What Is Tridle Game? How to Play and Where

Designed as the middle man between Dordle and Quordle, Tridle is a brand new Wordle spin-off game that can quench your longing for a word-guessing game that’s harder than guessing two Wordles but not as hard as taking on four Wordles at the same time.

So, do you think you’re up to the challenge? Want to put your multitasking skills in a grinder and test them? We bet you do. Let’s get to know more about Tridle, how it strikes the perfect balance and how you can play it.

What is Tridle game?

The never-ending chain of Wordle spin-offs keeps on giving. This time, in the form of a game that can be best described as a triple Wordle. Yes! Tridle, as the name suggests, is a wordle clone that ups the difficulty level from Dordle by adding one additional grid.

Tirdle, or should we say Wordle3, is designed to satisfy the needs of players who have an easy time with Dordle but find that Quordle is a harder rendition of Worlde than they would like to dabble their hand in. Don’t worry, because Tridle requires you to solve 3 Wordles at the same time, nothing more, nothing less.

Following Wordle’s footsteps, Tridle too uses 5-letter words as its solution set and the set of words that classify as valid guesses. Needless to say, Tridle has 3 separate grids that need to be solved in 8 or fewer tries. All 3 secret words have separate grids dedicated to them and each grid works exactly like a traditional Wordle grid.

Each grid, and hence each individual word, follows the same rules as Wordle to a tee. Even Wordle’s familiar green and yellow color-coding scheme makes an appearance here, while the grey squares are replaced by black.

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Where to play Tridle?

Similar to other Wordle spin-offs like Dordle, Quordle, Octordle, Absurdle, Crosswordle, and a lot more, Tridle does not have an official app. In fact, the only way to play Tridle is from its official website given below:

It’s worth noting that playing a game on a website is not necessarily a disadvantage because a website can be accessed from almost all devices equipped with an internet connection.

To play Tridle, open a web browser from your PC or Phone and visit Tridle’s website at: https://engaging-data.com/tridle

Read the instructions and click on the ‘X’ icon to begin playing Tridle on your device.

That’s it. You can now play Tridle on your PC or Phone.

How to play Tridle

It’s important to not get intimidated by the large array of squares on your screen while playing Tridle. Keep in mind that these grids are nothing but instances of the simple, elegant, and original Worlde game that you’ve already conquered. Hence, Tridle should be light work.

1. Handling 3 concurrent grids

Once you’re on Tridle’s game board, it’s time to fire up your brain and enter the starting word you think can give you the maximum amount of information about the 3 secret words.

Remember, you have only 8 tries to figure out this Tridle successfully. Make every guest count and never make a guess without taking into account the hints revealed. Let’s see the progress made after entering NERDS and then CHALK in our Tridle.

It’s time to decide the grid that deserves our attention. Note that we already know 4 (E, H, L, S) out of the 5 words that make up grid 3 and it makes sense to prioritize solving this grid before we shift our attention to others. We also know the respective positions of the letters H (2nd) and L (3rd) in the secret word. With that in mind, let’s enter SHELF as our 3rd guess and see where it takes us.

Voila! Grid 3 is now out of the way. Now, let’s shift our attention to the other two grids. Notice that we know more about grid 2 than grid 1. We know the 1st letter, we know that the letter L occurs in the word at a position other than the one indicated above. We also know that the letters in black squares don’t occur in the word. With this information in mind, let’s fire up SLOPY as our 4th guess and see what happens.

Analyzing the new hints revealed, it seems that SPOIL has a great chance of being the answer to grid 2.

There you go. Grid 2 is also solved. Now, remember that we have 3 tries left to figure out the secret word in grid 1. Notice that we know grid 1 has E, L, and P as 3 of its 5 letters with L as its last letter. Analyzing additional information provided by the yellow and black squares, let’s enter EXPEL as our 6th guess.

Well, there it is, all 3 grids solved in 6 guesses. 

2. Tridle Keyboard

Another essential element of Tridle is the way hints are displayed on the on-site keyboard. To better understand it, look at the picture below and observe the placement of the letter E in all 3 grids.

Note that since the letter E is present in the answers to grids 1 and 3 but not gird 2, the keyboard will represent E as 3 separate partitions. The left partition for grid 1, the middle one for grid 2, and the right partition for grid 3. Each of these partitions will represent the color-coding of the letter for their respective grids.

If, however, you see that a letter has the same color in 2 or 3 consecutive partitions, that means that all the corresponding grids have the same color coding for that letter.

Note: This color-coding will be updated as each subsequent guess reveals more information.

3. Play again

If you want to solve another Tridle, that’s possible too. Simply click on the ‘Continue’ option right below the keyboard. Then, follow it up by clicking on the ‘Play Again’ option.

Note: You can also simply refresh the website to play another Tridle.

How to share Tridle results

There’s no way you wouldn’t want to share your results after solving a Tridle. Just like Wordle, Tridle also allows you to copy your result to the clipboard. You can then share this copied result on any social media platform you prefer in a matter of seconds.

Let’s see how you can share your Tridle result on Facebook on both your phone and PC.

On Phone

Open Google Chrome (or any other browser) on your Android or iOS device.

Visit Tridle’s website at https://engaging-data.com/tridle/ and solve today’s Tridle. Give your best!

After finishing the Tridle, tap on the ‘Continue’ option located right below the keyboard.

Tap on the ‘Share Results’ option.

Tap on the ‘Copy’ option. If you don’t see this option, tap on the ‘Share Results’ option again.

Note: You can also change the selection area by dragging the 2 endpoints and repositioning them according to your own preference.

Now, open the app you want to share these results on. For the purpose of this guide, we will share the results on Facebook.

On your profile homepage, tap on the typing area marked by the text “What’s on your mind?”.

Tap and hold your finger on the typing area marked by the text “What’s on your mind?”.

Tap on the ‘Paste’ option.

Tap on ‘Post’.

Your results are now posted on Facebook.


First, visit Tridle’s website at https://engaging-data.com/tridle/ and solve today’s Tridle. Give your best!

After finishing the Tridle, click on the ‘Continue’ option located right below the keyboard.

Click on the ‘Share Results’ option.

You’ll be presented with a summary of your results. Click on the ‘Share Results’ option to copy these results to your clipboard.

Note: You can also change the selection area according to your choice and then use Ctrl + C to copy these edited results.

Open another browser tab or window on your browser and open the website you want to share it on. For this guide’s purpose, we are using Facebook. So, we will open www.facebook.com, make sure we are logged in, and then continue as given below.

On your profile homepage, click on the typing area marked by the text “What’s on your mind?”. The idea is to simply get to the text field on the given platform.

Press Ctrl+V from your keyboard to paste the copied result into the text field.

Click on ‘Post’ to share the results on Facebook. Of course, this will change based on what platform you are using.

Your Tridle result will be shared.

Useful Tridle tips and tricks

Wouldn’t it be fun if you could improve your Tridle efficiency so you can guess multiple 5-letter words at the same time? Well, don’t worry, because we have just the right set of tips that can help you get better at Tridle and other similar and more challenging renditions of Wordle.

1. Plan your starting word

It’s important to have a great jumping-off point when it comes to word-guessing games. The first guess has the chance of providing you with hints that can prove pivotal to how you approach your Tridle before you eventually find yourself 4-5 guesses deep into the challenge.

Just like Wordle, it’s recommended that you start with words filled with as many vowels as possible. Luckily there are 5-letter words that have as many as 4 vowels. Here are some examples of these words: ADIEU, AUDIO, AULOI, LOUIE, OUIJA.

However, remember that you have to guess 3 words at the same time. Hence, it’s important to have another approach locked and loaded so you can pivot at any time.

The 2nd approach is basically using words that are made up of 5 distinct letters. Preferably these 5 letters should be the letters that happen to be statistically the most common letters in 5-letter words. Statistically, the most common letters in 5-letter words are S, E, A, O, I, T, and U.

Some examples of words that contain at least 4 of these letters are ROATE, ULTRA, and RAISE.

2. Notice all 3 grids dynamically

Firing up Tridle for the first time and seeing an endless array of squares can be quite intimidating, even for players who’re familiar with Wordle. However, solving Tridle and taming its 3-grid interface is not as hard as it looks.

First of all, you need to be flexible with your approach. While isolating one grid and focussing your complete attention on solving it can pay dividends, keeping track of other grids and seeing how your guesses impact the grids they’re not intended for can be a huge bonus.

To be sure, your primary strategy should be to pick one grid and solve it as quickly as you can while making sure that you have at least 2 more guesses remaining by the end of it. However, if you feel like you’re stuck in your current grid and somehow another grid feels like an easier challenge, feel free to pivot to the easier grid.

Enter the word as soon as you figure it out. You don’t want to find yourself in a corner where you have to guess 2 grids with 1 guess. That’s an impossibility.

Finally, have fun! That’s the most important part.

3. Find the list of all Tridle solutions

Just like Wordle, Tridle has a solution set that contains all the 5-letter words that Tridle can choose its answers from. Naturally, this solution set is a subset of the total set of words that are considered valid guesses in Tridle. We found that this list of possible solutions is stored in a .js file and that every time you initiate a game, Tridle picks 3 words at random from this list for you to solve.

Let’s see how you can access this .js file from your PC and subsequently search this file for whether a guess you want to make belongs to the list of possible solutions.

Open a web browser on your PC and fire up Tridle’s website at: https://engaging-data.com/tridle/. For the purpose of this guide, we will use Google Chrome.

Right-click anywhere on the webpage and click on the ‘Inspect’ option.

In the right-hand side panel, click on ‘Elements’.

In the Elements section, press Ctrl + F from your keyboard and enter “tridlewords.js” in the search bar.

Locate the highlighted tridlewords.js file and right-click on it.

In the right-click menu, click on the “Copy link address” option.

Now, open another browser tab or window on your browser and visit the copied link. To do this, simply use Ctrl + V to paste the copied link in the address bar and press ENTER from your keyboard.

To find out whether a word belongs in the solution set, press Ctrl + F from your keyboard and enter the word in the search bar. 

Can I play Tridle again?

Yes. You can definitely play Tridle again. While Tridle doesn’t have a dedicated game mode that allows you to play the game as many times as you wish, it does have an option that essentially serves the same function. Let’s see how you can do it using both the ‘Play Again’ option and by refreshing your web browser.

1. Use the ‘Play Again’ option

After you finish your Tridle, click on the ‘Continue’ option located right under the keyboard.

Now, click on the ‘Play Again’ option to play a new Tridle.

2. Refresh the web page

You’ll be surprised to know that a simple refresh will also do the job. To play another Tridle, simply refresh the Tridle website using the refresh button on your web browser.

Tridle Help: Useful Wordle resources to know

While Tridle offers a good spin on Wordle’s tried and tested formula, you can not escape the fact that Tridle is essentially a collection of 3 Wordle instances, running at the same time and using the same input. Hence, all roads that lead to mastering Tridle start from Wordle itself.

In that spirit, here are some useful Wordle and similar articles that will help you excel in Tridle as well.

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Can I play Tridle multiple times a day?

Yes. You can play Tridle multiple times a day. In fact, doing so is fairly easy too. Simply, refresh the web page and you’ll be presented with a brand new Tridle to solve. You can do this as many times as you wish.

Tridle also comes with a native ‘Play Again’ option that can also be used for the same purpose.

How many game modes are there in Tridle?

Tridle has only one game mode. However, this game mode allows you to play as many times as you wish.

Are 8 guesses enough to solve Tridle?

Yes. 8 guesses are more than enough to solve a Tridle. If you’re well aware of the tactics used to solve Wordle, we’re confident you’ll excel in Tridle as well. However, if you’re having trouble managing your guess count while playing Tridle, feel free to read the hints provided in this article itself.

You can also look further into the Wordle resources provided in this article to master the art of word-guessing.

What is the guess distribution in Tridle?

Just like Wordle, the guess distribution in Tridle is a stat that keeps a record of the number of Tridles you have solved as of yet for each try count. In other words, it will indicate the number of Tridles solved by you in 1 try, 2 tries, and so on.

That’s it. We hope our guides helped you get familiar with Tridle, how you can play it, and the best strategies you can employ to enhance your word-guessing experience. If you have any more questions feel free to comment below.