What is Octordle? Everything You Need to Know

Octordle is a brand new rendition of Wordle, a spin-off built for the players seeking to guess more words per game in the word-guessing genre popularized by Wordle. So, do you think you can juggle not 2 (Dordle), not 4 (Quordle), but 8 words at the same time? We bet you do. Even though it may sound absurd (there’s a Wordle on that too!).

Let’s get to know more about Octordle and see if this challenge is as hard as it seems.

What is Octordle?

Octordle, or should we say Wordle8, is just what the doctor ordered for players who’ve conquered both Dordle and Quordle, let alone the precursor to everything, the one grid Wordle.

Created by Kenneth Crawford, Octordle is an exponentially harder version of Wordle. You have to guess 8 five-letter words, in one game, in up to 13 tries. All eight words have separate grids dedicated to them. Needless to say, these grids work independently of each other.

In many ways, Octordle is simply a multitasking version of Wordle with 8 concurrent grids operating at the same time. Naturally, for each grid and hence each word, the rules are exactly the same as Wordle, namely the same color-coding scheme and the same 5-letter words in the English Dictionary.

However, the eight grids add a significant amount of difficulty to the whole experience that can be as frustrating as it can be rewarding.

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Where to play Octordle

Similar to the previous Wordle spin-offs, Octordle is not available as an app. The only way to play Octordle is from its official website at: https://octordle.com.

To play Octordle, open a web browser on your PC or Phone and visit Octordle’s website at: https://octordle.com.

Select a game mode (daily octordle or free octordle) and click on it.

You can now begin your Octordle adventure.

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Is Octordle available as an app?

As of now, Octordle does not have an app. However, just like other similar games in the Wordle genre, it is possible to create an app icon for Octordle on your Android and iOS devices. Read our detailed guide to know more about the same.

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Octordle Game Modes

Octordle offers 2 game modes:

Daily Octordle: A new octordle each day. This game mode updates daily with a new Octordle (a set of eight 5-letter words) for all players around the world. You get one Octordle to guess per day and this Octordle is the same for every player.

Free Octordle: Octordle provides a method for players to get a hang of its multi-tasking approach before venturing into the world of daily Octordle. This game mode allows players to play as much as they want, each time a new Octordle.

How to play Octordle

Now that you’re all set to step into Octordle’s world of concurrent word-guessing, let’s see how you can play Octordle, what game modes are offered and how to account for the 8-grid dilemma in your already well-polished word-guessing chops.

It is easy to get taken aback by Octordle’s monster 8-grid game board that at first glance seems like an endless array of titles, impossible to conquer. It is 8 times the size of Wordle. Therefore, it is imperative that you have a well-defined strategy and approach before you begin guessing an Octordle.

The hidden sauce in Octordle is figuring out the right time to pick the first grid that you’re going to solve. This grid should get your complete attention before the other 7 grids. In any case, your first 1-2 tries will help you uncover enough letters on every grid so you can make an informed decision and pick the grid with the most revealed information. 

Try to guess this word as soon as possible and enter it immediately. We don’t want to be stuck in a situation where the no. of tries left is less than the no. of grids left to uncover. That is an impossible situation and means that you’ve lost the game.

Remember, if at any point you feel stuck with this word, make sure to scout the rest of the grids in case there’s a better chance of guessing another word. Do switch and start guessing this new word with confidence.

Octordle Tips and Tricks

1. Plan your starting words

We already know the importance of starting words in Wordle. But what about Octordle? Needless to say, the per grid approach of solving Octordle should be the same as Wordle, i.e. using the 5-letter words filled to the brim with vowels and less of words with lesser vowels and similar letters to your previous guesses — at least for the first few guesses as you try to deduce the arrangement of letters in the word(s).

Some of the good words filled with 3-4 vowels are: ADIEU, ABOUT, EQUAL, OUIJA, AUDIO, LOUIE.

However, remember that here you have to work on guessing wight words concurrently. Therefore, it’s always helpful to have another approach locked and loaded.

This different approach is nothing but the idea of using 5-letter words with all distinct letters as your starting guess. Not only that but words that are constructed from letters that happen to be statistically the most common letters in 5-letter words. The letters S, E, A, O, I, T, N, and U are statistically the most common letters in 5-letter words.

Here are some examples of words made of these letters: ROATE, RAISE, and ULTRA

2. Use Wordle helper websites for hints

There can be instances where all else fails and you find yourself on crossroads, staring at an abyss of never-ending grids with only a handful of tries left to hit the home run.

In that case, you can relax, because narrowing down your word search without blatantly cheating is possible, and in fact is just a few clicks away. You can use various websites like: bestwordlist.com and wordfinderx.com to narrow down your word search based on the information you receive from Octordle.

For example, in the picture below we will use the wordfinderindex website to filter out words. Let’s say we’re tackling the below-mentioned set of grids.

Clearly, the right grid seems easy enough. The answer to this grid should be STICK or STILT.

However, the left grid is somewhat tricky. We know the last letter is Y. We also know the positions that the letters E, S, and T are not located at in the answer, and that the letters A, D, I, U, R, and O are not present in the answer at all. Let’s feed this information on the wordfinderindex website and see what we get.

It turns out there are only 7 possible 5 letter words that satisfy the data we entered. You can then make subsequent guesses and narrow down this set even further to arrive at the answer.

Difference between Wordle and Octordle

Wordle and Octordle share the same basic rules followed on a per grid basis. Both have the same color-coding scheme (green, yellow, and grey) that we’ve been accustomed to and the same word input rules. However, Octordle is wildly different from Wordle in that it has 8 concurrent grids that take in the word you input on each try. You can view these grids using the scroll bar.

However, in Octordle, at each point of time you can only see the first 4 grids reflected in the keyboard. Octordle doesn’t reflect the change that happens in the bottom 4 grids even after you finish completing the first 4 grids.

For example, in the picture below, the keyboard is still reflecting the first 4 grids even after they’ve been solved and the user has moved on to the grids below it.

Unlike Wordle, Octordle will display the complete results along with the spoiler-filled answers. Keep in mind that, unlike Dordle, the copy to clipboard option in Octordle copies all of the results along with the answers.

However, feel free to drag and select portions of this result according to your preference.

Useful Wordle resources:

But will this delightful word-guessing madness end? Do we want it to end? Time will tell. Until then, here are some useful Wordle and similar articles that will help you excel in Octrodle as well.

We hope our guide helped you get up to speed with Octordle. If you have any more questions feel free to comment below.


  1. What does the little clock signify in the results?

    1. I would like to know this too!

      1. Dammit guys, your comments pushed this to the first match for “octordle clock” in Google, but there’s still no answer. Hellllp, someone, what’s up with the clock??

        1. Hey there. Just stopping by to report that I have 3 clocks despite getting all 8 words correct. still no idea what the fuck the clocks mean

          1. The time on the clock tells how many guesses (10:00 means 10 guesses) (1:00 means 13)

    2. there is no 11, 12 or 13 emoji so they use a clock that shows the time as the number (13=1:00).

      1. Thanks! I have been wondering for weeks!

    3. It means you got the answer on the 10th, 11th, 12th or 13th (shown as 1pm on the clock face) try

    4. The 3 clocks are used instead of the numbers 11, 12 and 13 when listing the line for which a guess was made. For some reason the program doesn’t have icons for those numbers and the clocks are used instead.

  2. There is no 11, 12 and 13 emoji to represent how many turns it look. So the clock represents 11h00, 12h00 and 13hpp to represent the number of turns it took 👍🏼

    1. You da real MVP

    2. Yes! Thank you.

    3. THANK YOU!! Not all heroes wear capes.

  3. “feel free to drag and select portions of this result according to your preference.”
    This doesn’t work on iPhone. What is the best option for sharing results on an iPhone?

  4. You should right a full article on food-le.co

  5. This is actually the easiest of the world, dordle, quordle, and octordle games. I start with the same 4 words: STEEL, DRAWN, YOGIC, and BUMPH. This provides 19 of the 26 letters and a double E. From there, you scroll through the 8 individual games. Usually 3-5 games have a solution that reveals all five letters of the solution. Those get solved immediately. Then I go back and solve the ones where 4 letters are offered. I then consider double letters to be the 5th letter. So LIPD would be LIPDL, LIPDI, LIPDP, or LIPDD. I also consider using one of the unused letters: Z,Q,J,K,X,F,V: LIPDZ, LIPDQ, LIPDJ, LIPDK, LIPDX, LIPDF, and LIPDV. That gives LIPID, which is a common Octordle word. This method is not perfect, as it allows you only 1 mistake. But based on my tracking, I have won the game 87% of the time.

    1. I use ghost, bumpy, raven, and flick for my first 4 guesses. That covers 20 unique letters. Only gives you room for one mistake, but I’ve only missed solving once in the 100 times I’ve played since I started using that methodology.

    2. I use rough, stamp, bendy, flick to get 20 letters.. I need to figure out a new 4 to get w in there somehow though

  6. It’s probably there somewhere … i can’t find a stats / streaks feature for Octordle?

  7. I managed to get all 8 grids displaying across the page – way easier to resolve – but now can’t find how I did it and it’s driving me mad – any suggestions? I know I wasn’t dreaming!!

  8. I feel like having a “strategy” and using it all the time just makes the game less fun. I’d rather throw sxxt on the wall and go from there.

    1. I agree Maggie up to a point. I just use two words to kick off with which contain all 6 vowels, then look through all the grids to see which contain the most of my selected letters.

  9. My thoughts… start with CURLY, POINTS and DAMES. This gives all 6 vowels, 15 of 26 most popular letters, with most in best positions. Usually at least one is nearly fully defined. You can often get the 8 in 8 turns but still can have a couple of wrong choices

    1. ‘26 most popular letters’ 😆

  10. Janice Castrigano

    I have solved all eight puzzles several times but the results show 2 or maybe 3 “clocks rather than numbers. What do these clocks mean?

  11. Does this keep track of your running total like wordle does? If so, where do I find my streaks and categories of how many guesses i took in all over a few weeks?

    1. That’s what I’ve been searching for as well – without success!

  12. Can anybody tell me why my letters spinning when I get a word and how to stop it? Many thanks.

  13. On my very first grid in Game 88 first of all the game number was spinning even after I played my first word on Grid 1.; the results were there so I chose a second word with similar coloured blocks. I then went on to play my third word which happened to be eight. The grid went bananas with all the grids spinning like the game number. What is going on?

  14. My mother typed in the word EIGHT in to the gird and the board went wacky – the little squares bouncing up and down and the result board has a 2 in each box, (it was the 2nd word she typed in)????!!!!

  15. How do I check my stats on octordle?

    1. I’m trying to find that too.

  16. How do I share Octordle results to my Facebook page without the answers also showing? This is only a problem when I am not able to solve the game in the allowed number of guesses.

    When I solve the puzzle, and SHARE it, it does not show the answers. Only shows answers when I lose.

  17. What does the clock symbol in the results mean in Octordle?

  18. In the new version of Octordle, there’s a point score. Can someone explain it?

  19. Can you leave the website and come back with your work saved? I briefly went to a different website and came back to octordle. All work was gone and it wanted me to start over.

  20. Are we likely to get answers to our questions from the game’s originator any time soon?

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