Report says Samsung Galaxy S6 would not have much bloatware!

New Touchwiz Galaxy S6

Ever since Galaxy S3, we really wanted Samsung to cut the crap out of TouchWiz and be more stock, at least like it was the scene on Galaxy S2. And it looks like happening. Yeah, finally! A report out of Korea claims that Samsung’s software team is hard at work eliminating all that is not really necessary, and prepare a slim TouchWiz (sounds like a ROM, ain’t it?) that will come pre-installed on Galaxy S6.

And guess what, what device they are looking up to? HTC One M8? No, HTC dude. LG G3? No!! Sony Xperia Z4? Nope. Asus Zenfone 5, Xiaomi Mi3, um, Vivo Xshot? No, no and no. Oh yes, the Motorola Moto X2? Well, still NO. That device is none other than your messiah of stock UI, the Nexus 6.

Samsung is looking up to Nexus 6 to cut down the bloatware on Galaxy S6. Doesn’t that mean there has to be Nil bloatware? Well, you know Samsung, it’s the OEM that started bloatware of all sorts, so don’t expect Galaxy S6 to be void of bloatware, but do expect it to feature much less of it so that the team’s aim of making more RAM available to system, like it is on Nexus 6, is achieved.

Other than cutting the TouchWiz crap, Samsung is looking forward to announce the Galaxy S6 at MWC, which is scheduled for 2-5 March in Barcelona.

Anyhoo, you like the idea of Galaxy S6 running Lollipop with only nice little addition from Samsung as regards TouchWiz, right? Want an example of how this would be like, well, look no further than HTC One M8 Lollipop Update video that leaked today, which is a good example by HTC about how to adapt to Lollipop with little re-designing.

Source: Business Korea | Via PhoneArena

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  1. Considering the source/sources, I call major BS!

  2. Considering the source/sources, I call major BS!

  3. Considering the source/sources, I call major BS!

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