HTC Hima Specs almost confirmed! [One M9]

htc hima specifications

We’ve been discussing HTC One M9 specifications over last few months, but this time around, thanks to Antutu benchmark listing, we can almost confirm its name and specs. HTC Hima looks set to be the name of HTC One M8 successor, aka M9, and below are its specs as seen in the listing. Credit goes to @upleaks for this.


HTC Hima will be powered by a mighty processor, 64-bit Octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 810. It’s the best in the market right now that supports wide variety of networks and one that we expect to power most of the high-end devices next year. In fact, Samsung has already pushed out a new variant of Galaxy Note 4 which uses this processor at heart. We expect the Snapdragon 810 to power Galaxy S6, Xperia Z4, LG G4, etc. upcoming high end smartphones that we’ll see this year.

Like the CPU, GPU is going to be the best available in the market at the moment, the Adreno 430.

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Display Size of HTC Hima will be 5.0 inch. This could be disappointing for many users as the large screen devices really won our heart back in 2014 too. LG G3 was our favorite device until Note 4 took the stage. Heck, even Google went with mighty 6-inch display for its latest device, Nexus 6.

We expect the HTC Hima display to be an IPS LCD like its previous devices, the HTC One M7 and One M8. And it’s going to be a Full HD one — not Quad HD — and that’s understandable because it’s only a 5-inch device. Current devices with Quad HD display are all 5.5-inch or more: example being LG G3, Nexus 6 and Note 4.

Long while ago, a 5.5-inch display was also rumored with Quad HD resolution, but that’s not like now. Could it be that HTC Hima Prime is what we would see rocking that kind of display, because after all, 5.0-inch is no longer flagship sounding. It’s 2015, guys!

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HTC Hima will also have 3GB RAM, as can be seen in listing, which is okay, as there is really no need for the 4GB RAM. The latest Android update, Lollipop, too requires 512MB RAM as minimum, so 3GB will be more than enough already. That’s despite the fact that Nexus 9 from HTC features 4GB RAM while several manufacturers will load their flagship with 3GB anyway to make spec sheet look better.


A 20MP rear camera and cool 13MP front camera (selfie-ready, yes) are rumored, which is nice. We don’t think HTC’s dual-camera setup at the back will make it to Hima, as it disappointed many people with One M8 because of its 4MP resolution (same as One M7). It proved difficult for HTC to increase the megapixel count in M8 (from M7’s 4MP) in the dual camera setup, so a 20MP could only be a single camera — and that’s what users looks to be appreciating, too.


Android 5.0.1 is a given. Which makes Hima to come pre-loaded with latest major release, as Android 5.2 or higher would happen only by May-June, unless Google has already ditched the half-yearly update system already, in which case, it would be October ’15.

But we’re excited about the HTC Sense 7.0, which will be seen first on HTC Hima, aka M9, along with Android 5.0. HTC’s Sense UI is good, and we expect some major improvements in Sense 7.0, as HTC’s own apps will get that fine touch of material design.

That’s it. This is all we could get from an Antutu listing of HTC Hima.

HTC Hima Release

You can expect the HTC Hima to be announced by the company by March ’15, with release followed in April. It’s about the same time Xperia Z4 and Galaxy S6 would launch, with LG G4 coming to stores a month or two later.

What do you think?

Are you put off by HTC Hima’s 5.0-inch display, which is surely comparatively-smaller-by-today’s-standard? Or totally in awe of 13MP front and 20MP rear cameras, because you wanted just that? Build of HTC Hima will be obviously great, and of metal, and very premium — that’s a given, looking at HTC’s history, but is that all you need?

Tell us your views.

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