Among Us in School: How Students Can Benefit Greatly From the Most Popular Game Right Now

Gaming is not a low-key interest-based activity anymore. It’s a proper profession with gamers training themselves hard to compete and beat other gamers in global tournaments. There are billions of gamers and the gaming industry is only going to boom harder than ever.

Besides, it is important to acknowledge that not every child is meant to be an athlete or an intellectual, there are kids who will go on to make some of the most prolific gamers in history and as a school/teacher/educator, creating an environment in which such kids will thrive is something one should strive to create.

Even if one does not consider the professional angle, games (even the most basic ones like Among Us) will help children to develop life skills that they wouldn’t otherwise.

Among Us may not be a typical pro gamer game, in fact, we would even go as far as to call it the game for the masses. It’s a game that anyone can play, even without being a genius kid with a gaming background.

Considering how wildly popular this game has become over the last few months, this game might just break into one’s school curriculum if it hasn’t already. Which is why everything you need to know about Among Us in the context of schools and students.

Ways to incorporate Among Us for Students and School

Depending on how liberal your school is with allowing online games as part of your teaching process, you can either organize Among Us games with your students or incorporate it in other ways.

1. Organise the game: In case you are planning to gather the students around an actual game, we recommend that you see exactly what entails the preparation for organizing this particular game in the next section on ‘How to prepare a class for an Among Us game’.

2. Among Us ideas for students: On the other hand, if you’re hoping to get students interested in the less engaging parts of their education, we’ve found some cool ideas there too. You can skip the next section and check out the ideas we have on Among Us ideas for students.

1. Organise Among Us game for students: How to prepare your class

While the game itself is very engaging and immersive, one cannot deny that there are certain limitations that can be problematic in terms of planning and execution. Don’t worry though, if you have made up your mind about going forward with playing the Among Us game as an engagement activity with your students, we’ve got you covered.

Create groups of ten

Only ten players can participate in one game. So if your class has more than ten students then you need to create a system to make sure that every student gets a chance to play. Here are a few methods that we recommend.

  • Create a raffle which will randomly select the student based on the chit that comes out.
  • Go for an incentive-based approach so those who turn in their assignments on time or have performed highest on a test will be picked for the next game.
  • Allocate sets of ten students in a rotation to make sure that everyone gets a fair chance.
  • Create groups based on your judgment for sets to include students who never interact with each other, students who don’t get along, or any combination of students that you like.

Create an occasion to play

There is still major entertainment value to Among Us so as the person with the control you will have to make sure that students are not on this game all the time. Add value to this gaming activity by keeping it like an end-of-week relief, a post-exam treat, or when school is closed for the Holidays. Make sure that students know the value of the time that you allocate to their online gaming activities and that it does come at a cost.

Decide the means of communication

Players usually communicate on the Discord server, especially when it’s for verbal communication while mobile gamers use the chat option. Since classes are happening either on Google Meet or Zoom these days, you can stream the game as the host by sharing your screen on them during a meeting and keeping the students audio on so they can communicate. This will also be safe. If you want to keep things on chat then you can do that too.

Make sure everything is safe

One of the major concerns that parents tend to have with online games is mostly associated with the myriad of security issues that come with the territory. So as the teacher, make sure that you are hosting a private game and moderating who is allowed to enter and who isn’t. Make sure that everyone is playing a clean game and most importantly ensure that students don’t become nasty with each other.

2. Among Us ideas for Students

Enterprising teachers and educators have already understood the value of including gaming as an effective teaching method. It can be a great ice-breaker, a nice reward incentive for meeting deadlines, and teach skills like strategy, teamwork, vigilance, etc that can benefit students in real life.

Use Among Us as a conversation starter

Fresno State University Maths professor Howie Hua used Among Us quite effectively to begin a conversation around fractions, safe to say it worked super effectively.

While professor Howie Hua has used the game to start a conversation in Math, but you can take the same premise to apply it to Grammar, History, Geography and of course Science (imagine what you can do with elements in the periodic table!)

Who’s the imposter assignments

Blogger Lori Gracey shared an assignment example which uses the crewmate and imposter as representations. In the image below, she asked her students to fill the standard form number in the middle and three other “real” representations in the other squares. She also termed the fourth square as the “imposter” number. (odd man out)

The Who’s the imposter format of assignment can be used in a myriad of ways:

  • Mark the correct crewmate to record your answer (Multiple Choice Questions)
  • Imposter or Crewmate (True or False )
  • Identify the Imposter (Odd Man Out)
  • Match the crewmate to its corresponding pet (Match the following)

You can even come up with your own formats to incorporate the game’s various elements. When a student sees their favorite game characters in the assignment, it will surely amuse them and encourage them to try harder.

Why schools can allow Among Us to students

Typically, gaming is not looked at as being part of any school’s teaching method or curriculum. Yet, if you’re here having heard of this game, wanting to know how viable it is to allow this game to students, these are crucial reasons to consider.

Gaming is an important knowledge/skills

Users keep coming back to Among Us because of the psychological elements of the game. When you are a crewmate, you need to co-operate and work with others to perform tasks and identify the imposter. As an imposter, you need to be careful about the moves you make in the maps and convince the crewmates that you’re innocent.

There are important lessons that Among Us will teach you, like how a sus looking crewmate might be innocent, how names can play a role in creating deception, and no matter how badly you want to win, sometimes you get caught or the imposter manages to outwit you. You can’t learn these things from a textbook.

Develop social skills with Among Us

The premise of Among Us is set around interaction. Either via chat or Discord (for audio) players come together when a dead body is reported or when an emergency meeting is called. The discussion is crucial both for the crewmates who must identify the imposter before they lose and the imposter who must conceal themself effectively.

Discussions will bring introverts out of their comfort zone and teach them how to defend themselves and interact with others. Those with a penchant for investigation will take discussions to the next level too.


One of the biggest gripes that adults have with games, in general, is the graphic/violent nature of content that comes with it. Among Us is as cute and as non-threatening as it gets even when the imposter is killing a crewmate. Besides the game has been rated 7+ on the Play Store so you can rest assured that this game is going to traumatize no one.

Is Among Us safe for Children?

Safety is a major and valid concern when it comes to online games. Like we stated earlier, as long as your child is playing the game on a private server with a set of friends that they know, you can lay your safety concerns to rest.

However, if your child is playing with strangers using the public server, make sure that they absolutely don’t reveal any kind of personal information. You should also inform them about possible words and sentences that strangers might use to get information out of them. Stay vigilant on public servers and if possible, avoid it altogether.

Fun stuff about Among Us in school

At first, we thought only children are going ballistic with Among Us, but clearly, everyone loves this brilliant game and the school-related content and activities are on another level right now. Do take a look!

Among Us: School Edition from AmongUs

Made My among us costumes and wore it to school. What do you think? from AmongUs

Among us be teaching us more lessons than in school from AmongUs

Our school did an among us themed hallway for homecoming week from mildlyinteresting

For Halloween, I disguised myself as my own Among Us skin but cheap at School and I won the award of the best costume of the year😂😂🤣 from AmongUs

Among Us has probably taught more people what colour Cyan is than schools. from Showerthoughts

among us meme seen in my school’s hallway from FellowKids

My history teacher is streaming Among Us, and is playing with other teacher at our school from teenagers

The fire alarms in my school look like among us crew mates when flipped upside down from firealarms

Among us art Ft. friends from school (yellow’s name Is censored cuz it’s a swear word in czech) from MigueonFanbase

i made the among us map for my school project from PewdiepieSubmissions

Hi adept this was a project for school I made a among us astronaut hope u like it❤️❤️ from adeptthebest

My 9yo is obsessed with Among us, so whipped these up while he’s at school today from crochet

I made this Among Us keychain with my school‘s laser cutter. from teenagers

Among Us training and skill development [Paid session]

If you’re looking for something on a more official level, then Outschool conducts life skills sessions on Among Us for Kids. They are extremely particular about safety and ensure that students are enriched by the experience. For $12 a week, kids interact and learn with each other with a facilitator monitoring the game. If you want the student/child to catch a break without removing the learning aspect, this course is a good way to go.

How to play Among Us on a School Computer or Chromebook

School Computer

Firstly, make sure that your School Admin has granted the necessary permissions to install Steam on the School Computer. If the School Admin refuses permission then we’re afraid you won’t be able to get Steam without doing something that’s against school rules.

Once you have permission, download the Steam app from this link by clicking on Install Steam.

Open the downloaded file by clicking on it. Steam will ask permission to install at this point, give it approval by clicking on Yes.

The Steam Setup will open now. Click on the Next button.

Select the language by clicking on the checkbox next to it. Then click Next again

Choose a destination folder and then click on Install.

Wait for a few minutes while the installation occurs, once it’s done click on Open to launch Steam from the Start menu.

If you already have a Steam Account, then log-in with the appropriate details. Otherwise, register for a new account.

Once you’re in your account, in the search bar, type Among Us and click on the game when it appears. If you have purchased the game already, then install it on the school computer and start playing. In case you haven’t, then you will have to purchase it for $5.

Finally, add the game to your cart and buy it. Let Install the game and once it’s on the computer, you can launch it and play.

School Chromebook

We have covered how to play Among Us using a Chromebook in this article.

We hope you found this article helpful! Take care and stay safe.

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