What Is Dry Scooping Trend on Tiktok? Is It Bad or Good?

Since being released in the United States about five years back, TikTok has given birth to a bunch of weird and senseless trends. All of them promise quick results and offer to give you a competitive edge over your peers. One of TikTok’s newest sensations — Dry Scooping — revolves around fitness maniacs: ones who are prepared to do pretty much anything to get those gains. However, as you may have guessed already, the trend is anything but straightforward and trustworthy. 

Today, we’ll take a closer look at the Dry Scooping trend on TikTok and tell you all you need to know about it. 

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What does ‘Dry Scooping’ mean? 

Before heading into a workout session, many of us consume a pre-workout drink, either with water, milk, or coconut water to get a tangible energy kick. Consuming the fluid, properly, can produce excellent results, give you the energy you need to complete the dreaded last set. Scooping here refers to the scoop/scoops of pre-workout powder one mixes with a base fluid to get the energy drink. 

The latest trend on TikTok, ‘Dry Scooping,’ is all about skipping the part where you dilute the powder with water/other fluids and dumping the power directly into your mouth instead. Dry Scoopers are then drinking a bit of water to wash it down. Theoretically, Dry Scooping should give you access to more energy in a noticeably short period of time, but it can make you susceptible to dire consequences.  

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What is the ‘Dry Scooping’ trend? 

We do not know where it all started, but ‘Dry Scooping’ has become quite a sensation on TikTok. To appear more “hardcore,” TikTokers are dumping the pre-workout powder straight into their mouths and are recording the action on camera, fetching thousands of views.


AS I WAS GOING TO GO TO THE GYM 😳😳 #fyp #gymtok #preworky #girlswholift

♬ deja vu by olivia rodrigo – Melina KB

Of course, not everyone has the stomach 0r throat to go through with the trend. So, they end up coughing it up, making up for a rather hilarious take on the Dry Scooping challenge. 

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Does Dry Scooping pre-workout work? 

Before dubbing something as effective or ineffective, we must test it out on a large scale, which, unfortunately, hasn’t been done with Dry Scooping. No pre-workout powder manufacturer has backed the method, and all of them continue to endorse the tried and tested dilute-with-water routine. So, unless you are desperate and wish to try it out for some views, be sure to consult with a nutritionist. 

Is Dry Scooping good for your health? 

Pre-workout powders contain caffeine, creatine, amino acids, B vitamins, sweeteners, and more. When diluted with water, milk, or any other recommended fluid, it creates a fine glass of slow-release energy. When you consume it as advised and start working out, you get a steady inflow of energy, while the caffeine makes sure your metabolism remains elevated throughout the workout session. 

Dry Scooping, on the other hand, cares very little about steadiness and is more about giving you a direct kick to the internals of your body. When consumed directly, your heart rate and metabolism don’t get the time to go through the gears periodically. They are cranked up to 11 right from the get-go. As per claims, this phenomenon can be relatively beneficial for a few people, but we cannot overlook the adverse effects Dry Scooping can bring. 

If you were hoping to see good words about the Dry Scooping method in this section, we are sorry to disappoint you. Dry Scooping is bad for your health and can do a lot more harm than good. A couple of TikTokers learned it the hard way.

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Dry Scooping heart attack report

20-year-old Briatney Portillo, who goes by brivtny on TikTok allegedly suffered a mild heart attack after taking part in the Dry Scooping challenge. She reportedly felt uneasiness just after taking the supplement but suffered the attack after the workout session, while she was at work. After being rushed to the hospital, she was diagnosed with NSTEMI — a type of cardiac arrest where the artery of the heart isn’t completely blocked. She is back home, thankfully, but has been advising impressionable minds to stay off weird TikTok challenges. 


#inverted also heparin is what’s helped me be fine and stable throughout my experience because it helps with heart attack symptoms no need to cap🙂

♬ Let It Happen – Tame Impala

Stopped breathing after Dry Scooping

Famous TikToker mkaaaybabee tried the Dry Scooping challenge like millions of others before her. However, she didn’t manage to complete it successfully. Just after dumping the powder in her mouth, she noticed breathing difficulty and had to drink plenty of water to start regaining a sense of normalcy. You can check out her reaction in the Dry Scooping video below: 


♬ original sound – Mkayvlogz


Top Dry Scooping videos 

Dry Scooping is dangerous and has the potential to end your life. If you’re still eager to be morbidly entertained, check out the videos below: 

Coughing it out


Never assume that they have dry scooped before just because they workout. #MillionActsofLove #workout #preworky #fyp


Spicing it up


LETS 🥒🔱GO #motivation #workout #pennstate #preworkoutpowder #preworky #gluteworkout

♬ original sound – P A R S A N A N I

How to handle a heartbreak


I do my hair at the gym btw #fyp #preworky #popapreworkey #hedontwantme #gainz #nothingisrealanymore #imnotreal

♬ original sound – jaz 👼🏼

Another gym bro going nuts


Nuevo preworkyyyyy 😝👁 #preworky #fyp #parati #gymtok #fitness #ferrofits

♬ sonido original – Fernando Gzz

Tag team does it


Gym life #hydrojug #hypdsupps #preworky #fyp @maddie.meyer16

♬ original sound – Wyatt Serber

Stay normal y’all


IYKYK 😎✌🏼 #fypシ #fitness #gymgirl #girlswholift #preworky #ChipsGotTalent #IFeelWeightless

♬ Wuki _ Crunk In Time – wüki

This gym-bro doesn’t seem alright


@partyboybillo the best gym bro🤣💪🏾 #fyp #gymbro #preworky #preworkout #alphalete #gymhumor #insanelabz

♬ Good Day – Nappy Roots

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