It is not too late to join in on the fun yet! You can play Heardle here.

23. Byrdle

To all the music lovers who take particular interest in Choral music, Byrdle could be something akin to a magnificent crescendo in the Wordle world to enjoy and partake in.  All you need to bring to the game is your wealth in five-letter words related to choral music.

24. Chessle

Another Wordle variant meant to be enjoyed by a targeted group, Chessle is Wordle for Chess enthusiasts to guess a complete sequence of opening in a chess game in 6 attempts. You get similar colored hints on a completely Chess-esque grid; for players who want to moderate the challenge level, the game may be switched between Normal and Hard modes. You can play Chessle at jackli.gg/chessle.

25 to 28. Globle, Worldle, Flaggle and Flagle

This set of Wordle variants is a direct dedication to all the geography enthusiasts out there. Let’s give them a once-over. Globle gives the challengers a mystery country each day, and colored hints based on the proximity of the countries you enter as guesses to the mystery country. Similar to Globle, on Worldle the proposition is to figure out the hidden country based on the distance-based hints the system returns to your guess-entries. To play Worldle, go to worldle.teuteuf.fr.

The end goal for the players on both is to limit the number of chances used to the smallest figure.

In Flaggle, the challenge 

Flagle and Flaggle is for the vexillologists out there… or anyone who has quite a bit of knowledge about the official flags of the various countries. The challenge before a player on Flagle is to guess the right answer in as few attempts based on the hints given by the system. To begin you enter any country name as a blind guess; based on your guess the system shows which colors and in what position or how much area the color(s) occupy in the hidden flag; you repeat the process by entering more countries as guesses to figure out the hidden flag, and that is Flagle in a nutshell. The overall requirement is a profound knowledge of the national flags of as many countries as possible… the more, the better. You can play Flagle at ducc.pythonanywhere.com/flaggle.

On Flaggle, an entire map is given at the beginning of a game with a maximum of 6 guesses to make it. Each “wrong” guess comes with a clue regarding the solution whether the target country is in the same continent and whether it is larger or smaller in relation to the one you guessed. The game even has 6 difficulty modes like mirroring or blurring the image. Sounds exciting? Click here to play Flaggle.

29. Foodle

Foodies assemble! We have got a new platform to reveal our true colors are real food-lovers. On Foodle, the 5-letter mystery word is a hidden food item that you ought to guess in 6 chances. I can’t think of a more delectable Wordle variant than this one, if you think the same, check out the game at food-le.co. 

30. Weaver

Weaver, as the name of the game suggests, is all about weaving a connection between two words in the grid. The game opens to reveal two 4-letter words at the beginning of a challenge. The player has to enter a word in the row betwixt the two by replacing only one of the already available letters (while keeping the rest intact). The number of attempts taken birth new rows each time and the challenge is to make the starting word metamorphose into the ending word by replacing letters.

It is really not as simple as it sounds, as it could take more guesses than you originally anticipated to weave the connection or even end up solving it faster than you imagined. Click here to play Weaver.

31. Joined Words

Joined words is one of the most interesting Wordles I have come across recently. You are given three clues in statements at the beginning of the game and two text boxes to enter your guesses. Allow me to elaborate using the example case given on the game page.

The challenge begins with two statements as follows. Statement 1: A place where you live? Statement 2: What you do to earn money? The question presented to the player — What children get from school? The answer is Home Work.

Get it? It is a dose of daily fun you might not want to miss. Click here to play Joined Words.

32. Wordle Peaks

Wordle Peaks is the game for you if you enjoy in-game spoilers but in the most cerebral and acceptable way. Every letter you enter in a word gets colored feedback to show the nature of their occurrence. That is, the letters which receive green feedback are all correct(at the peak), those letters that return orange occur before the correct letter in the alphabets (almost at the peak) and the ones which return blue are too further from the correct letter(lowest point) in the alphabet. It is indeed a stimulating spin on Wordle colors, and hints do not even end there! Each tile under selection gets a clue in the form of alphabet range (eg: between E and N) to further narrow down your guesses. It allows you to peek at the solution without cheating, through the clues dispensed to you in alphabet peaks! Check out this wonderful Wordle variant here.

33. Scholardle

This is for those Wordlers involved or interested in terms and jargon related to academia. Are you up for the challenge to guess a 5-letter word that is prevalent in the pedagogic and academic circle, then check out the Wordle variant at the game page here.

34. Pawrdle

Pet-lovers, here is a Wordle spin-off just for you. The pet-themed Pawrdle follows the general formula of the original, only with a curated pet-related solution list. Apart from raising a couple of cats in the past, I claim to possess no knowledge of cats, dogs, or any little creatures. So, I will let you be the judge of the real difficulty involved in solving the Pawrdle challenges. Click here to play Pawrdle.

35. Tusmo

Are you familiar with the ins and outs of the French TV game show, Motus? For the unversed, Motus is the French variant of the show Lingo — and Tusmo is the Wordle variant that solders together all three in spirit, but closer to Motus. You can play the game in either English or French, so, players who know both might get to enjoy the privilege of double the fun! The game also has various modes to try like solo, daily or multiplayer modes. Click here to play Tusmo.

36 and 37. Movlie and Bookli

Movlie is a Wordle variant that wants you to guess the movie of the day based on the screenshots revealed one by one. With a total of 6 chances at your disposal to figure it all out, the challenge itself gets increasingly simple the more the screenshots revealed as long as you have at least seen its poster somewhere. The game begins with one screenshot, and with each wrong guess, an additional screenshot is revealed…until you run out of chances or guess it right!

Bookli is another Wordle spinoff that begins with a lead. A one-line excerpt from a given classic book is arranged in dotted lines for the players to fill with no context about the scene; to win the challenge, you must fill in the entire sentence in 12 attempts. It is as difficult as it sounds if you are not very familiar with the classic book under consideration in each challenge. But, what stimulates a bookworm more than a challenge to show off their erudition? If you are up for it, you can play Bookli at bookli.co.uk.

38. Optimle

Yes, we have seen adversarial variants of Wordle already but none quite like this. In other adversarial variants, the main challenge is to narrow down the word pool, and once you manage to do that, it is only a matter of time before you win. But, Optimle will not let you win just like that. In fact, what you play against is a grid that has the answer pool already narrowed to one with the largest number of words that end with the same 3 letters. You only get two chances to figure out the “right” answer (which doesn’t exist really as it changes the solution based on your answer).

In short, it is a game you cannot beat, but it is oddly interesting to play. Addictive? I wouldn’t say it is. But, it might be worth checking out just to test out how many of the words in the solution pathway you can guess. Play Optimle at — optimle.meow.garden.

39. #Hexle

I must admit that this is the most interesting Wordle variant I have come across in a while. Hexle is all about figuring out the hex code of the Hexle color of the day. You have the alphabets from A to F and the numbers from 0 to 9 with a total of 6 guesses to find the solution. Even though the game itself is not with words, it preserves the original formula of Wordle to cue the players.

40. Wor-wordle-dle

Can you figure out what this spin-off is like from the title? It Wor-wordle-dle is a multi-layerd Wordle game in which you solve one layer to move to the next one. If you take the daily challenge, then you’d be guessing the Wordle word of the day itself but on the Wor-wordle-dle grid. Once you have solved the first layer (your answer layer), you get to open the next layer, which is the obscured game grid of another player who took today’s challenge. You can play it by user ID or challenge random previous puzzles to build your layer. I never knew that I would have fun enjoying someone else’s gameplay until Wor-wordle-dle.

2) 6 Multi-grid Wordle variants


Dordle is creator Guilherme S. Töws’s take on taking Wordle and making it double. You get a double grid Wordle format on Dordle (that is two 5-letter Wordle-like guessing grids arranged adjacently) and a total of 6 chances to figure out both the hidden words simultaneously. 


Quodle takes Dordle and doubles it — yep, you guessed it! Quordle has 4 grids at once for you to solve but you only get 9 chances to do so. Not challenging enough, then try Octordle.


Octordle traps you in the middle of 8 grids with 13 chances to emerge the winner. That’s 8 wordles in one go, and 13 guesses just might be enough…depending on how much variety you can incorporate into your guesses. 

4. Sedecordle

Similar to all the multi-grid Wordles is Sedecordle in which you have to solve 16 puzzles at once in 21 guesses. The level of difficulty involved is not particularly different from the rest in the category. You can play Sedecordle at www.sedecordle.com, which has a random mode in addition to the daily mode to play unlimited games.

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If you play Dordle, Quordle, or Octordle like blind stabbing in the dark, you are sure to run out of chances before you even clear one grid, let alone multiple grids. However, since the requirement is to figure out all the hidden words concomitantly in a single game, you need a bit of both luck and strategy to hit the nail right on the head consecutively. 

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The next multi-grid Wordle variant on our list will blow your mind. Meet Polydle. Created by Jack Boettcher, Polydle is a customizable multi-grid variant of Wordle in which you can choose to solve any number of grids between 1 – 2315 at once — that means, you can solve random wordles on multiple grids or take on all the solution words in a single game. The idea itself has got my head spinning. The good news is, the more the number of grids you take on, the more chances you get to tackle the challenge. So, good luck to you! Put your cerebral elasticity to test at the game page of Polydle.

6. Kilordle

While Polydle gives you the choice as to whether you want to subject yourself to outrageous Wordleing with 1000 or 2000 parallel grids, Kilordle neatly leaves you bereft of the choice and forces 1000 grids on you at once. You heard it, right — a thousand parallel grids! But, it is easier than you think to actually solve it, for your get 1005 chances to total to solve all the 1000 grids, which is honestly too generous and excessive! The real challenge is to solve them all in fewer moves, say 35 guesses? Can you? Give it a try here.

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3)7 Wordle variants for math enthusiasts

1 to 3. Nerdle, Mathle, and Numberle

Nerdle is a numerical spin on Wordle in which the players are mandated to guess an 8-count equation in 6 attempts. The alphabets are replaced here with unique numbers and primary operators/symbols as the useable “letters” in the game. It depends on your calculation skills and adopted strategy whether you nail or nosedive the challenge.

For those who don’t quite enjoy the bitter taste of complex equations, the creator, Richard Mann, has also made available a mini Nerdle mode (easy mode with 6-count equations) in addition to one-liner instant Nerdle and custom Pro Nerdle challenges on the web. You can play it for free at www.nerdlegame.com.

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A similar concept is presented in the variants Mathle and Numberle, where secret words and letters are replaced with numerals and symbols to open a mathematical world of Wordle for Math lovers. Similar to Nerdle, the operations are limited to DMAS (Division, Multiplication, Addition, and Subtraction) on both games.

4. Primel

Primel can be described as a carbon replica of Wordle in a parallel world — its determinants are 5-digit primes, and you get 6 chances to compute the right order of the digits to form a rational prime figure. The real challenge is the length of the ‘word’ as you have to maneuver your moves based on hints to find a prime number that is 5 characters in length. It is as easy and as confounding as it sounds.

Primel is an open-source spin on Wordle created by coder Hannah Park to test one’s deduction and computation skills. Try it yourself on the game page here. 

5. Equatle

Equatle is the simplest of number-based Wordle spin-offs where you have to guess just the equation (excluding the solution part). Enter numbers in the tiles in the even position and operators in the odd tiles, jumble until you arrive at the answer — that is about it. If you want to take a break from Wordle but are not yet inclined to take on a full-on Nerdle-level challenge, then Equatle could be the solution!

Oh, from personal experience, the game is responsive to haptic feedback. If it is a bug, hopefully, the developer finds and fixes it soon! You can play Equatle at equatle.com.

6. Mathler

Mathler game opens with a blank grid and a challenge  — Find the hidden calculation that equals to (insert any number). However, it is adjustable according to the level of challenge you are ready to face. In easy mode, you get a 6×5 grid with only one operator to use, a 6×6 board with up to 2 operators in the Mathler mode, and an 8×6 game grid with up to 3 operators in the difficult mode. The equation varies according to the mode of difficulty; for instance, if the game of the day in Mathler mode is to Find the hidden calculation that equals 13, then on difficult mode, it could be something like Find the hidden calculation that equals 1391. No matter what mode it is, you only get 6 chances to solve the puzzle.

7. Addle

Addle is the addition game you have been waiting for. Just enter your guesses in the columns for number and try to solve the challenge at a faster pace, and that is all there is to it. Although simple, it might force you to a corner if you can’t make an elimination and instant analysis of each game.

4) 7 variants for competitive Wordle-ing


Wordle Off is the competitive Wordle ground that you have been waiting for. The interface welcomes you with two unique options to either face-off an opponent on a side-by-side real-time Wordle challenge (truly a race against time) or mooch off of your partner’s progress to steal the win in a co-op game. It can be competitive, it can be deceptive — at the root of it, Wordle Off is Wordle cut-throat.

Apart from the opportunity to challenge friends, there is also no limit to the number of challenges you can participate on Wordle Off. You can have all the Wordle “fun” you want, just be careful not to end friendships over it!

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2. Wordle with Friends

The creator of Wordle Time Machine Taq Karim has returned to the Wordle scene, this time with a brilliant Wordle clone! The idea behind Wordle with Friends is to challenge your friends with a custom Wordle. You decide the word (5-letter word, of course!), add a 120 character (max length) hint, hit “generate link” to get the custom Wordle link, and send it to…anyone! 

This variant bubbles with endless potential to engage in easy Wordle challenges. No limits to the number of games is an added bonus, too!

3. Wordle Cup

Wordle is more fun when it is played in a competitive setting. Wordle Cup is here to deliver the same. You can either face off random challengers in the Find Game mode or Create Private Room to host a game that you can share with friends.  If you host a game, you even get to decide the length of the target word, number of rounds, and time limit! The challenger who snags the most wins in the series gets to take home the Wordle Cup. Go to wordlecup.io to start a new challenge!

4. Squabble

Squabble is another arena for competitive Wordleing, where you can enter into wordle face-offs with anonymous “guests” or registered players to find the hidden word in a real-time challenge. It is in multiplayer mode, which heightens the pressure and fun involved!

5. WordHoot

Competitive spirit is something that cannot be doused; something proven by the sheer number of people expressing raw interest in facing off others in Wordle feuds. WordleHoot is a battleground variant that encourages multiplayer Wordle games which assesses you on the basis of time taken, guesses made and points scored. You can play WordleHoot at wordhoot.com.

6. WorDuel

WorDuel is the center to engage in the war of words in Wordle format with friends. You pick a secret word and challenge your opponents to a merciless war of wits and reflex. The best part is that you don’t even have to log in to engage in the duels! I believe you’d appreciate the developer’s thoughtfulness to exclude mandatory registration to be a part of Wordle duels online. Here is the link to play WorDuel — worduel.albertjvm.ca.

7. Wordle Golf

Wordle Golf is perhaps the most friendly version of competitive Wordleing. You don’t challenge opponents here, rather share and compare scores daily with friends using the scoring format followed in Golf (the fewer the guesses the lower the points; the lower the points, the higher you rank). Isn’t it a non-aggressive way to show off your Wordle wins and streak? Click here to go to the Wordle Golf page.

5) 9 Wordle variants for unlimited games

Sometimes what you need from Wordle variants is not variety, but an endless supply of Wordle games. And that is what the following list is all about!

1. Hello Wordl

Hello Wordl opens to a default 5-letter word guessing game with appearance and general rules that closely mimic Wordle. However, it sets itself apart from the seed game by allowing the players to engage in “random” games customized according to the word length of choice (up to 11-letters!)

The open-source game was developed by Lynn upon basking in inspiration from the viral word game Wordle. Its wordlist is much broader than Wordle, for the time being, however, it is being meticulously out to make it player-friendly and politically correct as we speak.

For those who want to play Wordle all day every day, Hello Wordl is your door to paradise. You can not only share your scores in a grid that closely resembles Wordle, there are even options to challenge your friends with the same word you took, or even intensify the difficulty level with hard or ultra-hard “hell” modes. So, is it the best Wordle clone out there? Let’s keep looking to weigh all our options.

2. Wordle Game

If you are multilingual, Wordle Game might be a Wordle amusement park for you! Wordle Game is Wordle beyond borders and languages with 15 in-built dictionaries (12 unique and 3 variants of English including one for Kids!), where you can a deep dive into the world of words and play without limits. In addition, the game grid is even customizable to accommodate secret words of length ranging from 4 to 11 characters!

Unlimited games? Check! Custom Word Length? Check! Multiple Dictionaries? 15x Check! Wordle Game checks off everything you might need in a word game. You can play Wordle Game at wordlegame.org.

3. Wheeldle

Wheedle is yet another spin on Wordle developed by wheelsrpgs.com with a focus on the unlimited number of games a day for hungry Wordlers. Apart from the infinite number of games, the appearance of the interface which resembles classic Mario-era Nintendo lures you in with a magnetic pull.

All the basic game rules remain unchanged in this retro-looking novel game, making it the perfect destination for migrating Wordlers. Now, you don’t have to worry about waiting for or running out of Wordle!

4. Word-Guessr

Wordle-Guessr is an interactive word game Wordle alternative that allows you to play an unlimited number of games. The number of guesses and designated hint system resembles Wordle, however, there is an additional option to set the word length to any number between 3 and 7.

In addition, there is an embedded button to generate a challenge link that you can share with friends to engage in parallel challenges.

5. Word Master

Word Master is another Wordle clone that is built on the foundation of the original while at once breaking the restriction of the “once-a-day” rule to give you unlimited Wordles a day. It is open to players for free access on the host page.

6. Wordle Unlimted

As the name suggests, Wordle Unlimited is yet another Wordle byproduct that has a door perpetually open for any player to play Wordles as many times as they want. You know the drill, just head to the host page, start the challenge and repeat until you have your fill.

7. 6-letter Wordle

This is an unlimited Wordle variant hosted by Noah Metzger, the creator of Wordle Archive … but with a twist. Not only can you play unlimited number of Wordles here, the character length is one-upped…that is the mystery word is 6-characters in length. While retaining the simplicity of the original Wordle, the added charm of the additional letter could surprisingly keep you hooked on the grid for hours! You can play the (unlimited) 6-letter Wordle now on metzger.media.

8. Chill-off

Is there such a thing as too many Wordle games? Never! So, here we give you another unlimited Wordle — Chill-off. Chill-off currently has two game modes — daily and unlimited. But a “Secret” mode is in the workshop, although we do not know just what is going to be like! Let’s keep our fingers crossed for a fresh new spin on Wordle in the soon-to-be-released Secret mode! Play Chill-off at chilloff.cf.

9. Speedle

I may not be able to truly explain in words the true rush involved in Speedle. Speedle is unlimited Wordle where your fingers and brain are expected to blast past at an unstoppable and blindly speed to get speedsolve as many Wordles as possible in a row! The premise of it is speedrun gaming where your quick thinking and unrivaled typing rate determine the scores. Not only can you choose the length of challenges (from 4 to 11 letter words), it also allows for unlimited gaming with the added auto-correct word feature making it one of the best Wordle variants out there that can truly test your Wordleing skills. See for yourself how it is played — Speedle game demo 

Want to see how many Wordle games can you speedsolve? Click here to play Speedle and find out!

9) 7 Wordle variants for fandoms

Fandoms have yet again proven their competence and efficiency by rolling out Wordle variants that are specific to their communities. Here is a list of the four most fandom-based Wordles.

1. Taylordle

Taylordle is the product of Holy Swift Podcast‘s tryst with Wordle. It limits the solution list of Wordle wordlist to only accept five-letter words that directly point to the global sensation Taylor Swift as the solution words. It could be excerpts from her songs’ lyrics, track or album titles, or names of people associated with her.

If you are a Swiftie confident in your knowledge of everything happening in the Swiftverse, make sure to check the game out on the official page www.taylordle.com.

Given the singer-songwriter’s prolific lyrical prowess, cracking the game might need you to stick your nose to the grindstone. Fret not, we have got you covered. Check out our Taylor Swift wordlist below of 90 potential Taylordle wordles to walk sideways in the game with your eyes closed.

Read: Taylordle Words: Find a Hint Easily with a List of Taylor Swift Words

2. Wordle-BTS

Armys are always up to speed when it comes to any matter that remotely concerns the seven k-pop kings. In case you are a fan of the band but still missed it, here you go!

Wordle-BTS is a Wordle spin-off that is based on a word-list of 5-letter words directly related to the k-pop and international sensation — BTS. It could be their songs, albums, stage names, pets’ names, or even the fandom name itself — ARMYS! It is exciting, challenging, and a cent percent fun!

3. Lordle of the Rings

Based on the magnificent saga by JRR Tolkien and the movie franchise, Lordle of the Rings gives a big shout-out to the decades-long fandom of the LOTR universe. In a pattern that flawlessly mirrors the original Wordle, Lordle of the Rings invites the challengers to find the hidden word of the day.

If you are a fan, this cup of tea is brewing solely to satisfy your palates…although, considering the sheer bulk of each volume in the series, let me send you my wishes!

4. Squirdle

Another Wordle clone aimed only to please a specific demographic is Squirdle. The game is created for Pokemon fans where the players are challenged by the system to guess the Pokemon that it is “thinking of” in 8 attempts. But, that is only the daily mode.

There are other options to generate or join games — all designed to cater to the innermost desires of Pokemon enthusiasts.

5. Star Wordle

I can almost hear the surging enthusiasm in the heavy footfalls before this particular Wordle spin-off. As the title proudly gives away, this is a crossover in which the universes of Wordle and Star Wars merge. Fully imbibing the aura of the host world, complete with the dark theme and the little jumping green lightsaber, Star Wordle is a Must Play for all Star Wars fans.

6 and 7. Hogwartle and Wizarding Wordle

The following wordle variants are for all the wizard-wannabe muggles like us — Hogwartle and Wizarding Wordle fulfill your desire for an exclusive word game experience with all things (or persona) wizardry and magic. Here’s where you can play Hogwartle and Wizarding Wordle games.

While Hogwartle is strictly for the Potterheads, Wizarding Wordle has room for a bigger crowd of the fantasy genre fanbase.

8. Doctor Whodle

To Doctor Wordle, apart from being a skilled Wordler, you may also need a photographic recollection of everything uttered in TV series Doctor Who. but if you are a fan, wouldn’t it be a waste of binge-watching and chasing reruns if you can’t at least do that? But, hey, it is really not that bad. As the game, itself is based on the transcripts of the show from Chrissie’s Transcription Site, you can always head straight to the reference web to get better leads on the solution words. 

9. Eterndle

This one is for the fans of Dire Wolf Digital’s digital card game “Eternal”. While you might wield cards to crush your enemy in the card game, on Eterndle, your weapons are the letters and a great memory of all the game’s totems and characters; either way, it is a powerplay between you and the system. Can you win? 

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So many variants of Wordle! Pick one that has piqued your interest and start right away! 



  1. There’s also antiwordle.com where you have to avoid guessing the word instead. It’s pretty fun!

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  3. There is also GNT Wordle. Which uses Greek words from the Greek New Testament. Fun for students of the GNT

  4. there is another flaggle (flaggle.app) that is more straightforward than the one listed here, it shows a flag and you get 6 attempts to guess it, with hints on how close you are

  5. I’ve just created a new worde spin-off called “bookli” where you have multiple wordles that are solved to form a piece of text from a classic novel. Context can really help! Find it at bookli.co.uk

  6. I created a version for music videos, maybe you wanna give this one a try? 🙂

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  9. There is a multigrid variant called decordle with 10 words at a time.
    It is available as a web app and android app.

    Web: https://www.opensourcefeed.org/puzzles/decordle/
    Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.tahrik.wordle

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