TikTok Rewards: How to Invite or Accept Invitation Using Referral Code on TikTok

TikTok thrives on organic engagement and ad partnerships, hence its modus operandi has always levied heavy emphasis on driving more users to the platform. Is there a way better than nudging its own loyal users to bring in their contacts to the platform? Throw in some rewards and bonuses and it is really a win-win for both teams.

TikTok Rewards is a referral program implemented to stimulate you to refer the app to your circle of friends and make an earning out of each successful conversion. Every new TikTok sign-up that takes place with your unique referral code leads to your TikTok Rewards getting credited with coins or points. The coins can be cashed out or bartered for coupons depending on your country. There is even an opportunity for the invitee to earn points by “checking in” to the app during the prescribed time frame.

No matter how you look at it, it is easy money because all you have to do is refer the app to someone you know and get them to create a free account on TikTok. Not only is it simple and harmless, but it is also a profitable endeavor. Let’s take a look at how it is done.

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TikTok Rewards: Who is eligible to participate?

All it entails is successfully inviting your real-world friends to create an account on TikTok using your unique referral code for you to earn points under the TikTok rewards system. There are no eligibility criteria like age, or number of followers to decide who can be a part of it. Any long-time user or newbie TikToker can join the referral program.

There is no limit to the number of people you can invite either, the more the merrier, in fact (although users of some countries are limited to just 100 invites per day and must meet the age cap as prescribed by the guidelines).

The two unbending rules of referral invites are that — 1. the invited party has to use your referral code to download and sign up on TikTok within 24 hours of receiving the invite for you to receive the reward points; 2. the invited party must not have downloaded TikTok on their device before for you to receive reward points with their signing up.

The real bummer is that the Rewards program is available only to the users of a selected few countries. In addition, you cannot invite someone outside of your country using the referral code. But, as long as you can access the program, you have the potential to make the best use of it.

Note: The link above is for the users of TikTok app for iPhone or iPad. If you are eligible, you will be able to see your referral code and other instructions or offers on the page.

Referral programs are not new in the world of business; in fact, it has proven to be one of the most effective ways of promotion by invoking the users to promote a brand/product on the basis of an incentive system. On TikTok, the referral system hands out perks in various forms — cash, coupons or gift cards, depending on your region.

How to invite someone on TikTok using a unique referral code

Step 1: Launch TikTok and tap the profile icon to go to your profile.

Step 2: Tap the “coins” button on the top-left corner of the page.

Step 3: Once you land on the rewards page, tap the Invite button featured at the top of the page.

Step 4: Tap the Earn points tab.

Step 5: Hit Invite against your unique referral code. You can also tap the copy button against your referral code to fetch it and send it to your contact.

Step 6: A popup asks for the medium of invitation viz Copy link, WhatsApp, Facebook, and SMS. Select an option to invite a friend to join TikTok using your unique referral code.

How to enter an invitation or referral code on TikTok

Step 1: Launch TikTok and tap the profile icon to go to your profile.

Step 2: Tap the “coins” button on the top-left corner of the page.

Step 3: Once you land on the rewards page, scroll down to the heading Enter Invite Code and get upto 30000 points. In the text box, enter the referral code you received.

Step 4: Tap Confirm.


Why do I not have TikTok Rewards?

TikTok Rewards, presently, is region-based, that is, it available to users of only certain geographical locations. If you belong to an approved country, then your TikTok version might not be up to date. Check for any due app updates on App Store or Play Store and update the app to the latest version. 

Another reason why you might encounter a message saying TikTok Rewards is unavailable for you is if you have multiple accounts logged in on the device. TikTok requires that you log in and use only the original or first account you used on the device to be eligible to enter the TikTok rewards program.

To fix this issue, clear the app cache and data on your Android phone and log in again using the original TikTok account you used to sign in to TikTok for the first time on that device.

On iPhone of iPad, simply uninstall and reinstall TikTok to log in with the original account.

Is there an expiration date for the TikTok invitation with a referral code?

There is in fact no expiration date for an invite link when you send it to someone. They may use the link any time, any day to create a new TikTok account. However, there is a cap set on the maximum time your referral link is eligible to reap rewards for a successful signup.

In other words, if the invited party doesn’t sign up using your referral code with the invite link you sent within 24 hours, you will not get a reward point. So, if they sign up, say 2 days or 2 months after you sent it to them, it won’t reflect as added points under your TikTok Rewards.

How does the Reward system work?

The Rewards system is pretty transparent yet clumsy according to users. For instance, it really accommodates user demands by giving various options to redeem points. You could withdraw it as cash (wired to your bank), or redeem gift coupons from popular brands like Starbucks. At the same time, all options are not available for everyone but they vary from location to location.

To earn points, all you need to do is send invites with your unique referral code to your friends and contacts and successfully convert them into TikTok users. The Rewards system also promises more prospects like crediting you with coins when the user you invited uses the app for 10 consecutive days, or meeting video watching milestones, etc. We can consider this a real incentive for users to actively promote and recommend the app to others.

However, a common bug reported by many users is that points don’t get added to their Rewards even if their referrals sign up according to the rule. So, it is up in the air whether you receive rewards with each new referral sign up. 

How do I cash out TikTok Rewards points?

To redeem TikTok Reward points, TikTok offers region-based options. In some countries, you can have the money transferred to your bank account. In others, you may redeem gift coupons or vouchers for points equivalent to the monetary unit like $10 discount coupon for Starbucks or Babbel or £20 Amazon vouchers.

You can find various offers on the Rewards page and select one most compatible with your circumstances. There is even an option to donate the money to various region-pertinent charity organizations. There is a minimum amount set for withdrawal for redeeming, so, to earn points, you can resort to the tasks listed in the Rewards page. 


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