How to Manually Switch Network on Project Fi

Google’s Project Fi is an ambitious project that promises the best network connectivity to your Smartphone for fastest internet speed. The service by default uses existing WiFi networks around you and switches to carrier networks wherever WiFi isn’t reliable.

The carrier networks Google has partnered with for Project Fi are T-Mobile and Sprint. If you use a Project Fi SIM, you must have seen any of the two networks running on your phone at places where WiFi connectivity is weak.

Project Fi does network switching automatically and pretty reliably. However, folks who wish to switch networks manually on a Project Fi SIM, you could do so by dialing a code from your phone’s dialer.

Switch to Sprint

Dial *#*#34777#*#* or *#*#FI SPR#*#*

Switch to T-Mobile

Dial *#*#34866#*#* or *#*#FI TMO#*#*

Switch to Automatic Network mode (Project Fi)

To switch back to Project Fi’s automatic network switching mode use the following codes:

  1. Dial *#*#342886#*#* to set network mode to Automatic.
  2. Once set to automatic network mode, dial *#*#34963#*#* to do a repair.

That’s it. Hope this information serves you well. Happy Androiding!

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  1. What’s the code for US Cellular?

    1. *#*#34872#*#*

      This is u.s. Cellular code

  2. What’s the code for US Cellular?

    1. *#*#34872#*#*

      This is u.s. Cellular code

  3. Dial code for u.s.cellular?

  4. Dial code for u.s.cellular?

  5. I have a Nexus 5X phone and when I dial these numbers I get “the features code you entered is not valid”, I see the phone hasn’t been updated since 2018 and is not eligible for any new updates, maybe this works only on newer phones?

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