Spellbreak Crossplay, Cross-Platform and Cross-Progression Support: All You Need to Know

Spellbreak crossplay

Spellbreak might be the latest entrant into an overstuffed battle royale space, but instead of disappearing beneath waves of countless Fortnite ripoffs and PUBG clones, Spellbreak has already carved out a niche of its own through sheer originality, fundamentally sound game design, and of course: exploding poison tornadoes.

After an extensive beta period, Spellbreak sees the light of day with a bombastic launch that is attracting players like moths to a flame. Except, in this case, the flame is a deeply satisfying mix of real-time combat and an immensely deep combo system that appeals to fans of action RPGs, battle royale enthusiasts, fantasy nerds, and mainstream gamers in general. But with so much buzz being generated around the new kid on the block and people practically tripping over each other on their way to the Hollow Lands, many are wondering…

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Is Spellbreak Crossplay?

Spellbreak launched on September 3rd on Windows, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch and indeed supports completely unrestricted crossplay between all four platforms. Thus gamers on any one platform can easily join a match with friends on any of the other three and proceed to melt them in poisonous gas before electrocuting them. Because yes, that’s a thing. A very, very important thing.

So, yes, it’s a cross-platform game you want.

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Does Spellbreak have Cross-Save, Cross-Progression?

On top of the full-blown cross-platform support, Spellbreak also features full cross-save and cross-progression. This means you can log in any of your devices and continue sniping your friends on other platforms in the face with Ice Lances without missing a step.

In an interview with Nintendo World Report, Proletariat CEO Seth Sivak explained that the team made crossplay and cross-save a priority during development in a bid to stack the deck at launch and allow as many players as possible into the matchmaking pool.

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“…We made it a priority for launch because we have a goal to make it as easy as possible for Spellbreak players to play with their friends, and with cross-play we open up a huge audience on the Switch. The game will support cross-play between all platforms (PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch) at launch. We will also have full cross-progression at launch, meaning players can use the same account and retain their XP and items across all platforms.”

It seems the intelligent choice to make both cross-platform support and a day one Switch release a priority given that free-to-play MMOs are essentially ducklings leaping off the cliff at launch, with but a few moments to either ascend on the winds of popularity or perish in the waters of anonymity below.

With much originality, crisp gameplay, an engaged and quickly growing community, and an attentive developer at its helm, it seems Spellbreak has already found a way to spread its wings, destined to soar to heights few might have imagined for a new battle royale this late in the game.

What are your thoughts on Spellbreak? Shameless ripoff of Avatar and Breath of the Wild or a much-needed ray of light in a genre crumbling under its own weight?

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