Huawei P30 update: New OTA optimizes fingerprint sensor, adds third-party notifications to AOD, and more

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April 18, 2019: Huawei P30 is already receiving a new software update with EMUI The update, besides improving the security patch level to March 2019, optimizes the performance of the fingerprint sensor, adds third-party notifications to the Always on Display screen, and further improves the camera performance in certain scenarios.

The update also fixes a bug that caused audio and video to go out of sync when playing Instagram videos recorded in hands-free mode and another that affected users of SwiftKey keyboard app in certain scenarios.

So far, the rollout is ongoing in Europe, but being airborne, it’ll take several days before all units receive the download notification.

Huawei P30 Pro first update

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To complement what is undoubtedly one of the best hardware combinations on a smartphone today, Huawei will be rolling out regular software updates to the Huawei P30 to improve performance, fix bugs, improve security, add new features and even bump the OS up to a newer version.

On this page, we’ll be keeping an eye on these updates, when they arrive, and the exact changes they tag along. If you have the Huawei P30 Pro, check out this page.

Huawei P30 update timeline

Date EMUI & Android OS version Changelog
18 Apr 2019 | Android 9 March 2019 security patch, optimizations to camera performance and fixes Instagram video playback bug for videos recorded in hands-free mode, fixes issues SwiftKey app, improves fingerprint sensor performance, display notifications from third-party apps when the screen is off


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