Why Can’t I Get Among Us Proximity Chat?

Among Us has been trending since the pandemic started and it seems to be gaining new active users every day. The game has introduced numerous patches over the course of the past few months which have improved the game tremendously. The developers have also decided to hold out on the sequel and concentrate on the current version and introduce new features to it.

There are tons of mods out there for Among Us, some of the most popular being server mods that allow you to play with more than 10 players in a single game. But a new mod for Among Us has been gaining a lot of popularity; the Proximity chat mod. Let’s take a quick look at it.

What is the Proximity Chat Mod for Among Us

Proximity chat allows you to chat with players near you in Among Us outside of meetings. This means that you can talk and voice chat with any player that is near you on a given map in Among Us. This mod features the ability to chat with both crewmates and imposters which introduces interesting ways to overcome hurdles and achieve your in-game tasks.

The mod is still in its infancy and is different from ‘NodePolus’ which is another mod that allows you to create Proximity chat using the source code. I repeat, Proximity Chat is a standalone mod and not part of ‘NodePolus’ contrary to what other sites will have you believe.

It is intended for content creators and streamers so that they can better quantify and adjust their business model around Among Us in the future.

Can you download Proximity Chat?

Sadly no, Proximity Chat is currently in its Alpha stage as mentioned above, and has a lot of bugs. The mod is currently only available to content creators and streams so that they can showcase it to the world and identify major bugs and provide valuable feedback in the process.

The mod is planned for a public release but a release date hasn’t been specified by the developers yet. You can however keep an eye on their Github page as well as their Discord server using the links below to keep up to date on the latest developments.

According to the recent developer updates in the Discord, Proximity chat is intended for business use and hence will feature business model pricing for content creators.

It is not intended as an end-user mod however users looking to use it can still purchase it in the future, though the price will be quite high.

Additionally, NodePolus in its current state can allow programmers and users familiar with programming languages to create Proximity Chat as a mod from scratch.

This however is an advanced procedure that is too complicated and frankly not even worth it considering all the bugs for an everyday user.

We hope you learned everything you needed to know about the Proximity Chat mod in Among Us. Have you used it? Share your feedback with us in the comments section below.

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