Let’s talk about the Red Character in Among Us!

In the most iconic games, films, and stories, the character remains with us for a very long time even after the final scene has ended. To give reference to context- Doom Guy, Vaas, Joel, and Lara Croft are far more deeply ingrained in our hearts than the games they star in.

Of course, this happens over time, especially because you’re literally playing the character that’s now entrenched in your head. In the case of Among Us, the characters are cute color-coded crewmates who are occasionally assigned the role of an Imposter and we all have a favorite that we will pick whenever we go into the game unless the color is taken.

The Among Us Red Character is iconic. From being the crewmate who goes Shhhhhhh right before a game to also being a preferred sus in general, Red has major screentime and attention when compared to the rest of the crewmates on Among Us.

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Yet, Red is often seen more as the villain rather than the hero. From the way this character is received on the internet, it’s also safe to say that players have a love-hate relationship with this character. Let’s explore every aspect of this ironic Among Us character in detail.

About Red Character

The Red Character is not a character as much as a color for the crewmate suit you have to pick when you’re about to join a game. It is also projected as the imposter pretty much everywhere possible.

Currently, there is no information available about who the Red Character is under the suit, its name, or any special identifying characters besides the color itself. From the looks of it, the Among Us devs intentionally avoided giving the character any back story… at least as of yet. The Red Crewmate stands tall at 3’6 ft and weighs 92 lbs. It’s color id O.

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In terms of appearance, the Red Character has the highest visibility compared to other crewmates. From six promotional posters to the crewmate who goes Shhhhh, Red has an elevated status compared to others in terms of screen time and appearance. The Among Us thumbnail used in the US version of Among Us also uses the Red crewmate.

As Mascot

According to the official Among Us fandom, the Red character is considered to be the main mascot of the game. Considering how many appearances the Red character makes in promotional content and pop-culture, this is very plausible.


The Red crewmate is one of the if not the most recognizable crewmates in Among Us. While players can look at a red crewmate and instantly recognize it’s from Among Us, not everyone is excited to pick red as their preferred crewmate in the game.

Like we said before, despite so much face time, this crewmate has been cast in a villainous light making it extremely unpopular. Social Media is also fraught with memes, cartoons, and funny comics based around red being super sus or an imposter.

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Red Character Pros

In terms of pros, the most obvious one is that you can choose your favorite color if it turns out to be red, especially since no one else wants to. Depending on how good you are at manipulation, you can also change the tides against a crewmate when you become an imposter. The key to turning a Red Character into an asset (especially when you’re an imposter) is to flip all the situations that can be used against it by playing a smart blame game, think of it like being a perfect decoy.

But the biggest pro of being a villain is that you get to create intense and amazing stories around the character. We’ve explored some of them later on in this article and truly, the Red Crewmate is a great protagonist when forbidden love is the theme.

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Red Character Cons

The game itself has created a negative perception around the Red Character. It’s like the moment you see Red, your mind automatically enters suspicion mode. It also does not help when you’re found near vents or have reported a dead body as the Red character. Little things like these make it really difficult to even be a normal crewmate in the game.

Is Red a universally sus color?

Color perception has created a negative reputation for the Red Character just as much as its projection as an imposter, if not more. In the gaming world, red is generally associated with danger and meant to caution users. In the Among Us tutorial, promo and appearances as well, the Red Character appears incredibly sus. Basically, even if you’re not an imposter, just being red can triggers others to suspect you of being one. So the assumption that it’s the color and not the character that is problematic would be correct.

Red Crewmate in pop culture

Considering how popular Among Us is, it should come as no surprise that the internet has been populated with Red Crewmate content of varying nature. Here are different fan interpretations of the Red Crewmate.

Red Sus reputation

This freshly minted post that tickles the funny bone.

Red sus from AmongUs

By Reddit User ThePhantomOfOprah

A common perception is that Red is always sus, as interpreted by Reddit user Springen45.

Red SUS! Yeah sure….. from AmongUs

By Reddit User Springen45

This YouTube video definitely proves a point we’ve been attempting to make in this entire article.

The racist life of a red crewmate (a short animation) AMONG US!

By YouTube channel Freezing

A typical discussion where Red has anything to say, as visualized by Reddit user @sohang100k

red sus he followed me from AmongUs

By Reddit user @sohang100k

This epically funny Red sus edition with It Wasn’t Me lyrics that is super on-point.

Red sus [made by me] from AmongUs

By Reddit user @Wasureta

The one where Red looks thicc but is also unfairly projected as super sus.

Red sus from memes

By Reddit user Far_Barnacle

Even in the positive memes about the Red Crewmate, he is an imposter.

Red sus but smart from AmongUs

By Reddit user @arihagriha

A super realistic depiction of how life goes for the Red Crewmate.

guys red sus from memes

By Reddit user @NA5AThRiLz

A typical Among Us situation, featuring White and Red.

Red sus from AmongUs

By Reddit user @sparkly carrot

Red Imposter reputation

A  brilliant comic dub story between Red (as the imposter of course) and a Blue Crewmate with a beautiful happy ending and a small twist. Definitely worth a watch.

Blue Crewmate and His Red Imposter Friend - Red Tells Blue the Truth | (Among Us Comic Dub)

By YouTube channel Cougar macdowall Va

Another brilliant comic by the same YouTuber, this one explores a romance between Black and Red.

A Imposter

By YouTube channel Cougar macdowall Va

This insane Star Wars scene but with Red Crewmate Imposter instead has left us speechless.

Rogue one Vader scene but with red imposter from AmongUs

By Reddit user @Euology1

We cannot get over how well the Red Crewmate Imposter situation has been depicted.

[Episode 1] Among Us (Animation)  - Omae Wa Mou Shindeiru? NaNii . . . !!

By YouTube channel: Kelbird

This kind of shade-throwing is what gives the Red Crewmate a bad name.

my name has never been Red=imposter this was weird from AmongUs

By Reddit user @Greyfox0099

There are times when the Red Crewmate shoots itself in its foot. This is one of them.

Me(imposter): hangs with people all game cyan: reports dead body red(imposter): I was with black(me) all game me: from AmongUsMemes

By Reddit user @Redfox_reddit99

These kinds of stats definitely don’t help the Red Crewmate.

What your among us color says about you from AmongUs

By Reddit user @Jackstar96

A very wholesome ending that simply would not work if Red was not the imposter.

Theory on the ending from HelloMrRed

By Reddit user @HelloMrRed

Even in this particular love story, Red still comes off as the bad guy.

By Twitter handle @expressityart 

Red Crewmate reputation

Reddit user @Meranitm was nice enough to crochet this adorable Red crewmate with a headband.

I crocheted a red crewmate w/ headband ❤️❤️ from AmongUs

This random but non-accusatory post in which the Red Crewmate takes a Physgun.

By Reddit user @Meranitm

We truly appreciate Reddit user @Framed51 for this cool red crewmate animation.

I modeled and animated the red crewmate in blender! from AmongUs

By Reddit user @Framed51

Red Crewmate Fan Art

This imposter rendition of the Red Crewmate.

All we can saw is Awwww….


By Twitter handle @69Chocoheart

Or this one with which is basically red imposter.

Red is sus 🙂 from AmongUsFanart

By Reddit User Queen_of_shit

This scene is pretty apt too.

My YouTube Thumbnail for Among Us from AmongUsFanart

By Reddit User rjasso421

Photo/PNG download of Red Character

Whether it’s for your next funny meme or emotional cartoon, here are a few options to acquire the Red Crewmate’s photo/png. The authors have given permission to use it for content. Enjoy!

Couldn’t find many PNGs of the Among Us characters, so I made my own. Feel free to use. from AmongUs

Credit: Reddit user @memeymatt

You can even get PNGs from YouTube. Here is the Download link

All Among Us Characters (PNG)

Credit: Youtube / Aaron Hafidz

Despite or maybe because of its reputation, the Red Character is an extremely popular crewmate in Among Us, especially when it comes to romantic stories. Regardless, this crewmate is just as cute and the internet is certainly invested in the fate of this particular character. We look forward to discovering the truth behind this character just like everyone else. So let’s hope that the devs offer an interesting storyline to their most popular character. Take care and stay safe.


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