Google Pixel 8 Pro Features That Are a ‘FIRST’ for Smartphones

What to know:

  • Pixle 8 Pro comes with AI-powered camera features like Best Take and Magic Editor.
  • There is also Audio Magic Eraser and webpage translation and summarization.
  • ‘Video Boost’ refines and heightens the quality of your videos by utilizing the power of Google’s cloud servers.
  • Seven years of guaranteed software updates, security updates and feature drops.

Hey there! Google’s 2023 “Made by Google” event was chock-full of goodies, some debut features for smartphones and some not. Feeling a bit confused? Don’t sweat it. We’re here to dissect which features were a true ‘FIRST’ for any smartphone – a term Google kept throwing around. We’ll also check out upgraded features from last year’s Pixel. So, sit back and let’s dive on in.

6 Pixel 8 Pro features that are a first-time for smartphones

The Google Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro launched with a plethora of features, many of them that have never been seen in any smartphone before. And for the ones that do have some contemporaries across other brands, Google improved the features to the next level. Let’s have a look at what’s new!

1. Best Take

Source: Google

This AI-powered camera feature lets you select preferred faces from a collection of previous photos. When you click a new photo, the camera will offer thumbnail images of each face within the photos. When you select a thumbnail, it presents you with a range of expressions for that specific face. This way, you can choose the best smiles or even playful expressions from various photos, which the camera then combines into a composite picture. This is a solid feature that changes group photos forever, with the ability to click, or make, the perfect photos every time, without the hassle of advanced software knowledge like Photoshop.

2. Integrated Temperature Sensor

Source: Google

A surprising addition to the Pixel 8 Pro is a temperature sensor, positioned at the back of the phone. It’s purpose? Scan anything, from the food you’re cooking to your own temperature after a workout, and get instant readings from the built-in thermometer. Yes, it might sound a little unusual for a smartphone to have this asset, but it could definitely come in handy. As advertised on the official Google Pixel page, you can scan the temperature of baby formula without resorting to sterilizing other instruments and then using them. Google has also confirmed the integration of this information with your Fitbit devices, so that’s another plus!

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3. AI Call Screen

Source: Google

Have you ever been in the middle of something important, like failing at making a risotto, and your phone starts ringing from the other room? You put the spatula away, run to grab the phone, and answer it only to find an automated spam call trying to sell you a random product. Cherry on the cake? The risotto is now burned. Well, Google’s new AI Call Screen feature promises to reduce up to 50% of the spam calls you get by answering such calls automatically, and conversing in a very natural-sounding voice. In the future, Google plans to add contextual replies to the call screen directly, so you can reply with a single tap instead of having to type an entire message. We absolutely love this feature! Fighting automated calls with automated responses; the future is now!

4. Audio Magic Eraser

Source: Google

We already saw how Pixel 8 Pro has some excellent AI camera features. But what about audio in your recordings? What if you want to vlog your trip around Venice, but the noise from the construction nearby is ruining your recording? Audio Magic Eraser to the rescue! This revolutionary computational audio capability uses advanced machine-learning models to sort sounds into distinct layers so you can control their levels manually. It’s an absolute blessing for any form of outdoor recording, be it noisy streets or windy beaches. 

5. Video Boost

Source: Google

In a few months, the Pixel 8 Pro (only) will receive a feature called Video Boost. It’s a special tool that combines the Pixel’s Tensor G3 with strong computers in Google’s data centers to enhance your videos. It makes the colors, lighting, stability, and quality of the video much better. Google claims these enhanced videos will be ‘true-to-life.’ Video Boost also helps you capture better videos in the dark as well, so your low-light videos will be much better on the new Pixel.

6. Summarize a webpage or meeting recordings

Source: Google

Want to know about a specific piece of information quickly, but you keep ending up on pages with articles longer than thesis papers? Well, the new Summarize feature does exactly what it’s named after. It uses AI to instantly give you the most important points from any webpage, making browsing a lot easier and faster. 

Not only that, Pixel 8 Pro can also summarize the transcriptions from your recorder app.

Improvements in existing features

Source: Google

Now that we’ve seen the unique features the Pixel 8 Pro brings to the smartphone arena, let’s look at some features that were not previously available in older Pixel phones, or were available but have been given a serious upgrade this time around.

1. Display 

Pixel 8 has a 6.2-inch Super Actua display, which is 42% brighter than Pixel 7. In HDR mode, it has a brightness of up to 1,600 nits, and outdoors, it can go up to a whopping 2,400 nits. Quite an upgrade from the last Pixel’s display!

2. Enhanced Voice Interaction

Google’s AI will understand the nuances of human speech much better. For example, if you say ‘um…’ or ‘uh…’ in the middle of a voice command, the AI will wait for you to finish the thought instead of just accepting whatever was entered already. This is a major quality-of-life improvement, as you can now freely search or take notes with voice commands, without being overly conscious about it accepting half a sentence.

3. Camera

The cameras are better in every way possible when compared to the Pixel 7. Better low-light videos and photos, better Macro Focus through the ultrawide lens, 56% more light retention thanks to the telephoto lens, and more. Even the front camera, for the first time, boasts an autofocus feature for some amazing selfies. So, the upgrades are quite substantial on the Pixel 8 without question. 

4. Face Unlock & Security

Google Tensor G3 works with the Titan M2 security chip to protect personal information and make your Pixel more resilient to cyber-attacks. The Face Unlock got a boost as well with new biometric capabilities, allowing you to access compatible banking and payment apps like Google Wallet.

And that wraps up our initial coverage of the new Google Pixel 8! We are super excited to see where the series goes next, and you can stay up to date with every step by subscribing to Nerds Chalk!

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