Press materials showcasing software feats of the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL unearthed

It was only yesterday that a bunch of Pixel 3 marketing images leaked online, showing us the upcoming flagships in their full glory.

Well, today we got a second batch in, alongside a video that highlights the features on these devices. If you were curious about the Pixel 3’s software, these images and video will give you a pretty clear view of what’s coming.

Google Pixel 3 XL - Marketing Videos

As seen in the leaked material, the software running on board is clearly Android 9.0 Pie. But it’s not like we were expecting anything less from Google.  So future users of the Pixel 3 devices will be able to take advantage of the new gesture-based interface by default.


Good old navigation gestures like swiping down from the top to open up the notification shade will be making a return, to let you interact with notification or quick toggles.

Active Edge will also be enabled on the upcoming flagships. This will allow users to do things like open up the Google Assistant simply by squeezing the device. It’s just an example, as you will be able to use the feature to trigger a different action of your choice.

There will also be tap to wake and the ability to open up the camera app simply by pressing the power button. Speaking of the camera, its interface is fully visible in one of today’s leaked images.

Since Android 9 Pie is already available for the Pixel 2, we pretty much knew what to expect from the software on the Pixel 3. These images and video simply confirm that.

Source: MySmartPrice