Wordle: 5-Letter Words With the Most Vowels (Three and Four Vowels Words)

So you’ve been playing Wordle for a while, and getting better every day. But you want an edge over your friends and others, a potential ‘best word’ or a list of best words to start with.

Well, look no further, we have a list of five-letter words with the most vowels, to help you improve your score on Wordle. So, sit down, open that browser and let’s get into the best words you can guess on Wordle.

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The Mathematics of Wordle Vowels

All conversations in Wordle discussion spaces seem to echo one sentence– I always start with a word with more than one vowel in it. This is a topic that deserves to be put under the microscope for a detailed study.

Wordgame noob or veteran, it doesn’t matter — generally, people would come up with words that contain at least one vowel while playing. In Wordle, there is an added tendency to repeat the vowels, because words like “COLOR”, “ALOFT” or “BLOOM” have a propensity to easily slither their way out of our brain and onto the screen. 

However, Wordle strategists don’t stress about incorporating vowel-rich words because of their frequency in appearance. Rather, it is recommended as a calculated move to optimize the second (and consecutive moves) with the best first word.

And strategically, vowel-packed words make some of the best first words. This is owing to the general rule of the English language and specifically designed conditions laid out by the creator. In English, there are a number of words without vowels. The list narrows down further when five-letter words are considered separately. Josh Wardle, the creator of Wordle, has further condensed the scope of vowel-free words by mercifully banishing rare words from the list of 2,135 eligible words. That only leaves you with very few vowel-free words like crypt or gypsy.

That said, the mathematics of Vowel-stuffing your first guess (and maybe the second one, too) is all about facilitating the process of elimination. When you start your Wordle with a word like ADIEU, you have submitted four out of the five vowels for colored feedback from the game. The odds of at least one of the said vowels retuning with yellow or green feedback is higher than you receiving positive feedback for another vowel-packed word like QUEUE.

The rationale is simple: ADIEU is more than just a vowel-packed word, it is also comprised only of unique letters. In contrast, the word QUEUE only brings three unique letters to the table and significantly diminishes the chances of receiving positive feedback.

The trick is to start with vowels which are almost inevitably present in all eligible words and to incorporate as much variety to the letters.

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Wordle: 5-Letter Words With Four Vowels

  1. ADIEU
  2. AUDIO
  3. AULOI
  4. AUREI
  5. LOUIE
  6. MIAOU
  7. OUIJA
  8. OURIE
  9. URAEI 

Five-letter words with four unique vowels offer an almost guaranteed lock on at least one of the vowels.

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Wordle: 5-Letter Words With Three Vowels

Since the list of five-letter words with three vowels is fairly long, we’ve kept it to 30 words that you can use to clear three vowels in one word. Some of the words below have 4 vowels but you will notice that they have only three unique vowels, thus, out under the 3-vowels list.

3-Vowel Words without repeating a vowel:

  1. ABUSE
  2. ALONE
  3. ARGUE
  4. ARISE
  5. HOUSE
  6. JUICE
  7. MEDIA
  8. MOVIE
  9. NAIVE
  10. OCEAN
  11. PIANO
  12. QUAIL
  13. QUIET
  14. QUITE
  15. RADIO
  16. RAISE
  17. SAUCE
  18. UNION
  19. VIDEO

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3-Vowel Words with repeating vowels:

  1. AECIA
  2. AIOLI
  3. AQUAE
  4. AREAE
  5. AURAE
  6. LOOIE
  7. OIDIA
  8. OORIE 
  9. ZOEAE

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Is Vowel-Stuffing Necessary?

Even though vowels-stuffing is calculated to produce a favorable outcome, adding more vowels need not necessarily be the only strategy to make headway right from the early stage of the challenge. This is because the Wordle solution list has swiped left on uncommon words from the list– this includes proper nouns like LOUIE or borrowed words like ADIEU. Such words are accepted as guesses and facilitate the process of elimination, yet going for words that have an even letter distribution (with both vowels and consonants) might take you closer to the hidden word faster. 

The key is to weed through some charts and letter distribution data to analyze which letters (apart from vowels) make the most appearance in the eligible words. As luck would have it, several smart Wordlers have already studied the letter distribution. Leeching off of their findings, we can conclude that some letters do have a higher appearance frequency, like the letters C, R, N, L, and T. Find out more about common letters from our detailed article on the topic.

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List of Wordle Words with a Fair Distribution of Vowels and Common Letters

If you choose first words as a decisive move to expose the relevance of the letters in the game, elimination and guessing could be made concomitantly by way of deploying common letters into the mix. This takes a tremendous load off your guess to lock on vowels and also opens room to welcome or banish common letters.

If you observe the screenshot above of a past Wordle, you can see how the variety in letters has helped to strike-off many common letters and vowels from the set of relevant letters. If the word used was ADIEU instead of ABOUT there would be the obvious advantage of revealing the correct vowel, but the player might have required more guesses to figure out the useable consonants. The moves may also be affected by the positions of the letters that received positive feedback. 

To get more insight into Wordle strategies, read the related article below.

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Some first-words with fair letter distribution to consider:

  1. ARISE
  2. PALER
  3. ROAST
  4. RATIO
  5. TRAIL
  6. GOURD
  7. PEARS
  8. EARLY
  9. STEAM
  10. POETS

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Wordle Cheat with Vowel-Packed Solution Words

SPOILER ALERT! SPOILER ALERT! The following are words with three unique vowels that are actually in the Wordle list of eligible words. May contain words from older Wordles and very likely includes words that might come up as the hidden word any one of these upcoming days! This is a fun cheat to try your luck at nailing the challenge in one shot! Read at your own discretion!

  1. ABUSE
  2. CAMEO
  3. EASEL
  4. FUGUE
  5. GUIDE
  6. HAUTE
  7. IMBUE
  8. KOALA
  9. LIEGE
  10. MAUVE
  11. OCEAN
  12. PATIO
  13. QUAIL
  14. RADIO
  15. SAUTE
  16. TIARA
  17. UTILE
  18. VENUE
  19. WAIVE

Armed with these words, you’ll have the upper hand in your daily Wordle challenge. So, get started now!



  1. Did anyone proofread this confusing ramble?
    BTW, aloft does not have any repeated vowels.

    1. Joe,
      Be nice. We all could write something and be critiqued. It was just informational.

  2. Today’s one was an American way of spelling not UK English way so can be confusing for us Brits 🤷‍♀️ I think there should perhaps be an English spelling version perhaps 🤔

  3. I always start with the word GREAT, in most words there are already 2 letters. Also most words have a G,R, and T.

  4. Pause and cause are not even mentioned here. There are words missing from these lists.

  5. Equal was missed too! P

  6. I found 70+ words with 3 or 4 vowels including “y”

  7. The most common letters in the last 44 words are A,R,O. Decreasing use after that are: E,L,T,I. I have been using RATIO As a first word with some success and may try AROSE next.

  8. I use audio as my beginning word

  9. This helps, many thanks!

  10. I find that WORDLE is unfriendly in terms of color. I am color blind and cannot distinguish between the green and the yellow. Maybe change one of them to a color which is in high contrast to the other, such as blue.

    1. Click on settings “gear” and there is a HIGH Contrast setting to toggle on.

  11. Has wordle ever used plural words. I don’t think they have , but would like it confirmed

  12. Setting on the HIGH contrast is a tremendous help. Thanks.

  13. These lists are incomplete and therefore useless. Y IS A VOWEL, TOO.

  14. Addicted to this game! My go to words are:

  15. In the first two lines one should have all vowels checked. Since W and Y may also sound like vowels, two sets of 5-letter word containing together 7 vowels are advised. ADIEU or OUIJA are good for first line. For second line something like WORDY or WHEYS, respectively, account for all of them. The first choice has more-frequent-used consonants.

  16. A, e, I, o, u and sometimes y is the way I learned vowels in my youth. I like to start with “adieu” and then go to “story”.

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