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What is the Spellbreak Starter Pack? Should you buy it?

There is certainly a lot of goodies to look forward to especially since the opening of the Gold Store has made it possible for players to get more gold in the recently launched free-to-play cross-platform, cross-progression game Spellbreak. From avatars, skins, and emotes to various upgrades, there are things money can buy on this game that has its users abuzz with serious excitement.

But for now, we are going to look at the Spellbreak Starter Pack and delve into everything you need to know before you make a choice on how to spend those precious dollars.

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What is the Spellbreak Starter Pack?

Proletariat introduced the Spellbreak Starter Pack in their recent update along with the Gold Store. There are two ways to get the starter pack. You can either buy it from the Gold Store in the game where the Spellbreak Starter Pack is featured along with other Gold purchase options or you can get it as an add-on when you buy it from the store for the console/device that you’re using.

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What do you get in Starter Pack in Spellbreak?

The Starter Pack comes with:

  • 600 Gold
  • Bewitching Glimmer Outfit

The 600 Gold can be used to purchase items like Outfits, Artifacts, Emotes, and more. Basically, you can personalize your avatar and get a few minor upgrades that might possibly give you the edge you’re looking for to get ahead in the game.

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How much does the Starter Pack cost?

Now keep in mind that the Starter Pack is not priced uniformly across platforms. Depending on which console you’re using, there is a variation in the price of the starter pack. Here’s a look at what you will be shelling out depending on your console/device. 

  • Epic Games: $1.49
  • Nintendo Switch: $4.99 (must be purchased from the device)
  • PS4: $ 4.99
  • Microsoft/Xbox: $4.99

It’s undeniable that anyone using Windows to play the game is getting the best deal. However, you do need to consider whether it’s worth almost $5 that you will be paying for this game.

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How to get the Spellbreak Starter Pack

You can purchase the Starter pack as an add-on from the links for the respective consoles that we’ve mentioned above or you can directly purchase the Starter Pack within the game from Gold Store. If you own two or more consoles then remember that the pack is not transferable to another console. So you need to be absolutely sure about which device you intend before your purchase the Spellbreak Starter Pack.

Is the Spellbreak Starter Pack worth the cost?

To know whether the Starter Pack is worth the cost, it’s important to gauge what 600 Gold will get you. We looked into the Gold Store ourselves to check out the value of your money and here’s what we found. The Store where you will be using the Gold is still super sparse and there isn’t much to buy as of yet. If you’re looking for outfits or any other such upgrade, only maybe then is it worth considering purchasing the starter pack. The game developers are in the process of adding more equipment in the store, so if you’re cool with waiting for a bit to spend your Gold, then the starter pack has some value.

But at the end of the day, it’s your choice whether you want to purchase the Starter Pack or not. You are the best judge of whether you need the Gold. If you are planning to invest in the game over the long-term and really get going with a cool, custom avatar then it might make sense to get the Starter Pack, however, if you’re planning to get in and get out, then need we tell you how to go about it? To buy or not to buy, in the end, it’s your call.

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