Will Samsung release Android 10 update for Galaxy S10 earlier than usual?

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

The Galaxy S10 lineup may have lost its outright flagship status to the Note 10 family, but that doesn’t necessarily mean Samsung will push the devices down the pecking order. Despite the introduction of the newer and more powerful Note 10 duo, Samsung is still adamant about rolling out the Android 10 update to the S10 triplet ahead of any of its other devices.

The Android 10 update scene right now

As of August 29th, Google hasn’t but will soon start rolling out the Android 10 to its eligible Pixel devices. September 3rd is the rumored date. OnePlus, Huawei, and Nokia, too, have scheduled their devices for early September releases. On the other end of the spectrum, Samsung, who will load One UI on top of the upcoming Android 10, is yet to announce an official release date.

People who expect quick OS rollouts aren’t impressed with Samsung’s timeline, rather the lack of it. But if we look closely and pick up the subtle signs, a piece of encouraging news comes into the fore.

One UI 2.0 on Galaxy S10 [Leak]

Samsung’s Android 10 update has already leaked

A YouTuber has recently leaked Samsung’s implementation of the upcoming Android 10 on the Galaxy S10 Plus. According to the 11-minute video, Android 10 will be paired with the One UI 2.0 and will bring many of the features that debuted with Note 10’s One UI 1.5. While we’re almost certain that the recently leaked video hasn’t been tampered with, some skeptics aren’t ready to buy into it. But there are a bunch of little hints that point in that same direction.

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Why Galaxy S10 could get Android 10 sooner than expected

First and foremost, we have to thank Google for simplifying the transition. Apart from rolling out beta builds for eligible Pixel devices, the company has made them available to other OEMs as well.

While some companies have been more forthcoming than the South Korean OEM, that doesn’t necessarily mean Samsung isn’t working on the build as we speak. Samsung won’t beat OnePlus in rolling out the upcoming Android OS, but we don’t expect a substantial delay.

Samsung did have a beta program last year, and we expect them to have something similar, this term, as well. By the looks of it, Samsung already has a pretty good Android 10/One UI 2.0 up its sleeve and could make the beta available by the end of September.

One UI 2.0 Quick Settings Panel
Galaxy S9 running Pie (left) | Galaxy S10 running Android 10 (right)

One UI 2.0 is a minor upgrade!

Last year, the company had to do some heavy lifting before officially unveiling the One UI to the world. The UI revamp, as expected, took a lot of work, but the reception it got at the end made it all worth all the effort.

This year, Samsung can afford to rest on its laurels, as One UI 2.0 won’t take even half as much work as its predecessor. The company is expected to add a few crucial features to the list, but the design and working principle are likely to remain the same.

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Galaxy S10 Android 10 update

How soon the Android 10 rollout can be

Well, over the past few years, the rollout of the latest OS update for the latest Galaxy S flagship has taken four to six months. The S9 Pie took four months while S8’s Oreo was separated by six months from Google’s release for Pixel devices.

If Samsung already has a solid build as shown in the leak, they could release the Galaxy S10 Android 10 update in September by announcing the One UI 2.0 beta program, and that would set them good for October-November release. And that will be huge!

Galaxy S10 Android 10


In 2019, hardware supremacy doesn’t count for much if the companies can’t back it up with prompt and regular software updates. Samsung, as we know, isn’t the quickest off the block in that department, but the company looks determined to turn over a new leaf with Android 10. The signs, as you’ve seen, are promising, and we only hope Samsung lives up to the hype, without fail. After they did use to roll out OS updates quicker than others back in the day when Android was young, had names (the Android 10 doesn’t), and Samsung flagships were Galaxy S1 and S2, those that began the era!

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