What is Webenvy solutions scam?

Scams abound in the world. It seems every other day we have a new scam doing the rounds, tricking people into taking them for the real thing and extracting their personal information out of them.  Those who take part in swindling money through these means are always coming up with ingenious ways of duping people into transferring money to them. But there’s never a quick-fire solution to eradicate them whole. They are the weeds that keep growing back in the garden. 

Lately, one such weed is the Web Envy Invoice or Webenvy Solutions scam that’s causing unsuspecting users to lose money. What is it, and how do you deal with it? Here’s all. 

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What is the Webenvy scam all about?

This fraud is mainly aimed at those who depend on search engine optimization services to improve their market penetration and grow their brands. This is what a copy of it may look like:

It is nothing more than an innocuous-looking letter, claiming that its recipient owes exactly $98.57 for the use of search engine optimization services. This scam has a lot in common with scams that have come before it, in that it contacts the recipient through fax or email, and usually has nothing to do with anything that is mentioned in it. In the case of the Webenvy scam, it is the use of SEO services. 

But how do you tell if it’s legit or not? You wouldn’t want to be behind on your payments if you’re someone who actually uses SEO services. 

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How to confirm whether it is legit or fake?

The devil is in the details, and that is where you’ll catch it. If you’re unsure if the letter is for real or just a bunch of people trying to steal from you, peruse the letter and examine everything in it pertaining to its authority and legitimacy. 

After going through the letter, if you’re still not sure, there’s nothing better than contacting or checking the official website of your SEO company and confirm with them if you’ve sent you fax or email. Alternatively, you can show the letter to them as well and ask them to confirm its legitimacy.

Sometimes, these cybercriminals will repeatedly send this letter with different contact information and numbers to trick you into believing that this time it’s the right one. So, always confirm with the SEO service that you’re actually using. If you don’t use any, simply ignore the letter, or better yet, report it to the authorities. 

Although $98 and a few cents don’t amount to much and unsuspecting people would pay it gladly, if scams of such a nature manage to dupe thousands of people off of their money, it can turn the people behind it all into literal millionaires. No one can tell what money acquired through such fraudulent means can be used for. There’s no doubt that these scammers use multiple numbers and put up different fronts every time, as that is how these scams usually pan out.

The only way to avoid giving them your details is to ignore the letter or contact your SEO service about it. Denying these scammers any information is the only way to deal with them.