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What are Spellbreak Chapters? Everything We Know So Far

With Spellbreak’s highly anticipated launch going off with a bang, many players already find themselves enthralled by the game’s immensely complex elemental combo system, deeply satisfying real-time combat, and the fresh take on a genre many gamers have grown disillusioned with. With all that excitement, however, comes curiosity about what comes next. What other surprises lay in store for fans of battle royale’s hottest new prospect, and, more specifically: what the hell is this Chapter system we keep hearing about?

What is the Spellbreak Chapter System?

The Chapter System seems to refer to a monthly event schedule similar to the seasons in other royales that will be used to unveil new content centered around specific aspects of Spellbreak’s rich lore. Proletariat describes the Chapter system as Something like beats in a continuously evolving story, participation in which will earn players “exclusive rewards.”

What this means, in specifics, is yet to be seen but it may be something similar to either the Living World system in Guild Wars 2 that introduces ongoing changes to maps through quests and NPC interactions as part of a PvE campaign or, more likely, something akin to a dressed-up Battle Pass that doles out loot and unlocks snippets of the story like Apex Legends. Or perhaps a mix of the two.

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In a Reddit post made at the end of Spellbreak’s second closed beta, Spellbreak Design Director and Proletariat Co-founder, Jesse Kurlancheek, detailed a long term roadmap for Spellbreak’s development, and in it described the chapter system as follows,

“The Chapter system is how we plan to deliver ongoing content to you. Chapters will allow you to unlock the stories of the world and characters of Spellbreak, take you on quests, unlock gameplay options with new classes, Gauntlets, Runes, and more. Our studio’s DNA includes MMORPGs and we want to evidence that story and experience to you through Chapters.”

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What does ‘Spellbreak Chapters’ mean?

Thus we can surmise that the Chapter System, in whatever precise form it takes, will attempt to unify the lore of the game with new content updates, and perhaps serve as an artful way to cloak a battle pass monetization system to help support the game.

Spellbreak Stone and Fire Combo

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Why ‘Spellbreak Chapters’ is needed?

This seems inevitable, considering that as of yet there exists no monetization system beyond purchasing Gold or any of the premium packs — certainly not enough on its own to support the game as it grows and expands. Apex Legends, Fortnite, and PUBG have all shown that a successful way to sustain expensive development in a free-to-play MMO is to leverage prerequisite popularity with in-game currency and a battle pass. It’s not one or the other; it’s both.

Whatever the case, it’s clear that Proletariat is making a point to keep originality a core aspect of every feature of the game (despite, of course, being a battle royale) and thus something like a battle pass with a salient emphasis on the rich lore of Spellbreak would make sense. This, combined with the clear cut high-fantasy setting and Kurlancheek’s comment about MMORPGs being in the DNA of Proletariat goes to suggest something perhaps a little flashier and more interactive than what we’ve seen from other royales.

So keep your fingers crossed and your eyes peeled — there’s a lot to be excited for as Spellbreak continues to evolve.

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