Best Spellbreak Talents To Use Now!

Among the sea of multiplayer battle-royal games comes a new entrant – Spellbreak. The game brings with it magical abilities and mythical visuals to battle-royale in ways that might even resemble one of the recent ‘The Legend of Zelda’ titles and some familiar touches to other multiplayer games like Fortnite.

Before going into battle mode, players are needed to collect chests, potions, and armors to power up their character and complete the objectives. Spellbreak allows you to alter several things to a character to give them different abilities and a majority of that is done so by adding and swapping different unique talents and combining them with one another to shape up your avatar.

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What are Spellbreak Talents?

When playing Spellbreak, you can customize your character by incorporating a playing style and unlocking unique Talents in combat. As you improve your talents, you will be able to jump, levitate, climb, cast a spell, and regain health better.

Initially, you will have access to only three Talents to choose from and you will have to choose one from each of the three categories – Mind, Body, and Spirit. You will later be able to upgrade your character with up to 15 different talents but since you cannot use them all at once, you will have some tweaking to do.

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How to use Talents in Spellbreak

If you’re a beginner, you will be asked to choose three Talents before the start of each match. As you progress, you will have the ability to add up to 7 slots for adding Talents from the three categories – Mind, Body, and Spirit. After achieving higher ranks in each of the classes, you will be able to choose from a total of 15 Talents, up from the three Talents that were available at the start.

New Talents can be unlocked by leveling different gauntlets and classes and you can improve your talents by obtaining and reading a scroll. When you read a scroll, you can upgrade your talent without taking damage.

Before a match, you will have to finalize how you want to use your 6 Talent Points between different categories. Talents will cost you one, two, or three talent points; so, you will have to mix and match your talent points from Body, Mind, and Spirit as you desire to use it.

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Best Spellbreak Talents: Mind

Consider the following talents when picking one from the Mind category.


  • What do you get: Immune to all forms of CC including Slow, Freeze, Shock; Reduced incoming damage by 5/7/10/15%
  • How to get it: Need to reach Rank 6 in Toxicologist class; Costs 3 talent points


  • What do you get: Hold more gauntlets and runes in your inventory; Cools down from Sorcery by 5/8/10/15%
  • How to get it: Needs Rank 6 in Tempest class; Costs 1 talent point

Runic Fluency

  • What do you get: Extra rune charges; Rune cooldowns are also faster by 5/7/10/15%
  • How to get it: Requires Rank 3 in Conduit; Takes up 2 talent points


  • What do you get: Better vision every time you hit an opponent; Stronger vision through walls, Prevent enemies from healing
  • How to get it: Need to obtain Rank 3 in Frostborn; Costs 2 talent points

Focused Mana

  • What do you get: Gives you more burst damage when Mana is over 80%; Cannot levitate using mana; Works best with better mana management
  • How to get it: Can be used in any class; Costs 1 talent point

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Best Spellbreak Talents: Body

These talents can be chosen from Spellbreak’s Body category.


  • What do you get: Get armory and health off of an exiled opponent; Works best when the squad is down to 2 people
  • How to get it: Requires Rank 6 of Conduit; Costs 1 talent point


  • What do you get: Create a barrier that blocks the first source of damage; Strongest against Frostborn; Conditional compared to other talents; Cooldown in 60/50/45/30 seconds
  • How to get it: Need Rank 6 of Pyromancer; Costs 3 talent points

Finders Keepers

  • What do you get: Free pass to find scrolls but won’t work if you are on maximum scrolls; Built for more support
  • How to get it: Stoneshaper’s Rank 3 needed; Eats up 2 talent points


  • What do you get: Improve casting speed by +15/18/20/25%; Works best with windspam
  • How to get it: Can be used in any class; Costs 2 talent points


  • What do you get: Increases your jump height by 25%; More airtime; Designed for those who lack mana management skills; Costs mana for levitation
  • How to get it: Requires Rank 3 of Tempest; Costs 1 talent point

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Best Spellbreak Talents: Spirit

Spellbreak lets you find these talents under its Spirit category.


  • What do you get: Health damage gets healed by 50%; Useful with any rune; Healing takes over 12/10/8/6s and can thus be interrupted
  • How to get it: Needs Stoneshaper Rank 6; Takes up 2 talent points


  • What do you get: Extra spell damage when not using armor; Instant power spike at the start of the game; You lose health benefits
  • How to get it: Rank 6 of Frostborn needed; Costs just 1 talent point

Vital Stone

  • What do you get: Resurrect once through the game with 10/25/35/50 Health; Get immunity for 4 seconds after the resurrection; Talent gets refreshed when reading a spirit scroll; Useful when used wisely
  • How to get it: Requires Ranks 3 of Pyromancer; Costs 3 talent points


  • What do you get: Healing items can be consumed faster; Potions and shards can be shared with teammates; Also helps your teammates heal
  • How to get it: Needs Rank 3 of Toxicologist; Eats up 2 talent points


  • What do you get: Increase your movement speed by +3/4/5/7 for the next 5 seconds; Escape enemies by sacrificing healing
  • How to get it: No class needed; Costs 1 talent point

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Best Talent combinations for different Spellbreak Classes

You can use the following talent combinations when deciding on a character class on Spellbreak.

  • Conduit: Harmony + Fervor + Recklessness
  • Frostborn: Focused Mana + Fortitude + Thirsty
  • Pyromancer: Tracking + Fervor + Recovery
  • Stoneshaper: Runic Fluency + Fervor + Thirsty
  • Tempest: Spellslinger + Fervor + Recovery
  • Toxicologist: Runic Fluency + Scavenging + Vital Stone

Are you ready to play Spellbreak with the newly learned Talent lessons?