Squirdle Wordle Spinoff: What Is It, Where to Play, and How to Play

The seemingly never-ending popularity of the word-guessing giant Wordle has blessed you with a number of quirky, fun, hyper-specific spin-offs. Squirdle is the newest member of this party. However, mastering Squirdle can be challenging as it requires you to have in-depth knowledge about the Pokémon universe at the tip of your hands.

This article is aimed to get you up to speed with the new Pokémon-centric game, Squirdle, irrespective of whether you’re a big Pokémon fanatic to not.

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What is Squirdle?

Pokémon has an encyclopedic world, almost dictionary-like in its detail and expansiveness. Squirdle uses the fact that the number of 5-letter words in Wordle is very close to the number of Pokémons (898 and counting!) and that it’s possible to make a wonderful little Pokémon-guessing game out of it.

Thus came into existence Squirdle, a word guessing game but with Pokémon names instead of dictionary words.

Where to play Squirdle

Created by software engineer Sergio Morales Esquivel, Squirdle, the ultimate test of your Pokedex knowledge can be played only on Squirdle’s official website at: https://squirdle.fireblend.com.

As of now, Squirdle does not have an app. However, just like other similar games in the Wordle genre, it is possible to create an app icon for Squirdle on your Android and iOS devices. Read our detailed guide to know more about the same.

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How to play Squirdle

Despite being a lively Pokémon-themed game, Squirdle is not for the casual fan. The rules are too obtuse and the game requires a lot of information about the beasts and their various features namely heights, weights, generations, and type. Yes, it’s as complicated as sounds, but also equally fun. The harder a game is, the more rewarding it is when you’re able to guess the right answer.

However, Squirdle does offer a helping hand in your guessing journey. In fact, you don’t need to type in exact spellings of Pokémons. A couple of letters and you will see a drop-down list of Pokémons to choose from. This helps immensely, especially for players who’re relatively new to Pokémon but share a love for it nonetheless.

Playing Squirdle

Squirdle gives you 8 tries to guess the Pokémon, to capture it in a sense. All of your tries have to be legitimate names of Pokémons, which in turn can be of any number of letters.

Once you visit Squirdle’s website, you can begin guessing right away after choosing the desired game mode.

Simply click on the typing area marked by the text “Pokémon Name” and begin typing your guess. You will see a drop-down list of relevant Pokémon names.

Select the relevant Pokémon from this list and click Submit.

This will reveal information about the answer relative to your guess. Repeat the above steps until you arrive at the answer.

Note: Remember you have only 8 guesses and they’re all equally important.

You can also hover your mouse cursor on a guess to reveal more information about it.

In the picture above we have 4 guesses left. Remember, Squirdle is already a relatively hard game compared to other World spin-offs and it’s imperative that you’re at a good place in terms of your guessing progress by the time you’re left with the last couple of tries.

Game Modes in Squirdle

Squirdle offers a couple of game modes, that in turn provide flexibility of gameplay experience and allow newer players to get a hang of the game.

Regular Squirdle: Visiting Squirdle’s website will take you directly to the regular game mode. In this game mode, you can play Squirdle as many times as you want, each time a unique Pokémon.

Gen 1 Only: This is similar to regular Squirdle. The only difference is that this game mode will have only Generation 1 Pokémons as the solution set. However, you can still enter guesses from other generations.

Daily Squirdle: Daily Squirdle is a mode that updates daily with a new Pokémon for all players around the world. You get one Pokémon to guess per day and this Pokémon is the same for every player.

Squirdle Hints

Squirdle differs from Wordle in the sense that the feedback (hints) are related to information about the Pokémon (the answer) rather than the positioning of letters in your guesses.

Each guess will return a set of 5 color-coded tiles. They indicate the generation, type 1, type 2, height, and weight of the Pokémon respectively. Green means you were right, i.e. the indicator of that particular tile is the same for your guess and that of the answer. A white arrow in a blue tile means the answer is one more (upwards arrow) or one less (downwards arrow) in value.

Finally, a green-colored type tile means that you got it right, while a yellow tile means you got one of the two types right.

Let’s try to understand hints in Squirdle with 2 examples.

Example 1:

Let’s say our first guess is Bulbasaur (Gen: 1, Type 1: Grass, Type 2: Poison, H: 0.7 m, W: 6.9 Kg). Refer to the picture below for feedback on this guess.

Now, the feedback tells us that the answer is of a higher generation than 1, is neither a grass type nor poison type, and it is both taller and heavier than Bulbasaur.

Example 2:

Let’s say our two guesses are:

Celebi: Gen 2, Psychic, Grass, 0.6 m, 5.0 kg

Haunter: Gen 1, Ghost, Poison, 1.6 m, 0.1 kg

Analyzing the above-mentioned feedback we can deduce the following about the answer:

Generation: 1

Type: One of the types is either Ghost or Poison and the other one can be anything but Psychic or grass.

Height: Between 1.6 m and 0.6 m.

Weight: More than 5 kg.

It’s time to put this data to use and scavenge the Pokémon universe for the secret Pokémon!

Squirdle Words: How to use the Pokedex official website for help

For players who’re not immersed in the world of Pokémon, guessing Pokémons based on arbitrary data like height, weight, type, etc can be challenging. However, it is possible to search Pokémon based on such hyper-specific characteristics.

The Pokédex is an electronic device used to store and access information about the various species of Pokémon featured in the Pokémon universe. Let’s see how you can use it.

Open a web browser on your PC or phone and visit Pokedex on Pokémon’s official website at: https://www.pokemon.com/us/pokedex/.

Click on Show Advanced Search.

Select the relevant types based on the feedback on your guesses.

Select the Height and Weight based on the feedback on your guesses and click on submit.

Scroll down and select the relevant Pokémon to get to know more about it.

You can see more details about the selected Pokémon from this page.

We hope this article helped you get familiar with Squirdle. If you have any more questions, feel free to reach out to us using the comments section below.