How to Play Quordle: Rules, Strategies and Tips You Should Know

For Wordlers hungry for a tougher nut, there is a new Wordle spinoff in town that is all set to smoke your brain. Allow me to introduce Quordle, the wicked Wordle variant that pushes you to the edge of the precipice with four Wordles at once.

Where to play Quordle?

Engendered from a creative burst while playing Dordle (a Wordle variant by Guilherme S. Töws that presents two Wordle challenges at once to the players), creator Freddie Meyer and his spirited friends developed Quordle as a modified version that yet again raises the benchmark of the difficulty level.

It is available as a free, online game for players on the host page,

The unofficial quadruple form of the popular Wordle game, Quordle has two modes — daily and practice, whereby it covers both the aspects of daily challenge and unlimited games under a single roof. 

Meyer has stated on the official game page that he doesn’t plan to monetize the game, as it is a venture born from the spirit of the game. Hence, the only location to play Quordle is on the game page; it is not hosted on any app market in the form of a mobile/desktop app.

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Quordle v/s Wordle: What changes and what doesn’t 

If you analyze Quordle and Wordle side by side, there are more similarities than differences to list and expound. True to the original, Quordle has a daily game mode that presents a universal challenge to all players once a day, every day. The format and rules are also more or less the same– you are given a limited number of chances to figure out the mystery words. 

The departure begins with the heightened intensity infused into the game — with quadruple grids, Quordle upgrades the game formula of Wordle to push the challenger to chase after four mystery words concomitantly with a total of 9 chances to spare. 

Quordle is mind-bending with its ability to disorient the players with a strangely sensical array of hints strewn across the grid and keyboard. For players familiar with Wordle, there is nothing new to learn in the ways to play, but it demands more cerebral engagement to truly see, assimilate, and apply the strategies to snag a four-fold victory.

Quordle is the challenger’s pick for more immersive Wordleing. While Wordle packs fun and excitement with its simplicity and minimalist layout, Quordle is a full-on hell variant that truly tests your ability to juggle multiple grids at once.

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How to play Quordle: Basic tips to know

The logical approach to playing Quordle is to be empirical — the letters, as long as they are unused, remain a vulnerability to you in the process of guessing and deduction; especially when you trundle through the last available chances (with more than one grid unsolved). Hence, letter distribution should be equal and sonorous in the beginning moves to ascertain their presence. 

While the need to expose all the letters is pivotal, the goal of the challenge should never take the backseat. If you go about solving multiple grids at once, it could push you to the point of no return. Therefore, it is better to take it slow and steady, one grid at a time.

However, do not squander away too many chances on one grid. If you can’t figure out one grid, set it aside for the time being and move on to solve the next grid in the challenge. Pay attention to feedback received by each letter and its relevance on each independent grid to curate your guesses.

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The four-fold grids structure of Quordle is indeed a lot to take in when you start playing Quordle. Playing on PC/desktop is most recommended for making the best use of the keyboard and to make the best on-screen maneuvers.

Scrolling up and down is inevitable given the expanse of the quadruple game grid combination, but it could be disconcerting and end up obfuscating the entire situation in real-time. The trick is to keep an awareness of the progress you make on each grid using the tiled keys on the virtual keyboard. 

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How to play Quordle: Rules and strategies explained 

Quordle is quintessentially Wordle, as the only requirement of a player is to solve the challenge within the available number of guesses. But, since the number of grids and mystery words is raised four times, figuring out all the four puzzles even with 9 chances at your disposal will have you floundering and grasping at straws.

To beat the odds working against you, you need to take a tactical approach to make each move. We have perused and imbibed the content of enough Wordle strategy guides to know the value of vowels and consonants in Wordle.

While the wise deployment of letters is a part of a strategic strike on Wordle to finish it in fewer moves, careful and calculated letter distribution is critical to winning the challenge on Quordle. Focusing solely on vowels or consonants should not monopolize your attention, rather, place an emphasis on variety and use more unique letters.

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The Quordle (virtual keyboard) assumes a checkered scheme to give a visual guide to the players. Each key has four tiles that represent the occurrence of the corresponding letter on each of the four grids;  i.e., depending on the occurrence of a letter in the mystery word(s), the corresponding key on the keyboard takes on a checkered yellow-green-grey skin — this is a crucial clue that you might need to depend on in a word game with such a broad landscape as Quordle.

Even though the available number of guesses is increased from 6 to 9, it might end up being not enough to solve the four-layer parallel challenge grids of Quordle. A workable clearly orients on the principle of elimination — use as many unique letters as possible to shed light on the keyboard so that you can make informed guesses in the latter half of the game.

Each available chance should be judiciously used so that the feedback can be used as the fodder to make your next guess. Quordle makes you feel like you have a lot on your plate, so, try to break it into crumbs that you can chew — to do that, you need to see each grid as an independent unit. At the same time, if you focus too much attention on individual grids, you will have few moves left to solve the remaining units.

Compartmentalize the game into two — use the best starter words in the first half to isolate the right letters. In the latter half, focus on tackling each grid (one at a time) by making necessary rearrangements in the letter positioning.

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Is Quordle an app?

Quordle is purely a web-based game. It has no app variants available on any app stores (Play Store, App Store, Microsoft Store, etc). The creator, Freddie Meyer, vouches to make it always remain a free online game as a fun enterprise for the word game players to engage with. You can play it on the web browser on your PC or smart device at

Is there only one Quordle a day?

Quordle in the daily challenge mode is limited to just one game a day (echoing the fundamentals of Wordle). At the same time, Quordle has a practice mode where you can take as many Quordle challenges as you desire without any restriction on the number of games you can play.

How to play previous Quordle challenges?

While the Wordle universe is rippling with archives and tools that grant you instant access to older challenges, Quordle is yet to reach the point of amassing dedicated archives. That leaves you with the traditional trick of changing the system date (to a valid date in the past) to play older Quordle games.

We have covered a step-by-step guide on how to change the system time to play older Wordles here; the process and principles are the same to play previous Quordles — only swap out the web address of the Wordle game page with Quordle,

Which is harder — Wordle or Quordle?

On Quordle, the number of grids to solve is four (instead of 1 as followed by Wordle), however, the number of available chances is only slightly supplemented. In effect, Quordle presents itself as a monstrous evolution of Wordle that demands your blood, sweat, and tears to reveal 4 hidden words in 9 measly guesses…all at once.

We can conclude that the game has surpassed the original with regard to the level of difficulty introduced into the mix and is exponentially harder to play.



  1. Suddenly when I play Quordle, it says NO to all the words after the first word.

  2. To win both Wordle and Quordle, identify 4 words that use 20 different letters of the alphabet, including all vowels. My 4 words exclude JQVXYZ. Play those 4 words first, in any order, and you can solve the puzzles virtually every time.

    1. I the same method except that my
      four words include the letter y and exclude f as well as q,j,z,x anused v. I consider y to be one of the vowels. After the 4 first words, quordle is relatively easy and usually only takes 8 guesses or sometimes 9.
      For wordle I have a 2 word starting system that includes all 6 vowels ( including y) and r,s,t and h. If you eliminate h you eliminate all the sh, th, ph, gh, wh and ch 5 letter words.

  3. I the same method except that my
    four words include the letter y and exclude f as well as q,j,z,x anused v. I consider y to be one of the vowels. After the 4 first words, quordle is relatively easy and usually only takes 8 guesses or sometimes 9.
    For wordle I have a 2 word starting system that includes all 6 vowels ( including y) and r,s,t and h. If you eliminate h you eliminate all the sh, th, ph, gh, wh and ch 5 letter words.

  4. For Quordle I use three starter words and can usually get it in 7. For Wordle I use the first 5 unique letters word I come across and average 4. In Quordle find the grid with the best quess each time do not attempt to solve one at a time.
    As with Wordle you occasionally need to use a word to eliminate many options so don’t waste that on a fourth starter word.

  5. So what’s the max practice streak you guys have hit? Mine is 126. My first fours letters leave out v,k,x,j,q,z. The priciest letters on scrabble, as they rarely contribute to words.

    One thing I do notice though, some of the words which quordle throws up I have no clue they existed, only reason I am able to figure out is through eliminating non legit permutations.

    1. I did not know the word atoll which was a quordle word somewhat recently.
      I have played quordle 125 times- 2 in 7, 95 in 8, 24 in 9 and only 4 losses most early on before I developed my 4 starter word system.

  6. I don’t keep track of practice games. My score sheet is 1-6, 9-7, 6-8, 6-9 and 1 miss so I am getting a good average with just three starter words rather than 4.

  7. Occasionally, Quordle rejects legitimate words and will not let me enter them. The letters wobble but will not register. Today the word “fuzzy” would not register, yet it was one of the 4 choices. What’s up?

  8. Quordle – a great game – I look forward to playing it everyday. I have solved the four words for the last two games played but unfortunately my score has not registered. (I have pressed the little copy box with a left facing arrow). Could you please advise me what to do so my score registers. thank you

  9. Octordle stats show best score and worst scores. Can Quordle do that, too, instead of just number of wins and losses?

  10. I have found that the key to winning Quordle is to get 3 words containing 15 different letters (all the vowels) in the first three lines. It is not a guarantee of winning but a guarantee of a pretty good chance to win.

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