Samsung Galaxy S6 Specs and Release Date: All that we know so far

News from Samsung’s home country suggest that the maker is already up to the next big thing — the Samsung Galaxy S6. There were a lot criticism faced by Samsung due to Galaxy S5 being criticised on its design, which further resulted Chang Dong-hoon to offer a resign and get replaced by Lee Min-hyouk. But, let us tell you that it is one of the best optimized, efficient and fast gadget Samsung has ever manufactured. Anyway, the rumors for Samsung Galaxy S6 are taking a fire, about its hardware, the software efficiency and most importantly about its design. Here’s all we know about it so far.


If we take a closer look over the rumoured Samsung Galaxy S6 on its design, Samsung has recently introduced two metallic handsets, the Galaxy A5 and following its lower version Galaxy A3. Something to note about is, the screen size offered by Samsung in the generation of phablets, perhaps not following their nomenclature, “the bigger, the better”. Galaxy A5 sports a standard 5 inch display, 6.7 mm thin. While Galax A3, on a lower hand offere a 4.5 inch screen, possibly a bit thicker at 6.9 mm. We can expect Galaxy S6 would look more sturdy to appeal a wider audience. We already know that the Galaxy Alpha isn’t entirely metal, as it inherits the dimpled polycarbonate rear of the Galaxy S5.


The display that Samsung is hinting us with is a 4K-UHD (yeah, you read it right) resolution display of 3840 x 2160 pixels along with Samsung’s trademark technology baked in — Super AMOLED. And, of course the traditional capacitive touch buttons. Admitting that, it is a win-win for Samsung in the display race to tag them up with “best display smartphone”.

Galaxy S6 Concept 2


After the breathtaking display specifications, Samsung is feeding us with something very delicious, of course, only time can tell if it is only a rumor. Gearing up its display, the CPU on the Galaxy S6 will be Snapdragon 810 chipset. With efficiently built-in eight cores paired with 4 GB of RAM. As expected, the 64-bit architecture which allow the SoC to stream 4K videos. And adding fire to the hardware, it will come with a DSLR-sized camera, as well. Now this is dang for all selfies lovers, a 5 MP shooter on the front side and the rear camera would be of 20MP with an iris/retina scanner, check out the image of the iris/retina scanner. So, if you are one of those who love to take a lot of photographs, possibly a photographer, your next desired smartphone should be the Galaxy S6. Regarding the screen protection, Galaxy S6 would come with Gorilla Glass 4.



The device would be lighter than 116g. Possibly, light weighted.


Operating System

Another very interesting rumor is about the operating system. Some said that Samsung would launch Tizen OS with Samsung Galaxy S6 leaving the support of Android anymore. Well there were still chances, but the Google personnel rubbed this rumors off. No doubt, the Galaxy S6 would be running the latest version of Android that is 5.0 – Lollipop, so tons of new features can be noted down. This could introduce a whole new way of interacting with the phone, along with bringing much-needed privacy features.

Storage & Battery

There’ll be 16/32/64GB innards with option to expand. Rumours suggest that, the battery would be 3300 to 3500 mAh. This power seems to be enough to handle the SoC chipset. But there’re no rumors whether the battery would be user replaceable or not. You can certainly expect wireless charging with the device. To save up your juice you can use the Ultra Power Saving Mode + KIDS Mode on the Samsung Galaxy S6.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Concept Images


It is a topic of open debate regarding the pricing of Samsung Galaxy S6? We expect the 2k-display Galaxy S6 to cost around $1000 (INR 58,300 approx), it shouldn’t surprise us if the Galaxy S6 crosses the line in vicinity of the Galaxy Note 4.

Expected Time Of Arrival

And the good news for Galaxy S6 followers is that, Samsung might bring it in the month of February 2015. There is almost no possibility to see the Galaxy S6 even in the month of December 2014. Sorry Samsung fans, but we have to wait more.

Samsung Galaxy S6 colours

Well that’s not it, colors also play an important part in texture and appeal of the smartphone. It is expected that Samsung Galaxy S6 will be launched in 4-5 colours, taking into account blue, black, white, gold and silver.