AT&T LG G4 model no. and specs leaked!

AT&T LG G4 specs LG-H810

Right until the LG G4 — that’s not an official name yet, btw — is announced by the company, expect the tickling does of specs to arrive almost everyday. Sure we like that, and today, we’ve a leaked document supposedly belonging to AT&T LG G4, to share with you. It confirms the model no. as LG/H810 (only coincidental to Snapdragon 810, we guess) and the Quad HD display resolution.

We already know a fair bit of LG G3 specifications, that it will sport a 16MP wide camera at the rear and that the 5.5″ display from LG G3 is going to stay unchanged, as well as its Quad HD resolution. Today’s leak further confirms the resolution as the screen size in the leaked RDF document belonging supposedly to LG G4 lists the same at 1440 x 2560 pixels.

Other G4 specs that we already know about include the obvious one in Snapdragon 810 octa-core processor — yes, 64-bit — and 4GB RAM. These two are almost a given for any flagship in 2015, all thanks to Xiaomi Note Pro, which packs in these two and much more into a relatively cheap price of $530. Name an upcoming flagship, the Galaxy S6, Xperia Z4 or HTC Hima (One M9, expected to be announced on march 1), all have Snapdragon 810 running the show. Though Samsung could postpone its plans on the same chip, because of overheating concerns.

Though, the 4GB RAM, even though very good at amplifying a spec-sheet’s impression, seems little bit unnecessary. If opting for 3GB RAM could cut the cost down for an OEM to make room for more premium finish, an extra helpful accessory or at the least, extra storage, we would love that instead of it.

What do you think about it?

Source: MyLGPhones

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