PSA: Unlocking the bootloader of OnePlus 7 Pro will void its Widevine L1 certification

OnePlus 7 Pro unlock bootloader-1

OnePlus 7 Pro is one of the most powerful and feature-packed smartphones on the market right now. But thanks to Android, you can enjoy even more power and features by unlocking the bootloader of the device to gain root access.

When the bootloader of some devices is unlocked, it essentially voids the warranty, but this is not true for OnePlus devices. Apparently, your OnePlus 7 Pro will lose Widevine L1 certification needed to stream HD-quality (720p) videos from platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, HBO, and others.

Of course, you’ll still be capable to stream videos from these platforms thanks to the support for Widevine L3, but in lower picture qualities of 480p and below.

Again, it’s worth noting that losing Widevine L1 certification only affects streaming HD videos from platforms that use DRM (Digital Rights Management) to protect content from piracy, meaning you’ll still be able to watch those YouTube videos in qualities of up to 4K even without Widevine L1 certification.

So, before you think of unlocking OnePlus 7 Pro bootloader, you might want to consider what’s at stake. Of course, we know pretty well this won’t stop many tinkering fans from unlocking the device’s bootloader.


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