What Is Censor Chat in Among Us and How to Turn It Off

An online social multiplayer game like Among Us requires team effort to deduce who’s an imposter and who’s a Crewmate – that’s the gist of it. It is available on all major platforms which makes it super easy to join and get into the game with a party. Although the game has appealed to adults and children alike, the former isn’t as much at risk as the latter, especially considering how heated some chats can get with all the finger-pointings that take place, be they based on deductions or falsely conceived.

But there’s a way to keep your children safe from all the potential cyber-bullying and ensure that they don’t come away scarred by reading some inappropriate chat content. Here’s everything you need to know about the Censor Chat, why it’s a necessary evil, how to turn it on/off, and some problems that gamers have been experiencing with it.

Censor Chat in Among Us: What’s the need?

Communication is key in Among Us, and if a party has to weed out the imposters, they have to complete the tasks together and eliminate them with a plurality vote. But such discussions run the risk of going out of hand and turn into abuse and violence in the virtual sphere.

Online Violence

Although the game isn’t meant for children under 12 and the graphics are cartoony, the online chat system, which is an essential part of playing the game online, cannot be turned off. This runs the risk of encountering uncouth strangers that engage in unseemly conversations. On top of that, accusing team members of being the imposter can quickly degenerate into cyber-harassment by players.

Risky Unmoderated Chats

Another risk of chats in Among Us is that they are unmoderated for the most part, allowing players to talk just about anything under the sun. This means that the language used can be quite corrosive and disparaging at times with players hurling abuses and racial slurs left and right when something goes awry. One way to tackle this is by playing the game with real-life friends only in common areas. But that cannot always be arranged, nor is it viable to impose such restrictions on kids of this day and age.

Chats cannot be turned off

Not being able to turn off the chat can be quite a problem, and even though it facilitates good communication, it opens up the channel for abuses to pipe through. Chats, however, can be censored to filter out inappropriate remarks. But since they are not password protected and children themselves can turn them off easily, it is hardly a feasible way around the problem. Nevertheless, if they’re unaware of this fact, turning On censoring should do the trick.

How to turn off Chat Censorship in Among Us

Inappropriate words are censored by default, but some of them can get through. This is where the ‘Censor Chat’ option comes in handy. Turning Censor Chat On or Off is a cinch. Simply navigate to the settings options (gear button) and head to ‘Censor Chat’. Clicking it will turn it On or Off.

Other Censor Chat Problems

The chat sometimes censors words that are not even halfway inappropriate. This is quite frustrating and the developers have received an inordinate amount of flak for it. Players have been getting livid for having their whole chats getting asterisked. Even usernames can be marked as inappropriate which would be funny if it weren’t so infuriating.

One is bound to wonder whether the half-baked chat censoring algorithms have been designed to facilitate a clean online atmosphere or just for the developers to save face. After all, it’s easier to censor words than deal with individual cases as much of a word’s connotation depends on the context it’s used in.