How to Play Wordle Multiplayer With Friends

Wordle is the newest craze of 2022 and if you have been on social media platforms lately, then you might have come across tons of Wordle scores as well. It’s is a word puzzle game where you get 6 tries to guess a daily world. Everybody around the world competes with the same puzzle which is one of the major reasons why Wordle has shot up in popularity.

But can you play Wordle with just your friends? Let’s find out!

Can you play Wordle officially with your friends?

Not officially, no. The official games only support daily puzzles that can be accessed by anyone with no provision for shared gameplay. However, a new website from a community contributor, Mihir Patil, fills the gap as it allows you to do exactly that — play Wordle with a friend.

There is also no limit on the number of games that you can play which means that you and your friend can end up having hours of fun. The game is also timed when playing with your friends. This gives you a good way to measure each others’ performance when guessing the word at hand. Use the guide below to play Wordle with your friends and family. 

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What is Is it official and safe? is a website that allows you to play an unofficial Wordle game with your friends. it has the multiplayer mode that the original game doesn’t. It employs the same rules for the multiplayer version as the original game does.

But yes, it is not official and we can’t guarantee it si 100% safe, although it appears to be harmless to our eyes.

How to play Wordle online with friends using an unofficial port

You will need the following when trying to play Wordle multiplayer with your friends and family. 

  • A mobile or desktop device (for each player)
  • A working internet connection at both ends
  • A way to share game links with each other (email, Whatsapp, IMs and more)

Once you meet the following requirements, you can use the guide below to host and invite your friends or family to a game of Wordle. 

Step 1: Host a game [For host]

Visit the link above on the browser app like Chrome on your phone or PC and you will be automatically redirected to your browser. Then, click PLAY NOW.

Now, click SHARE GAME

Click/tap Copy link to copy the link of your new game to your device’s clipboard.

Once copied, share the link with your friend or family member. We will be using an email to share the concerned link. You can share it on a DM, SMS, anything that allows you to send text.

Once you have shared the link, your friend can now join the game using the guide below. 

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Step 2: Join a shared Wordle game [For participant]

To join a shared wordle game, simply tap on the link that the host will have shared with you. Once you do so, the link will automatically open your browser and redirect you to a webpage where the game should begin automatically.

You can now start guessing your answers while tracking your time in the top right corner of the screen. 

How to play the game again

Once either of you guesses the current word the game will be ended, and you will be shown the result on your screen. You can then simply click on ‘PLAY AGAIN’ to start a new game in the ongoing session. 

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Is WordleTogether the same as Wordle?

No, sadly Wordle Together is a new beast altogether developed by Mihir Patil, a community contributor to help people with the growing craze of Wordle. The game does try to be true to the original while keeping all the aesthetics but sadly the list of words as well as the word choosing algorithm is not as up to par as you would expect. Niche words seem to be the norm in the game which can sometimes throw players off. 

Needless to say, it has only been a few days since the website was made active. We can expect things to get better as the developer optimizes it for better gameplay in the coming days. 

We hope this post helped you easily play Wordle with your friends and family. If you face any issues or have any questions for us, feel free to reach out using the comments section below. 


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  2. Ok we have 3 teams playing Wordle and keeping weekly scores. If a person doesn’t get it in 6 tried, what is their score? 6 or 7

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