‘Who’s my bestie’ Snapchat filter: How to get and use it

Whos my bestie Snapchat filter

Snapchat filters never cease to amaze us. Not only do they add cool AR effects, but they can now also integrate your ‘friends list’ to create even more personalized filters. Now that the company has opened up to user-created filters, there are literally hundreds to choose from!

If you’re wondering who your best friend is, the ‘Who’s my bestie’ filter is for you! Here is everything you need to know about it.

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What is the ‘Who’s my bestie’ filter on Snapchat?

The ‘Who’s my bestie’ filter is an AR filter that uses names from your Friends list to create answers to the question ‘Who’s my bestie’. The filter is unique in that it uses actual names from your list, as opposed to other filters that simply pair you up with a random letter of the alphabet.

Of course, there is no actual friendship algorithm that the filter uses. It simply selects random names off of your Friends list.

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How to get the ‘Who’s my bestie’ filter?

The ‘Who’s my bestie’ filter is easily accessible right from the camera screen. Unlike user-created filters that you have to search for, this filter is available by default.

To get the ‘Who’s my bestie’ filter, launch the Snapchat app. When on the camera tab, tap the screen to bring up the filters. The ‘Who’s my bestie’ is the second one on the right. It has a pink silhouette of a person over a dark blue background.

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How to use the ‘Who’s my bestie’ filter?

The ‘Who’s my bestie’ filter requires a person’s face to be in the frame for it to work. You can use it with both, the front and rear camera of your phone. Once your face is in the frame, tap and hold the filter icon.

The filter will cycle through names in your Friends list. To stop the filter, open your mouth at any point. The names stop cycling as soon as you open your mouth.

You can try and stop it at a particular name, but that seems quite impossible since it cycles through names quite quickly.

Release your finger off the filter button to end the recording. You can now send it out to whoever you’d like! Probably the person in your snap?

Go ahead and have fun with the ‘Who’s my bestie’ filter. You will probably get different answers each time you try the filter. Don’t forget to tag your bestie in your snap! Let us know if you have any queries, in the comments below.