What Is Among Us Proximity Chat Mod? How to Get It

Over the past couple of days, numerous clips of YouTubers and streamers using what’s purported to be an Among Us Proximity Chat mod have been popping up all over Youtube and Twitch. And, understandably, many an Among Us gamer would like to know how to get the Among Us Proximity Chat mod, where they can download it, and how exactly it works.

What is Among Us Proximity Chat Mod?

We played Among Us with Proximity Voice Chat (ft. Corpse, 5up, CouRage, Anita, Tubbo, & More)

The Among Us proximity chat mod is a server-side mod that allows users to use voice chat in an otherwise normal game of Among Us. Proximity chat, a fixture of many other games like PUBG PC and even Among Us’ lesser-known, more highly-rendered counterpart, Unfortunate Spacemen, essentially adds distance-scaling to player audio — the closer they are, the louder they are and vice versa.

That means secret conversations in Electrical in the Skeld or the ability to whisper sweet nothings into the ears of your significant other before reducing them to a dismembered corpse left to bleed amid the virgin snows of Polus. Pretty simple, right?

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What makes this otherwise run-of-the-mill game feature newsworthy is the fact that it’s being implemented in Among Us, which was designed to… well, not have any sort of open voice chat. As you probably know, one of the key components of the game’s design is the inability to communicate outside of emergency meetings and body reports.

By adding in Proximity chat, players will be able to engage in meaningful deliberation one-on-one during the match. With proximity chat, players can discuss, plan, and even conspire outside the bounds of the public forum. But it comes with a catch: you have to get close. You know, within kill-range. An interesting proposition, to say the least.

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How Would Among Us Proximity Chat Change the Game?

Proximity Chat Is Among Us

A real, full-fledged Among Us Proximity Chat might not sound like a big deal, but is the perfect case of big things coming in small packages. How many times have you seen an emergency meeting end with nobody ejected because nobody actually saw anything?

The ability to discuss events in-map would allow players to react to events without spending any of their precious few button-presses, or — perhaps more importantly — allow Imposters to have imposter-only discussions.

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Among Us Proximity Chat Mod Download

All of that might sound cool, and no doubt many of are here to learn how to download Among Us Proximity Chat mod. Well, unfortunately, unless you’re a Streamer, Youtuber or any other content creator with some traction, you won’t be able to access the Among Us Proximity Chat mod. Not yet, at least.

Proximity chat is but one part of NodePolus, a server-side implementation being created by its developers Sub, Tr4cer, and Sombrio. Currently, the project is closed to the general public, being made available to select content creators, with currently “no ETA” for a general release.

Until then, you can keep up to date with the project’s development by checking out the NodePolus Discord and reaching out to the creators there.

For more Among Us guides, walkthroughs, tips & tricks, and yes, some memes, be sure to check out our Among Us Archives.


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