How to Download Wordle. Which Wordle is The Right One?

The rapid rise in Wordle’s popularity has made it one of the most searched terms on the internet in the past weeks. It’s understandable if you have come across Wordle a lot recently — and now that you have made up your mind to play the game, you’re left wondering where to download it from, and worse, which Wordle game is the right one among the slew of copies you find on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

But, wait! Is there an even official app of the Wordle game that is actually popular right now? Well, let us help you. We will tell you where to find Wordle, the availability of an official Wordle app, a workaround to get your hands on an easy-to-use Wordle app, and much more.

Does Wordle have an app?

First things first, does Wordle have an official app? No. The Wordle we all know and love does not have an app on the App Store or Play Store as it is only available on the website (here). If you search for Wordle on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, you might come across apps named after the game, but know that none of them is the official game. So, please refrain from installing anything Wordle from the app stores.

You may find an unofficial app called Wordle by developer Steven Cravotta, but that is not the game you are looking for. 

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Which Wordle is the right one?

There is only one official version of Wordle and that’s the browser-based game, it is simply not available on the app store on your mobile phone. So, do not download any apps claiming to be Wordle on your phone.

Check the section below to find the only official webpage where you can play the game. Moreover, you will also find a tip below on how to use the Wordle website as an app on your phone.

Where can I find the Wordle game?

The only official version of Wordle is the game that’s available to play on your browser. You can find it by clicking on the link below (or visiting it manually).

But if you would like to play Wordle as an app on your phone, we have an easy fix for you right below.

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How to download Wordle as an app?

You can download the official Wordle game as an app quite easily by following our guide at the link below.

The step-by-step guide with pictures at the link above will help you create a shortcut for the Wordle game on your phone’s home screen. That way, you won’t need to open the browser app manually every time you want to play the game. Even though it is not an app exactly, it removes the hassle of using a browser and opening a webpage. The app will be available even in your Recents screen separately.

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How to play old Wordle games?

Officially, you can’t play old Wordle games. That’s one of the biggest draws about Wordle – that there is only one Wordle per day for everyone who plays it. But what if you want to play old Wordle puzzles and see how you score? You’re in luck because there is a solution for this as well.

Check out our article on playing old Wordle games here.

We’ve suggested 3 easy methods that let you play the past Wordle games on your PC, iPhone or Android. Whether you want to play the Wordle that was released on 1 January 2022 or 30 November 2021, there is a way to do so.



  1. Today I was able to play BOTH the TY Times version of Wordle, AND the UK version. The words were different. It was fun, I got 2 for 1, and solved both in 4.
    Then the US site got hijacked by the NY Times, and I could not reload the UK site.
    Very disappointing. Bummer.

  2. Is wordle connected to wordle? I love it!!!!! I play both every day.

    1. I mean quordle

  3. Really a challenge

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