Android Oreo for HTC One M9 to roll out next month: Optus Australia

HTC One M9 Oreo

In December 2017, Optus Australia revealed its update plans for HTC 10 and U11 Oreo, but there was no mention of the One M9, a phone that kicked off HTC’s woes in the smartphone industry.

If you own the HTC One M9 and use it on Optus, though, there is some good news for you. The company has just updated its official page with Android Oreo release plans for the One M9, confirming that the OS will be ready for rollout in late February or early March.

This is definitely good news for a phone that is now approaching its third year on the market, but since Android Oreo was released last year, this was expected from HTC.

At the moment, Optus says testing of Oreo on the One M9 is in progress. When done, the verified version will be sent back to HTC before the company begins rolling it out.

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