8 Best ‘Wordle Helper’ Websites and Tips

Let’s face it, more often than not we get stuck on a Wordle guess with no clue how to make the next move. While the smarty pants might whip out an applet to do all the eliminations and calculations to solve the crisis, we ordinary mortals can only rely on our very own superpower — the ability to use the Internet to our advantage.

If you made a bad start or when you are stuck in a Wordle moment of make or break it, you can always count on the internet to get you out of the pickle. Here are the best tools to find the elusive words that keep getting away from you.

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How to use Wordle helper websites in 4 ways

Sometimes, making a good first guess might still leave you fumbling to find the hidden word. It could be a familiar word that is just at the tip of your tongue, or maybe a tricky one that you aren’t familiar with. Under the moment of pressure, while on your last guess, you might need some external assistance to see the light.`

When you are hanging on the last straw with just one guess left in hand, you can use this website to… take a shortcut (No, we don’t cheat here. Not. A. Chance… Right.)

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1. How to use wordle.tips to find possible words from your progress

Go to wordle.tips homepage

You see 5 columns with 2 rows each. The first column is to enter your guesses. The second column is to enter the feedback you received from Wordle.

The feedback should be entered as “y” (for “yellow”), “g” (for “green”), or “b” (for “black.”)

Similarly, enter the word and corresponding feedback of the guess.

Now, click submit.

You will see a page with all the remaining possible words that are within the acceptable guesses for that day’s Wordle.

The highlight of this website is that you need not be on the last guess, but ask for possible words list based on just the first guess. Just hit “submit” after entering your first or any number of guesses and corresponding feedback.

It’s just that, the fewer the guesses and feedbacks you submit, the longer the prediction list will be, but hey, it is still shorter than 2,315 possible words!
Ideally, the best first guess contains as many vowels and common consonants you can squeeze together into a single five-letter word. If you don’t get one right off your head, go to wordgame helper websites like Word.tips or Wordhippo (both explained below).

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2. How to use Wordhippo to find words using available letters

Go to Wordhippo.com

Click Find Words.

Tap All words.

From the drop-down options, select Five-letter words.

In the second box, choose from the four options as fitting: Starting With, Ending With, Containing Exactly, and Containing the Letters.

We selected ‘Containing exact;y’ as the filter. Now, in the next field, complete the query with the letter(s) of your choice.

Now, click on find it.

You will see a list of words based on your query. In our case, the letters were O and U, thus the results below.

Such tools help you narrow down to the most probable results and assist you in making the next best guess. You can customize your search depending on the available letters (both confirmed in green pr yellow or rejected in grey).

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3. How to use word.tips to find words using available letters

Go to word.tips/wordle.

In the textbox at the very top enter the available or confirmed letters (The letters could be ones that have received positive feedback(yellow or green) or not used yet in your previous guesses.

You can enter up to 3 confirmed/available letters in the text box. The format to enter is “letter”<questionmark>”letter”<questionmark> (eg:A?I?P).

Set the word length in the box that is assigned for word length.

You can fine-tune your search with added filters if you have confirmed starting letters, ending letters, as well as include other confirmed/rejected letters in contains, include, and exclude respectively.

Hit Search.

All the probable words would appear below the search.

Hit More to expand the list according to your requirement.

4. Play old Wordle games to get better at playing Wordle

Want to excel in Wordle without using shortcuts? Well, we have got a solution for that as well. As they say, practice makes perfect, you can hone your Wordle skills by playing older Wordles. We know that the older Wordles cannot be played on the official page, but that’s where Archives come into play. 

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To play older wordles you can go to any reliable Wordle Archives. There are many reliable fanmade wordles like the one made by Devang Thakkar (find it here) which has over 200 Wordles in the database starting from the very first Wordle. 

Or you could go to the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine to catch up on the Wordles as you work on a winning streak. Click here to find out more about playing older Wordle games on your phone or PC.

Wordle helper tips to use

Here are some tips to ace your Wordle game in 2 Minutes!

1. Make the most of the first guess

The first guess could determine the duration and probability of solving the challenge.  In fact, you can start with a random first word and not go for the uncommon words like ROATE. Rather it is recommended that the first words for Wordle be rich in vowels with a twist of common consonants.

Using a combination of frequently appearing vowels and consonants significantly aids the elimination process. Check out our article on Vowles in Wordle to steal a couple of vowel-packed words to kickstart each wordle with a punch. In short, use as many unique letters in the first two guesses to eliminate or lock on the wrong/right letters.

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2. Bring variety into your guesses

To be frank, starting random and pacing yourself based on the feedback is easier than following a strategy you stumbled upon on the internet. Start with a random word like “TEARS.” Take cues from the feedback and avoid repeating the words that got greyed.

Similarly, unless you are playing in the hard mode, it is not necessary to repeat the words that get positive feedback. Variety is conducive to eliminating, instead, focus more on introducing new letters for elimination or acceptance rather than stressing over correcting the placement of yellowed letters.

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For instance, if you got yellow highlights for “N” and “K” in the word “BLANK,” it is better to look for the guiding vowel in the next guess than attempting to find the right positions of the yellowed letters.

So, your next best guess could be words like “JINKS” or “KNOPS.” The process should be based entirely on which letter is eliminated and which letter is required to make an acceptable guess.

3. Don’t shy away from repeating letters

Repeated letters are quite common in Wordle, although they don’t make the list of best first words. Repeated letters are good fourth or fifth words depending on the status of your game. If you have eliminated all possible consonants and vowels in a word and are left with a limited number of letters, it is a natural indicator of repeating or double letters. However, if used as a part of the first word, unless the letter appears at least once in the hidden word, you’d be wasting an opportunity to cross out or check a letter.

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4. Lurk around in Wordle discussion forums

Wordle discussion forums on Reddit and similar platforms are a world of their own with hilarious memes and heated discussions on the daily challenges livening up the space. You could visit the forums to get insight into how other players solved the challenge, the strategies they used, and even giggle at some hilarious fail stories to get a fully immersive Wordle experience. A fair warning though, read Discussion headings to be alert about spoilers (like this hilarious thread on Reddit here) if you aren’t big on being spoiled.


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