Can Among Us Mobile Users Play With PC Users?

Among Us has exceeded expectations and has become one of the most popular multiple titles out there with no prior history. While it has a lot to do with the simplistic yet addictive gameplay, another reason for the game’s rising player base can be pointed out to the fact that it’s something gamers across the mobile and PC worlds both have come to enjoy.

But does that mean both PC and mobile players play the same Among Us matches together? That’s what we’re here to talk about.

Can Among Us mobile users play with PC users?

Yes, of course, you can. It doesn’t matter if you play Among Us on Android or iOS, you will be matched with other Among Us mobile players as well as PC users of the game. During any match of Among Us, you will be playing with an assorted group of players from both mobile and PC.

Besides playing with users on PC, console users can also get their hands on the game. This means Among Us will also include cross-play support for the Nintendo Switch and Xbox gaming consoles. So, when you play a match on Among US, you can expect the players to be from mobile, PC, or a supported gaming console.

Among Us Crossplay Between Mobile and PC Explained!

Which platforms support cross-play on Among Us?

Although the game released in 2018, Among Us’ popularity came only in 2020 after a bunch of Twitch streamers and YouTubers started playing it. The game was initially intended to be played on smartphones, both iOS, and Android but within months of its launch, it was also ported to Windows. SO, until the start of 2020, Among Us was only playable on mobile and PC with cross-play support between both of them.

In December 2020, Innersloth released Among Us for Nintendo Switch consoles supporting all modes inside the game including Indie, Communication, Multiplayer, Party, and others. The highlight of this announcement is that the Nintendo version of Among Us also supports Among Us, which confirms that Innersloth will certainly look to add similar support for other consoles as well.

At around the same time as Among Us’ release on the Nintendo Switch, Microsoft also announced that Among Us will soon debut on its Xbox consoles in 2021. The company has already confirmed that the game will be available for playing on the Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S. Like its Nintendo counterpart, we can also expect the Xbox version of Among Us to come with cross-play support.

As for those of you who want to play Among Us on your PS4, we hate to be the bearers of bad news; the game is yet to be announced on Playstation.

Why Among Us for Xbox and PS4 has not released yet? And when will it.

At the time of writing, cross-play on Among Us is already available in the following platforms:

Which version of the game should you get?

The main difference between the mobile version of Among Us and its counterparts on PC and consoles is the price you pay. Among Us on smartphones can be played without paying a dime but you have to make do with constant ads. PC or console users on the other hand, will have to chuck out a scant amount to be able to play the game on their devices.

The mobile versions (Android and iOS) of Among Us is no doubt as fun as the PC and console models of the game. If you’re a casual gamer or someone who loves an on-screen joystick to play their games, and can make things do with adverts on your screen after every game, then we don’t see a reason why you should pay up get the paid version of Among Us in some other platform.

But, if you ask us if the game is worth the $5 that you pay to play it on PC or the Nintendo Switch, we’ll say it is absolutely worth it. Not only would you not get distracted by a stream of ads, you will also get a slew of customization options that you can apply to your character with other goodies if you purchase the game.


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