‘Perfect Couple’ Instagram filter: How to get it and what it means

Creators on Instagram are going crazy with new filters. In addition to Instagram’s own filters available on the camera screen, creators are also posting their own third-party filters that are free to use! The sheer number of filters now available to choose from is mind-blowing.

After the cool ‘Where is your soulmate’ filter we shared with you guys last week, we are back with another one for you and your boo! In this article, we will cover the ‘Perfect couple’ Instagram filter, what it is, and how to use it.

What is the ‘Perfect Couple’ Instagram filter

The ‘Perfect Couple’ filter is an AR filter that matches you with a random letter of the alphabet. The idea is to hint at the person who you would make a perfect couple with. When used, the filter scrolls through different alphabets until it lands on one. The filter then reads ‘Perfect couple | You & _’.

Each time you use the filter it will bring up a different letter, so feel free to try it as many times you like!

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How to get the ‘Perfect Couple’ Instagram filter

The ‘Perfect couple’ filter is created by the user Roocc who goes by the handle ‘rxkyx’. To get the ‘Perfect couple’ filter you will need to visit his profile on Instagram. Launch the Instagram app, and swipe to the ‘Explore’ screen. In the search bar at the top, search for ‘rxkyx’.

Once you are on his profile, tap the ‘Filters’ section. Scroll down and select the ‘Perfect couple’ filter.

You can either try out the filter or save it to your account to use it later. Once you save the filter, it will be added to your arsenal of filters on the camera page.

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How to use the ‘Perfect Couple’ filter

If you have saved the ‘Perfect couple’ filter, you can access it from your camera page. Launch the Instagram app and swipe right to access your filters. Now select the ‘Perfect couple’ filter (it has ‘ABC?’ on it).

The filter only works when it detects a face on the screen. So make sure you are using your front-facing camera (or pointing it at a face). The letters on the filter start scrolling as soon as the filter is selected. So tap the filter to stop it at any point.

That’s it! You now have the letter of the person who would you would make a perfect couple with!

Tip: Some users are tagging their friends with the letter that appears on their filter. To tag a user, tap the screen and type ‘@’ and then the user’s name.

Other cute couple filters you can use

There are a ton of filters to choose from, but if you’re looking for cute couple filters here are a few to get you started.

  • ‘All I see is you’ by Couple by 9GAG
  • ‘Who is more __?’ by Varick Lim
  • ‘Your boyfriend is…’ by Julia Taskaeva
  • ‘Couple Quiz’ by Dan Alves (In this one, you need to add the text that you would like to ask your partner in the blank space provided)

Which is your favorite filter to use on Instagram? Let us know in the comments below.