25 Cool, Nerdy, and Awesome Among Us Themed Gifts You Can Give to Someone

With the holiday season drawing closer it is time to start checking items off of your gift list. You do not have to be a gamer to know about the massive popularity of Among Us this year. Millions of players around the world enjoy this teamwork game.

Even those who do not play Among Us are familiar with the references to the game as it has become a significant part of the meme world. This simplistic game has very little apart from color-coded characters running around performing tasks while avoiding getting murdered.

For your meme and game-loving friends and family members, you have the option of giving them some Among Us themed items. Here is a list of Among Us themed gift ideas which you can either buy or even thoughtfully make.

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1. Mask

In 2020 a mask is one of the most thoughtful gifts one can give. Given the current global situation, a mask is something that one can never have too many of.

Mask designs incorporating Among Us are limitless. Depending on the wearer you can get a child or an adult-sized mask. On Etsy, you can get customizable masks. The customizable masks allow you to add the name of the person, the hat of their choice, and even choose the character color they like.

Apart from the conventional masks, there are also multifunction bandanas, also known as a tube scarf, that you can buy. These bandanas can be worn as headgear or a face and neck-covering mask.

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2. Clothing

There is a massive variety of clothing types and designs to choose from when buying some sensible Among Us themed gift. Here are some Among Us themed clothing item that you can buy depending on your budget:


The sheer diversity of designs when it comes to Among Us themed T-shirts is astounding. From the game’s character peeking out of a pocket to fully customizable T-shirts, you can have your pick. If your family is crazy about the game then you can customize the designs and get your whole crew matching T-shirts. T-shirts are a gift your loved one can keep using even when the winter is gone.

Hoodie/Ugly Christmas Sweater

A gift best suited for the season is an Ugly Christmas Sweater. Even though it is hard to find woolen Among Us themed sweaters, there are sweaters made of synthetic fibers or cotton blend.

If you do not want to embarrass your loved ones with an Ugly Christmas Sweater then hoodies are also an option. You can easily buy hoodies with customizable Among Us characters printed on.


Beanies are an ideal gift as they never go out of style when it starts getting cold. There are many designs of beanies to choose from when buying an Among Us themed one. You can even find adorable hand-made crochet beanies that can be customized with certain hats from the game.


This no-brainer gift is ideal if you have no idea of your gift recipient’s clothing sizes. The one-size-fits-all gift does not have to be boring this year with Among Us themed socks. You can find a number of designs to choose from online.

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3. Sneakers and Croc Charms

While no big brands currently sell Among Us themed sneakers, customized sneakers with hand-painted characters can be bought online. Depending on your budget you can opt for simplistic canvas sneakers or customized Nike Airforce 1 sneakers.

You can even buy some blank canvas sneakers and paint them yourself if you prefer DIY gifts.

If your gift-recipient loves wearing Crocs and playing Among Us then Crocs Charms are ideal for them. You can buy Among Us themed charms on Amazon.

4. Mobile Phone Accessories

Those who love playing Among Us would enjoy having the game themed mobile phone accessories adorning their devices. You can buy phone cases and phone grips to protect your gift recipient’s beloved device.

Phone Case

From soft phone covers to tempered glass covers, you can choose from a massive variety of phone cases. You need to make sure that you are buying the phone case for the right model. On Etsy, you can even find customizable phone covers that can have the name of the device’s owner written above the Among Us character.

Phone Grip

Pop-up phone grips make it easier to handle our devices. This highly useful phone accessory is a budget-friendly gift option as well. Customizable Among Us themed phone grips can be the ideal gift within $10.

5. AirPods Case

Storing AirPods inside an Among Us character is a fun possibility with the game themed cases. You can choose any of the character colors to be the color of the case. You can also find cases with various Among Us themed prints on them. Luminous Among Us AirPods case is an interesting gift to give as well.

6. Mousepad and Desk Mat

A nerdy gift to give your PC-enthusiast loved one is an Among Us themed mousepad or desk mat. Both a mousepad and a desk mat serve essentially the same purpose for PC-users. You have different shapes, sizes, and designs to choose from when selecting a mousepad. If $20 is your gift budget a mousepad will comfortably fit into it. There are LED-lit pads that cost over $30 if you do want to splurge.

7. Laptop Skin and Case

If your gift recipient plays Among Us on their personal laptop then you should gift them a skin or a cover for their device. Customizable laptop skin on Etsy lets you put the name of the person above an Among Us character. An adorable holiday and Among Us themed laptop sleeve can cost you around $25 and keep the laptop protected.

8. Stickers

Stickers are a budget-friendly versatile gift for all occasions. If you know your gift recipient loves Among Us then they surely will enjoy having the option to put up the game-themed stickers in various places. A 100-sticker pack at under $8 gives your loved ones the gift of possibility. They can share the stickers with others or put them on pretty much anything.

9. Posters and tapestry

Most people enjoy using posters to decorate their walls while making a personality statement. The kind of poster on a person’s wall speaks about their likes and dislikes. A framed personalized Among Us themed poster is ideal for those who enjoy the game.

While posters have been in vogue as wall decoration for some time, tapestries have recently gained popularity. Give an Among Us themed tapestry with which your loved ones can cover their bare walls.

10. Notebook and bookmarks

There are many Among Us themed office and school supplies available. If you are looking for a gift ideal for school and college students then Among Us themed notebooks are ideal. You can find wide-ruled notebooks with the characters of the game on the covers. Encourage your loved ones to write or draw by giving them a notebook.

A useful and thoughtful gift for someone who enjoys reading books, as well as playing Among Us, are bookmarks. Magnetic Among Us bookmarks are perfect for holding onto a page for readers.

11. Blanket

A gift of warmth and comfort is what you give when you buy your loved ones a blanket. You can spend anywhere between $25 to $100 on an Among Us themed blanket. Customizable Christmas themed blanket with Among Us characters on them cost around $46 on Etsy.

Another unique Among Us themed blanket that you can buy is the hooded blanket.

12. Home décor

Decorating a home with pop culture themed items has been trending in recent years. For gamers, the gift of a game-themed home decor item is highly treasured. Some Among Us themed decorative items you can give are:

Throw pillow covers

Throw pillows are extremely useful to have around the house. They can be used to provide back support while sitting and playing games. Then can be used by friends when they come over for sleep-overs. Covering these versatile pillows in Among Us themed throw pillow cover keeps them clean.


You can give your loved ones Among Us dreams by gifting them themed bed linen. If you do not know the size of bedlinen to buy you can simply get a set of personalized Among Us themed pillowcases.


Coasters are an underrated gift that people do not expect to get. When summer rolls around your loved ones will not have rings on their furniture if you gift them coasters. To make this boring-sounding gift more interesting get Among Us themed coasters as a useful conversation piece.

13. Night light

Light up your loved one’s room with an Among Us themed night light. There are different kinds and designs of lights you can easily find online. You can opt for three dimensional LED lights of different colors. There are also night lights made of plexiglass with Among Us characters on them that can be lit up from the bottom. Personalized Among Us themed lights can cost less than $10.

14. Beverage containers

People may not be drinking out of the skulls of their enemies, but you can gift them the ability to drink out of Among Us themed beverage containers. Some beverage containers you can gift are:

Coffee mug

Whether your loved ones drink coffee or not, a coffee mug is still an essential addition to their kitchen. You can find customizable Among Us themed coffee mugs online. Take it to another level by gifting a personalized Among Us themed reveal mug. Reveal mugs display the design when any hot beverage is poured into them.

Travel mug

As people are starting to head out of their homes, their travel mugs are being brought out from the back of the cupboards. Make old travel mugs redundant by gifting new Among Us themed stainless steel insulated travel mugs.

Reusable water bottles

A great environment-friendly gift to give is a reusable water bottle. The reduction of plastic waste by using reusable water bottles contributes to keeping the planet healthy. Personalized Among Us themed reusable water bottle is the perfect gift for the gamer who you want to keep hydrated.

15. Wallet

Spend your money to give someone a place to keep their money by buying a wallet. Keeping money safe will be the only task of the Among Us themed wallet that you gift. It is an ideal gift as a first wallet for young Among Us gamers.

16. Bags

The options for Among Us themed bags seem to be unlimited. Backpacks, drawstring bags, tote bags, and fanny packs are only a few kinds of Among Us themed bags available. You can choose a bag depending on your budget as well as the kind of bag the gift recipient is likely to use.

17. Jewelry and Accessories

Jewelry and accessories can uplift any look. Quirky among us themed jewelry and accessories are ideal for game lovers. Match a pair of Among Us themed earrings and a pendant with the game’s character on it. Gift an Among Us themed bracelet or bracelet charms. By gifting an adorable sprout hair clip let your loved ones dress like their favorite Among Us character. You can even gift an Among Us character pin that they can wear.

18. Keychain

A simple yet useful gift you can give without denting your budget is a keychain. Whether they use the keychain to keep keys or attach them to their bags, your Among Us-loving gift recipient will surely be happy with this gift. There are many different kinds of keychains available online. Ranging from keychains with plushies attached to ones with lights on them, you can choose whichever design you like.

19. Plushies and Figurines

One is never too old to get a plushie as a gift. Big plushies, crochet plushies with hats, and small adorable plushies are all available as gift options.

If soft plushies are not their thing you can instead gift them an assortment of Among Us themed figurines. The figures can be kept out on display adding to the decor of any room. Some interactive figurines can even be played with as the bottoms are detachable.

20. Painting

Are you the kind of person who enjoys making gifts for your loved ones instead of buying them?

Making an Among Us themed painting is extremely easy. The game’s artwork is known for being simplistic. Even those with limited drawing skills can draw the characters. You do not have to do any shading work to get the painting right. You can find some easy to draw ideas online and transfer them to the canvas. Your loved ones will be impressed by your artistic prowess.

21. Kitchen tools

Gifts that one can use are always appreciated. If you want to gift something to those who love to bake or cook you should get them Among Us themed kitchen tools.


You can either buy a single cookie cutter or a set of them. Cookie-cutter shapes can be of just the character, the dead bodies, characters in hats, ghosts, and the imposter. With these cookie-cutters, the whole house will be filled with imposters trying to decapitate the cookies. The cutters can be used to even cut fondant.

Silicon mold

Silicon molds are multipurpose kitchen tools that have uses even outside the kitchen. For those who love to bake or experiment in the kitchen, the Among Us themed silicon mold is a welcome addition.

22. Planter and Flower Pot

For those who enjoy space exploration in Among Us and gardening in their home, a planter is the best gift. A small self-watering planter for a succulent is perfect for homes and offices. The planter can be kept on any desk or table. You can choose to plant a succulent or let your loved ones do the planting themselves.

If you want to give a DIY gift then you can always get a clay flower-pot and paint Among Us characters on it.

23. Christmas Tree Ornament

Among Us has been a major part of 2020, reflecting that on a Christmas tree can be possible with the game themed ornaments. Customizable Christmas tree ornaments are available online. You can select a range of designs to put on the ornaments. As a DIY option, you can get blank ornaments and draw the characters on yourself as well.

24. Christmas Hat Bundle

Innersloth had released a bundle of eight holiday-themed hats in 2018. When the hat bundle was released it cost gamers $3 to own all eight. On Etsy, you can now buy the Among Us Christmas hat bundle for cheaper as a gift to your Among Us-player. The bundle can be used by the player on multiple devices and is ideal for the holiday season.

25. Tattoo

A permanent gift to give your loved one is a tattoo. If they are seriously contemplating getting their love for the game displayed on their skin, you can arrange for them to get the tattoo done. There are many Among Us fans who are getting their characters tattooed on.

Red lookin sus from AmongUs

If your loved one is not ready to get a permanent Among Us tattoo, there is also the option of getting a temporary one. You can order a custom temporary tattoo to gift.

Which Among Us themed gift are you likely to give or want for yourself? Are there any more Among Us themed gifts you can think of?