Samsung Galaxy S6 Specs take a hit, Snapdragon 810 reportedly out of scene due to heating issue

Samsung Galaxy S6 Specs Hit

Samsung knows what it’s up against, especially now that Xiaomi’s event is over and the company has announced a blockbuster device in Mi Note Pro, which would be quite a benchmark of an Android phone for the flagship launches this year of popular OEMs like Samsung, Sony, HTC and LG. And while Xiaomi Mi Note Pro became the latest device to house a Snapdragon 810 chip, report has it that Samsung would ditch the very processor — the mightiest we know of to date — in favor of its own Exynos chip, due to concerns over overheating by used of Qualcomm’s offering.

If we are to dig deeper, Snapdragon 810 is produced using a 20nm process, while its 16nm FinFET tech based production will begin sometime later this year, probably July. And Samsung wants to use only the latter ones, thus may decide to use its Exynos chip – made using 14nm FinFET tech — for the most part in the beginning: around 80-90% of the first Galaxy S6 sets would be powered by an Exynos chip, and not Snapdragon 810, when device is launched.

When Qualcomm makes available 16nm tech based chips, Samsung would start using them in greater numbers. Could this mean Samsung would launch Exynos chips based processor in U.S. finally, or will it delay the launch of Galaxy S6 in markets where is has been using Snapdragon processor traditionally, including US and Canada?

Practically, it seems Samsung would launch the device globally like the Note 4, but may use an older Snapdragon 805 processor in markets where it Exynos doesn’t cut the deal. However absurd it may sound, Samsung has done it before, launching the Galaxy S3 in U.S. with a dual-core processor when its European and Asian S3 sets were rocking a Quad-core processor.

What do you think?

Meanwhile, Samsung official was seen talking about a very slim version of the TouchWiz, drawing inspiration from none other than Nexus 6, so that more system memory is kept free. That should also result in faster updates from the company that is lagging far behind Motorola, who keeps its addition to stock Android at bare minimum and is an example among other OEMs as regards updates.

There are some Galaxy S6 rumors about specifications, though. We believe the Galaxy S6 would feature a Quad HD resolution donning 5.5″ Super AMOLED display, 4GB RAM (maybe DDR4 not that G Flex 2 and Xiaomi Note Pro has it), 128GB internal storage, 64-bit Exynos processor and 16MP or more rear camera with OIS to boot.

But what we are more excited about is not the specs — which are getting more and more familiar each passing week as one or other device comes rocking the best of the specs available — it’s the new metal-clad design of the Galaxy S6 that we keep hearing about is kicking for us.

Samsung of 2015 have our hopes tied up. Upcoming stuff from Samsung, like, an absolutely premium of a Galaxy S6, unparalleled new smartwatch — codenamed Orbis — with rotating bezel and crown-shaped Power button, and minimal tweaking of TouchWiz are things that are really heartening to see for an Android fan whose first two lovely devices were Galaxy S and Galaxy S2, and who has long wished for Samsung to grow past plastic builds and add finest of the feel to its flagship device using the most premium materials practically available for a phone.

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