Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Specs and Features rumored!

Galaxy S6 Edge

Earlier today, reports appeared that backed by the relative success of Galaxy Note 4 Edge, Samsung is keen on adding a similar device to its illustrious Galaxy S lineup. Even though there is no official word as regards Galaxy S6 yet, it’s believed that it’ll have a Note Edge like variant of its own too, with not one but two curved sides — each of the left and right side. Remember that Galaxy S6 with model no. G925? The same no. is being touted again, along with a list of new features to Samsung’s software, TouchWiz, to make some sense of the curved edges, which could easily get blatantly reduced to gimmick, which it is.

Even though inspired by the Galaxy Note Edge, the Galaxy S6 Edge will have several extra features to make the edges useful and pleasing.

Since Galaxy S6 Edge will rock both sides as Edges, Samsung would like to give you an option to choose the side you’ll want to use as Edge, as suited to you (lefties got the deal here). Sounds good, right? But does that also imply only one of the two sides could remain active at the moment?

Another feature that Galaxy S6 Edge scores over Note Edge is that when it’s lying upside down, and you receive a call, it will light up the Edge portion of the screen, and same goes for notifications, too. Samsung’s calling it Glance Lighting. Moreover, if you have favorite contacts, and have assigned a color form the available choices, then Glance Lighting will use that color for that contact’s calls and notifications.

Clearly Samsung is trying to make the edges more productive, so do expect the future software tweaks from Samsung on Edge devices to focus more on the sides of the device, than its rather large and center portion of the display. When you hear about customization like that from Samsung coming up, you begin to doubt the report claiming Samsung’s is looking to burn extra code from TouchWiz and make it more like Nexus 6.

If Samsung is to retain its own set of features, we hope it learns from the likes of Asus and Xiaomi, whose tweaks are actually useful. Check out our review of Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G to know more.

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That’s the story from one leak. There is another rumor about the Samsung Galaxy S6 and its double-edged variant, Galaxy S6 Edge, that the latter will sport 4GB RAM, like the Xiaomi Note Pro and Asus Zenfone 2. The rumor has it that regular Galaxy S6 will feature 3GB RAM, as was also seen on leaked benchmark listing, and that Samsung is believed to pack in 4GB RAM for the sake of specifications only — which isn’t wrong, because people do talk specs first, however unfortunately it is.

So, a double-edge Galaxy S6 Edge along with its new features and massive 4GB RAM is what you can expect from Samsung at MWC, where it may unveil the next Galaxy S phone. HTC, for one, has already made it official that it plans big for its next at MWC, which we think is HTC Hima (One M9). There are reports floating around that Sony Xperia Z4 could also make a grand appearance at MWC.

Rest of the specs remain same for both Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge — they are expected to come laden with 5.5″ display totting Quad HD resolution (1440 x 2560 pixels), 20MP camera at the back, and 5MP shooter in the front — testament to how far we’ve come in the smartphone era, as the very first in the lineup, the Galaxy S feature only a 5MP camera at the back, which now finds it place in S6’s front. And that’s not talking about 13MP camera you find on Desire Eye’s front, which is there for other obvious reasons.

Both Galaxy S6 devices will be powered by an octa-core processor, mostly with Samsung’s own Exynos processor as it’s said that company is looking to postpone use of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 810 chip until heating issues are sorted out of the latter — which is odd, as Xiaomi is indeed employing the same chip for its Mi Note Pro, while LG G4 looks to ride the same chip, too.

So, what are your thoughts on double-edge Galaxy S6, a double-edge sword of a device? Are you still feeling undone by yesterday’s report that Galaxy S6 will not feature metal unibody design and, will rather try to impress with glass back with metal on the sides (no metal edge for S6 Edge apparently)? Tell us!

Source: SamMobile and Webtrek | Via: PhoneArena

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