These Huawei and Honor devices will get Android Q for sure!

Google announced that Android Q beta will be available to more than 15 non-Pixel phones, among them Huawei Mate 20 Pro. But the Mate 20 Pro isn’t the only device Huawei will be upgrading to Q.

Being the second largest Android smartphone vendor, Huawei has lots of phones that qualify for an upgrade to Android Q. As always, Huawei won’t release the Q update to all eligible phones at once, instead, the rollout will be staggered, with some devices getting the nod ahead of others.

As a result, Huawei has come up with an initial list of devices that will be upgraded to Android Q later this year. Of course, more devices will be added to this list as the year draws towards the end.

Last year, Huawei didn’t participate in beta testing Android Pie, but the company had its flagships running Pie before the end of 2018. Now that the Mate 20 Pro is taking part in beta testing Android Q, the stable update for the devices listed above could arrive earlier than last year.

In fact, Huawei claims the listed devices will get Q as soon as Google makes it available for the Pixels, which is cool and all. But we all know it’s easier said than done, hopefully, time proves yours truly wrong.

Huawei Android Q update device list

As usual, Huawei will limit the initial beta testing program to Chinese variants, with the rest of the globe joining the party at a later time.

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