Samsung Galaxy S6 will have Glass at the back, not metal!

Galaxy S6 No Metal Body

ddaily Korean news outlet is reporting that a Samsung official has confirmed to them that there is no metal body in use in Samsung’s upcoming flagship, the Galaxy S6. So, nothing like HTC One like Samsung Galaxy S6, folks! We know you’ll be disappointed to hear that, but for now, it remains semi-confirmed that Samsung Galaxy S6 will have a glass front and back, while no metal at the back as rumors had us believed.

Samsung’s gone Sony-way, here, or the way of Oppo — look at Oppo R1c, its superior sapphire glass is what probably we might see on Galaxy S6, too.

The Galaxy S6 Edge also looks confirmed, as the official did say it’s under plans, and thus we will also see a Galaxy S6 variant with Note 4 Edge-like curved display. You really wanted that?

Can we all agree now that Samsung really hates metal for its flagships, and will not resort to it yet. Samsung’s use of plastic is more known and hated than anything else in Android blogosphere, while the company has also experimented with faux leather (Note 3).

Use of a metal unibody design would have sealed the deal for us, but for now, we can’t help but wonder how exactly Samsung would use Glass, and how it will turn out.


Source: ddkorea | Via GForGames

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