The OnePlus 7 Pro debloat script is here for even faster speeds

OnePlus’s OxygenOS is one of the cleanest systems available for a smartphone. It is definitely not as clean as Google’s stock Android, however, but that’s only because OnePlus ensures you get lovely useful features over the stock experience in its OEM skin.

Some of us nerds may prefer a bloat-free OS, though, no matter how great the skin and its add-on apps and services are. Which is why the love for debloat scripts that basically removes and disables invisible apps to reduce the load on the RAM and ensure even faster performance.

The removal of unnecessary apps from the device reduces the background activities, which not only enables greater battery life but also more free RAM for the user. If you need an app back, you would be able to install it via the Play Store in most cases. Otherwise, you will need to install the software again (install any latest OnePlus 7 Pro update in that case).

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An XDA developer Tomatot has developed a debloat script OnePlus 7 Pro. Actually, he’s got not one but three debloat scripts, called Invisible, Light and Extreme, each increments the number of apps removed from the system.

Invisible script: The developer only removed apps related to telemetry or those that don’t affect the functioning of the OS in Invisible script. This scripts will ensure that you should still have all the apps you’re using and all the features you like. It only disables the apps you will never know existed on your devices, mostly for background purposes.

Light Script: This script removes invisible or apps that you rarely use. According to Tomato, this update should work for almost everyone. It does remove several OnePlus and Google apps that the developer thinks you might need.

Extreme script: This script removes Invisible apps along with lite and few Google apps (most of them can be reinstalled). You also get features that are not absolutely necessary but useful for some people, like Face Unlock. It does remove some of the apps that many people may use on a daily basis, like Google Maps. Yes, the apps can be installed back via the Play Store but you need to exercise caution if you don’t want to be surprised for bad when you need an app only to find that the debloat script removed it.

Check out what’s removed from the system in each of the three versions of the app on the XDA page given below for download right below. See the attachment whose name begins with ‘List of systems apps …‘.

Download OnePlus 7 Pro debloat scripts here (see attachments)

The list of the apps removed remains same as that on the OnePlus 6T, except for the apps that didn’t make to OnePlus 7 Pro from the 6T, and a few additions over the 6T which are as given below.

What’s more removed in OnePlus 7 Pro compared to OnePlus 6T debloat script:

  • Netflix_Activation (Invisible)
  • Netflix_Stub (Invisible)
  • OPScreenRecord (Extreme)
  • OPSoundTuner (Extreme)
  • Qmmi (Extreme)
  • daxService (Extreme)
  • TSDM (Extreme)

Note that the above is only an increment list of apps removed compared to the OnePlus 6T script. For the full list, check out as mentioned above.

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