OnePlus is partnering with DxOmark

OnePlus is going to team up with DxOmark, announced the Chinese company in a blog post today. The company wants to provide the best photography experience to its users. The partnership is for their upcoming OnePlus 5 smartphone.

Why partner with DxO? Well, DxOMark is the benchmark when it comes to mobile photography. Most of the flagship smartphone from various manufacturers always boast how their phone is at the top of the list. This also means that the phone can shoot really good pictures.

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So yes, for the OnePlus 5, the company has teamed up with DxO to improve photography. This means that the camera on the smartphone is going to be really good, and so would the software. Recently, it was reported that the phone could feature a dual-camera setup. We have also seen alleged camera samples from the phone.

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OnePlus states that working with DxO will mean that the OnePlus 5 will be able to shoot really good and clear pictures. Now, we don’t really get any camera specifications from the phone, but one thing is for sure. The OnePlus 5 will not lack in the camera department!

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