PUBG Mobile: Vikendi map survival tips & tricks

PUBG Mobile has taken over the mobile gaming scene. The battle-royale game even landed the ‘Best Game’ title in the 2018 Google Play Awards which speaks volumes by itself. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds was launched earlier this year on mobile devices and brought over almost every feature found on the PC/Xbox version of the game except of course of the graphics, though the graphics are perfect considering the game can be played on a smartphone.

The game has received multiple updates and new weapons and maps have been added as well which assures PUBG Mobile players are constantly glued to their phones trying to get the Chicken Dinner. Recently, PUBG Mobile received an update which added the Vikendi map that was only available on PC a couple of weeks earlier.

Vikendi is a 6×6 snow map and is a breath of fresh air for those who were tired of playing on the same old maps. However, don’t let the calm and beautiful map fool you since enemy players would be lurking nearby given the size of the map isn’t as huge as Erangle or Miramar; however, it’s not as small as Sanhok.

So if you’re interested in getting a bunch of Chicken Dinner’s in the new map, then here are a few tips and tricks to follow to land your self the victory.


Don’t land in hot zones such as Villa and Mount Kreznic

If you’re looking to survive the longest, then you would have far greater chances of survival if you avoid landing in Villa or Mount Kreznic. These two areas are similar to ‘Bootcamp’ in Sanhok since a majority of players choose to land at these locations.

While the loot at both locations as plentiful, you would be better of collecting ammo and weapons in small towns or shacks where the chances of running into enemies right at the beginning of the match are low.

Get familiar with the lay of the land

Since Vikendi is a new map, most users aren’t yet aware of good hiding spots and which spots are the best for setting up an ambush for unsuspecting enemy players. The map has a bunch of different ambush locations especially near bridges since there’s no way for the enemy to escape.

You must also know the layout of the houses and buildings in the map to avoid getting yourself stuck in an awkward spot when enemies are pushing through the house. Be careful when standing near a window since an enemy sniper might have a clear headshot.

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Make use of the ridges to dodge bullets

Although the Vikendi map doesn’t have as many ridges like the Miramar map, there are a few spots for you to duck behind to avoid being shot at; however, this is mostly only useful while playing in TPP mode since you would be able to spot enemies while ducking behind the ridge.

Using the same tactic in FPP mode wouldn’t be so useful since you might end up being shot at from enemies at a higher location without you being able to spot them first.

Make use of cover provided by clusters of buildings

There are a bunch of small towns in the map along with random clusters of 4-5 buildings. Be sure to use these buildings as cover when running across the snow since there isn’t much cover in the open. In fact, the map was designed to discourage players from camping or simply laying down in the grass which is often the case when playing in Erangle or Sanhok.

Using the buildings as cover would allow you to move in the safe zone without being spotted by watchful enemies. If you’re playing in TPP mode, always make the best of it by looking around corners without exposing your body to the enemy’s crosshair.

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Don’t rely on outfits for camouflage

Yes! you read that right. While you might have been advised to wear white shirts or other white items when playing the Vikendi map, the truth is that outfits really don’t matter all that much when playing PUBG Mobile especially due to the fact that textures aren’t rendered at long distances hence, the enemy might easily spot you no matter what outfit you wear in case you’re far from the enemy.

However, depending on the situation you might be able to get away unnoticed while dawning a white outfit if you plan your way ahead precisely.

Use a flash-hider or suppressor

One of the most important things is to use a flash-hider or suppressor to avoid the enemy from spotting your muzzle flash especially when the zone is small. This tip is super helpful and using either one of the following weapon attachments could help land you the victory.

Carry smoke grenades

Smoke grenades are one of the most useful items to carry around since they are the most versatile and can be used in multiple situations. Vikendi is a snow map hence, using a couple of smoke grenades would provide enough cover for you to escape from a barrage of enemy bullets since all the enemy would be able to see is the color white all over.

Using smoke grenades in the final few circles are key to preventing enemies from spotting you especially if you go prone and throw a couple smoke grenades at random to confuse enemies. Most times enemy players tend to shoot at the smoke hence, you’d easily be able to locate enemy locations judging by the sound and bullet indicator on the map.

What are your thoughts on the new map? Let us know in the comments below. 

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