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Google Pixel Ambient Display problem is being reported by many users!

Pixel users have raised an issue at Android Issue Tracker, reporting that the Ambient display on their Pixel isn’t working. The issue is said to have affected both Pixel and its bigger variant, the Pixel XL. The issue is that the display won’t light up automatically to show notifications pending when the phone is picked up.

There should be an option to enable that, as we have on our Nexus 6P running Android 7.1.1 (screenshot above comes from there), under the Settings > Moves > Lift to check phone. BUt it’s also missing there.

Anyway, Android team has acknowledged the issue and at the time of writing, is investigating the issue.


Well, there isn’t any fix available right now. We think once the Android team finds the bug causing this, they will look to solve it via an update.

If you too are experiencing this problem on your Pixel or Pixel XL, then jump to the Issue tracker page here, and mark the thread as star to let Google know that you too want a fix for this problem. Reply to thread isn’t necessary.


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