HTC Hima (One M9) Announcement pegged for March 1 at MWC

htc hima announcement

HTC looks all set to announce its next at MWC, on March 1, which is mere 6 weeks away now considering how long we have to wait for, and contain the excitement of, the next HTC flagship. It’s sending our pulses running, just the thought of what and what HTC’s next will be, and what not. Speaking of which, it’s gotta be the HTC One M9, aka HTC Hima, as there is really no other big announcement HTC could be thought of making at CWM worthy of invitations and such hype.

HTC has already sent the invites for its event, with the image you see at the top serving as teaser. A dark sky lit by light, revealing the stars, with teaser text ‘utopia in progress’ is your puzzle for the day, and you have fair share of 6 weeks, until March 1, to figure out what the suss is about.

Our guess is, well, it looks like HTC has figured out something very cool, game-changing, with low-light photography. Sounds dull? Yep, not that convincing of a guess, low-light could hardly be the most talking feature for a flagship of 2015 for a major Android phone maker HTC is, but we’re running out of ideas here. Can you help?

We already know some bits about the HTC Hima specifications: the performer is expected to be Snapdragon 810 chip coupled with Adreno 430 GPU processor and there is 3GB RAM to keep things flying. A 20MP rear shooter and 13MP front camera are also in the tow, as also 5″ Full HD display (440 PPI), somewhat small by today’s flagship’s standards. Finally, add 2840 mAh battery to the this list of specifications and that’s how far rumors go. Android 5.0 with Sense 7.0 is a given, although only official announcement will shed more light on this, specifically changes in Sense 7.0.

As an Android fan, and quite an admirer of HTC, I really feel 2015 brings lots of sales and profits to HTC, and the stage is set right at MWC, on March 1.

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