Spellbreak Solo Locked? How to Unlock and Play Solo

The one thing that we have learned since PUBG is that the Battle Royale genre is a wildly popular genre. With games like Darwin’s project making the rounds, we’re now looking at another game that’s making waves in this super aggressive competition. Say hello to Proletariat’s Spellbreak, a (now) free-to-play multiplayer action-spellcasting game where you unleash your inner battlemage.

What is Spellbreak

Set across a fictional setting called Hollow Land, Spellbreak is the latest addition to the fantasy adventure genre. The USP of this game lies in its execution of the Battle Royale concept. Unlike M16s and crossbows, you will carry elemental magic in your arsenal that you can use to cast powerful, enemy destroying spells.

Spellbreak has six total classes that you can achieve in the game: Toxicologist, Conduit, Tempest, Pyromancer, Shoneshaper, and Frostborn. Every time you finish a game in a certain class, you will gain experience points and level up your class rank, not to be confused with your Mage Rank, which is a separate progression for your player character. Mage Rank can go up to 100 with a certain number of Badges as well as gold rewards that you need to collect and earn along the way.

How to get Spellbreak

Spellbreak earns major brownie points as both a crossplay and a cross-progression game. So you can play with your PS4 and Switch friends even if you’re playing from an Xbox yourself. The game is available for free across Windows, Xbox, PS4, and Nintendo Switch. You can download the game from the respective links depending on your console/device, create a Spellbreak account and you’re good to go.

Spellbreak Solo Mode: What is it?

Spellbreak is playable in three game modes: Solo, Duo (a pair), and Squad (set of three). You will be able to select the mode that you like right at the beginning of the game. In fact, it’s compulsory to choose how to want to roll in the game. In Solo Mode, you venture into Hollow Land on your own which is the preferred method for gamers who don’t have a partner for Duo and don’t wish to gang up with a disloyal squad that might loot said gamer and leave them for dead.

Why is Solo mode locked?

When the game was officially released on September 3, 2020, Proletariat’s developers made a conscious decision to lock Solo mode till September 7, 2020, because they wanted to ensure that the game’s servers would remain stable and they have justified the same on this Reddit thread.

Update: Solo mode is now unlocked and available since Proletariat developers are satisfied with the server stability and trust that it will hold in the face of solo players. There has been no date confirmed for when Duo mode will be unlocked but we expect it to be unlocked from the coming Monday.

How to unlock Solo mode

If you’re a player who has been playing the game since it’s Beta version days, then we completely understand your frustration over not being able to access Solo or Duo mode. Many players want to take on Hollow Lands by themselves and quite a few players like this game for its Solo/Duo mode.

Update: The good news is that you don’t have to meet any kind of criteria in terms of gold or levels to play in Solo mode. Since the developers have unlocked Solo mode today and announced the same on this Reddit thread, you can select it from Game Mode without facing any obstacles.

How to play in Solo mode

Players are already sharing their Solo victories across Twitter. It’s fairly easy to play in Solo mode. Once you’ve opened the game, set the Game Mode to Solo and you’re good to go.

It’s worth noting that Proletariat wants crossplay and cross-progression to be standard in gaming. It is with the intention of meeting this purpose that they have made Spellbreak available across all consoles and servers. So we recommend that you forgive the game for its initial sacrifices and stick around for the greater good of the gaming world. Besides, this is indeed a well-thought-out and immersive game that’s worth giving a shot simply for the gaming experience that it offers. You don’t have to believe us, we’ll just let the game speak for itself.

Take care and stay safe!

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