What is SLMMSK app and should you care?

The burgeoning desire to constantly look shockingly attractive has taken over netizens like a crazy trend. With it, a rise in picture editing and video making applications. Although social media apps have built-in editing filters, folks on the internet want to go the extra mile to give their profile an edge over the rest. SLMMSK is one such application that makes a mark of its own in this section.

What is SLMMSK?

SLMMSK is an avant-garde, real-time, face recognition and picture editing app, created by the founders of the ‘Glitché’ app (Russian developer Vladimir Shreyder) that boasts of users right from celebrities like Kylie Jenner to brands like Louis Vuitton. Its obscure name is said to be a cipher message that can be represented by the user in any way they want to. It could be interpreted as a selfie or a mask or anything the user wants to identify it as.

SLMMSK has the reputation of being an anti-selfie application that has a wide range of editing features that alters pictures into distortional art. You’d also be surprised to know, that this application came into existence way before Snapchat.

How to get the SLMMSK app

The SLMMSK is quite unconventional in the sense that, it is only available on the App Store for iPhone and iPad. Android users, though will need to download the app’s APK file from their website.

Download SLMMSK app on iPhone and iPad

► For Android users, here’s how other users can install the SLMMSK app.

How to download SLMMSK on Android

Download the APK file of the app from this link. Else, you can visit Glitcheapp.com’s SLMMSK download page here. And then find the link and download the APK file yourself. This may help you download the latest version in case the link above doesn’t redirect to it.

Once you download SLMMSK APK file, make sure you allow your device to install this file. Here’s our guide on installing APK files on Android. You will need to provide the permissions as shown below.

After you agree to permissions, the APK file will be installed and ready to use.

Thank god the process of installing the APK file is not as abstruse as its name!

The SLMMSK app is now ready for use. You will get its icon too in the app drawer, and the home screen too, depending on your phone’s settings.

SLMMSK for Windows and Mac PC

Well, you can use BlueStacks PC software to run any Android app on your Windows and Mac PC.

Let us know if you need any help with this.

Unique features of SLMMSK

For starters, the app in itself holds its own, distinctive identity. To take an alien concept and build it into something that is looked upon as an art, is laudable. If you have a quaint sense of representation and are often known to be quite the oddball; this app should be a part of your device.

SLMMSK is the mini version of Glitché, so do not go here expecting a posse of filters. If you are looking to cover your facial identity, SLMMSK was made for you. The app has 10 filters, each of which affixes a timestamp to your picture. All of the filters in the app distort your face.

Some of the filters are Pixilation, Blur, ‘X’ that crosses over the face, Emoticon – you can pick an emoji to take over your face, black bars to hide a facial feature, or Arabic texts with transparent puzzles to blur the face.

One feature that is rather unique, is its interface. The interface is mostly in Cyrillic, an ancient European alphabetic language. This might initially make the application seem eerie, but its intuitive interface and obscure filters will make your experience amazing.

Is SLMMSK safe?

SLMMSK, in our opinion, is a satirical representation of our current system and takes a dig at it by using distortion. It makes for an uncanny and dark first experience until you get used to it. The app should be safe, but given that it has been banned from the Play Store, one cannot be 100% sure.

Why the SLMMSK app was banned from the Play Store isn’t clear, so we can’t say anything against the app. There are various reasons why Google may remove an app, but nevertheless, it’s not a good sign for any app. In general, we would want to avoid any app that is banned on the Play Store.

Should you use SLMMSK?

SLMMSK is an app that selfies lovers will find it hard to avoid using in order to indulge the wry parts in us that we don’t wish to display. If you’re someone that is obsessed with artsy appearances and unusual depictions of pictures, SLMMSK is a good app you can use — provided you are willing to ignore the fact that the app was removed from the Play Store in the first place. It’s up to you to decide.