Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e Android 10 update, security updates, and more: Verizon releases March patch

Samsung is one of the few tech giants who are still manufacturing well-built mid-range tablets. The Galaxy Tab S5e probably won’t knock your socks off with its design and specs, but it still is one of the best mid-range tablets out there. The One UI software on the tablet is no slouch either, but let’s discuss the software updates for the Tab S5e here, along with its eligibility and expected release date for the Android 10 update that will also bring One UI 2.0 OS.

Announced in February and launched in April 2019, the S5e packs pretty decent hardware, allowing you to get things done on the go. It’s lightweight, has a pretty decent screen, and comes with Samsung’s assurance. In this section, we’ll talk all about the released updates for the S5e and even discuss whether and when it’ll get updated to Google’s latest OS, Android 10.

When will Samsung release Android 10 update

Android 10 update release date

Will Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e get Android 10 update?

We’re only days away from being introduced to Google’s newest OS, Android 10, said to go live on September 3rd, 2019. The Android 10 update aims to improve on Android 9’s features and make the Android experience as seamless as possible. Through the six beta releases, we have already learned that the American tech giant is bringing some major changes, which could positively affect both smartphone and tablet users.

The S5e came with Android 9-based One UI 1.0 out of the box. Samsung usually allows its mid-range tablets at least one Android OS upgrade, and we expect the company to carry on the tradition this year, as well. To sum it up, Android 10 should be knocking on S5e’s door sooner than later.

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When will Samsung release Galaxy Tab S5e Android 10 update

  • Eligible for Android 10 update
  • The update could be released by March 2020
  • Would get the stable update directly, Android 10 beta is not expected

Unlike Google, OnePlus, Motorola and Nokia, Samsung likes to put a custom skin on top of Google’s releases. While the process delays the rollout, the end product is almost always worth the wait. Samsung is likely to take its sweet time releasing Android 10, so, don’t expect to see the Android 10 update notification before March 2020-end.

Can Samsung release One UI 2.0 sooner?

Samsung Android 10 update

One UI 2.0

Last year, Samsung unveiled the Android Pie-based One UI 1.0. Since then, it has been refreshed a couple of times (1.1 on S10 and 1.5 on Note 10), only getting better and better. One UI 2.0 is expected to be the best custom skin Samsung’s ever built, and S5e users are set to enjoy it to the fullest.

Thanks to a leaked One UI 2.0 video, we already know what to expect. And if the company imports an identical build to the S5e, users are bound to be impressed.

One UI 2.0 Quick Settings Panel
Galaxy S9 running Pie (left) | Galaxy S10 running Android 10 (right)

What’s new in Tab S5e Android 10 update

Google’s Android 10 update will introduce some great features like Dark mode, reworked Gestures navigation, optimized Sharing menu, Live caption, Notification Bubbles, detailed Permissions management, Accent colors, and more.

Apart from the common Android 10 perks, One UI 2.0 is introducing a few nifty features. 

Samsung is maintaining the One UI 1.0-style tiles, but the Quick Settings now takes up your entire screen. While it’s a good utilization of the screen real estate, one-handed execution will be trickier for most. A new Media bar — already present in the Note 10 lineup — has also been added.  

Samsung is also bringing some Note 10 features to the S10 lineup. Under Quick Settings, there’s now an option to Link to Windows — a Samsung-Microsoft collaboration that was introduced in Note 10. The South Korean OEM is also bringing the native screen recorder to Galaxy S10.

Global Tab S5e update

Release date Software version — Changelog
021 Sept 2019 T720XXU1ASH1 — August 2019 security patch

Android 10 update for the Tab S5e is expected in Q1 2020.

Verizon Logo

Verizon Tab S5e update

Release date Software version — Changelog
18 Mar 2020 T727VVRS1ATC1 — March 2020 security patch
18 Dec 2019 T727VVRS1ASL1 — December 2019 security patch
22 Nov 2019 T727VVRS1ASK2 — November 2019 security patch, Performance improvement
29 Aug 2019 T727VVRU1ASH1 — August 2019 security patch

The Verizon Galaxy Tab S5e will definitely receive the Android 10 update but it may not happen anytime soon. We expect the Global variant (sold in Europe, Asia, and more regions) of the Tab S5e to get Android 10 first, and a month or so later, on the Verizon’s Tab S56e.

Thus, we expect the Verizon Tab S5e to get Android 10 sometime in April-Mar 2020 as the Global variant is expected to receive the update in March 2020.

Sources: Verizon

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